Annie: Party TimeMature

"Hey, Maxxie" I call as I walk into the club in a summers dress.

"Hey Annie. How was your day?"

"Fabulous" I say spining in a circle. "Your's?"

"Ama...zing" he trails off. I turn to see a tall and thin guy walking into the bar.

"Do you know him?" I ask.

"No.... but I'm going to" Maxxie says downing his drink and getting up crossing the room quickly.

I sigh sitting down and a few friends file into the bar. I chat with them laughing when over them I see Rosalita. My voice catches in my throat as I watch her walk over. She sits down next to me and I wish it wasn't so close.

It makes me want to reach out and kiss her. But she wouldn't like that. "Hey, Annie" She says flashing a smile at me. I smile back trying to remain peppy. "You invite the waitress?"

I can see the mischeivous look in her eyes. I wish I could say no. That I like her. God, why do I always end up at this point.

"Hey" I look up to see who called and see Kaitlin across the club waving nervously. Rosalita looks at me mischeivously raising her eyebrows.

I sigh. "Excuse me" I say getting up and moving across the bar. "Hey" I say to Kaitlin giving her a hug. She holds me slightly longer.

Maybe she's playing both teams. As we seperate she kisses my cheek. "How about before we go back over we get a drink?" She asks smiling.

I nod and we walk over. I order a vodka and tonic with a slice of lime while Kaitlin gets a beer.

We go over back to the table and I'm a bit upset I end up siting next to Kaitlin with Rosalita on the other side of her.

The End

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