Cane - In DenialMature

"Kaitlin, this is going nowhere. I don't want us to go out anymore. Srry" I didn't want to hear that woman’s voice anymore. It was so...whiny. A text should suffice, anyway, I could tell she didn't like me much.

I waited outside Drew’s office hoping he had some work for me, an animation maybe, something that could get me some cash. My phone buzzed. I looked at the name. Crap, the women was trying to call. I cut the phone, removed the sim card, broke it in half, and removed a spare one I kept from my pocket. In this fashion I had changed my number several times. I promise you, half my income probably went in buying new sims. But one day, I would find her. A girl who would in fact make me happy, then I could proclaim myself straight, go home, and re-attain my parent's respect. This gay thing was a phase. Just a stupid phase....that had lasted since I was seven years old.

When I was called into Drew’s office, the first thing I did was remove a pen and write down my new number for her.

"Dumped another one?" She asked.

"Ya. Annoying woman." I answered.

"Kid, at this rate, all woman will annoy you. I say be who you are, try a man out won't ya?"

"NO! YUCK! I yelled. "And I AM BEING MYSELF!" I yelled. I was not going to be gay forever. Though the thought of meeting a nice guy made me feel happy, the thought of my family made me feel happier. One day my family would accept me."Just tell me if you got any adds for me, women!"

"Ok, ok. Don't scream kid." She answered removing a file from her desk. "Play doh add, voice of a clay model; you up?"

"How much?"

"Thirty thousand."

"I’ll take it."

"Good. Three days from now 6:00 in the morn. I recomended you kid, so don't you let me down." She answered

"I won't. Thanks"

 "And kid," she smirked as I walked towards the door, "embrace you’re inner woman!"

"SHUT IT, OLD HAG!" I yelled as I slammed the door closed on her fat laughing face. My face felt hot, what the hell am I doing to my life!


The End

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