Maxxie: strangers.Mature



On my way to the club, I exchange my trainers for smarter shoes, and my polo shirt for a black button up one over a plain white shirt. The baggy jeans... eh, they can stay. I refresh the spikes in my hair with a little bit of gel (what can I say? Back alley sex doesn't do good things to your hair) and smile at my reflection. Rosa better be bringing some hot guy friends with her. It's about time I got a proper boyfriend instead of screwing strangers in an alley.

I realize, I just made myself sound like a whore.

It's more of a rebound than anything.

Let me explain: I had this amazing boyfriend, tall, handsome, dark hair blue eyes. He looked more like a god than anyone has the right to. And then he decided he was straight... Well, you don't need to know the details, but it was a pretty messy break up that involved lots of me crying and lots of him saying "sorry".

Anyways. I'm going off point.

I get to the club a little bit early and I end up having to force myself to stay away from the bar. I've already had enough to drink this evening. Instead, I keep my eyes open, looking for Mr. Right.

So how did a drink get into my hand?

I vaguely say hi to Annie, but I'm seriously distracted by a tall skinny guy with brown hair and dark eyes walking in. Yum.

Mr. Right, meet Maxxie, the drunkard.


After a while, I return to the group, disappointed that he went off to dance with a bunch of girls. But... No harm in looking, right?

"Maxxie, your eyes are half way across the dance floor. We're over here," Rosa says, tapping me on the shoulder. 


The End

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