"No, nothing at all." I backed out and went back to the rest. It had given me a shock to see Annie, the girl I viewed as my best friend, against a wall. I never thought it of her. And I guess I felt a bit jealous. Not because she was with someone else, no, it must be that she would have someone else to confide in. Yeah, that was it.

"You want to dance again?" I suggested to Sherena. She nodded and I lead her out. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me. I let her, sinking in to her kiss. "On second thoughts, you want to leave?"

She grinned at me, nodding and we went back to the group to grab our stuff. I noticed Annie and Kaitlin had come back so said goodbye to them, and for some reason I found myself being frosty towards Kaitlin. I had to sort myslef out. I was being too...protective? That has to be it. I smiled at Kaitlin as we left, in an effort to be friendly, it was forced but she wouldn't know that.

I jumped in to my car and Sherena followed me. We made it to my house and I was just getting her a glass of wine when I felt her hands sliding around my waist.

"Leave it" she whispered. I turned and she trailed her fingers down my arm, taking my hand and leading me to the bedroom. We fell back on the sheets and I unzipped her dress as we kissed, marvelling at her model like body. I kissed her stomach, letting her clutch my hair and sigh. I knelt in front of her on the bed, pulling off my dress and throwing it to the side. I felt her hands on my bum and went to kiss her, pulling off her bra and letting her do mine. Bliss.

The End

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