Annie: TryingMature

I fidget once Rosalita is gone. I know what she means. Kaitlin the Waitress is showing a lot of interest in me.

I look across at her and catch her looking. She bites her lip then walks over taking the seat opposite on my table. "Here" She says passing me a sheet of paper. "I want to hang out with you"

I look at her shocked and take the paper. My fingers brush hers and they seem to linger on mine. Then I remember what Rosalita said.

Well, no point waiting for her. "I'm going out with a few of my friends later.... would you like to join us?" I ask.

"Sure, text me the details" she says smiling and trailing her fingers slowly off my hand. She stands up and moves back to the counter.

I give a big sigh of relief and stand up leaving paying on the way out. I walk quickly down the street and back to the set.

It takes 10 minutes to get there at a fast walk. I look around searching for gossip. I spot Rosalita running across the set and my heart lurches to my throat.

 I turn and head for the star's trailers. I spot Megan Fox and pull out my camera. Cause guess who she's with. One of the extra's in the movie and she's kissing him passionately. I snap a photo and rush off. I head for the car park where my motorbike is.

I swing on to it and pull on my helmet and leather jacket. Time to get typing.

The End

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