The waitress brought our food out and we sat laughing, talking and eating for a while.

"You know she keeps looking at you don't you?"

"What?" Annie looked confused.

"Your waitress. She keeps checking you out."

"But she doesn't even..."

"Just because she has a boyfriend, doesn't mean she is completely straight. Go for it. Invite her to the club tonight or something."

"I really don't think..."

"I know."

"What? Oh very funny. I do think sometimes!"

"Sometimes." She blushed at me and I grinned, making her blush deepen. "Ha, you look like a tomato!"

She pushed my shoulder gently. "Stop it." she whispered.

"Fine." i sighed dramatically, then checked my phone which was buzzing in my pocket. "Look hon, I'm gonna have to get back to set before megan has a breakdown."

"Do you have to?"

"Yep. Just make sure you're at the club tonight. The entire group is gonna be there. And try and be brave. Ask the girl out already!" She pulled a funny face, I wasn't sure what the emotion was but she shrugged it of and I hugged her before running out the door.

The End

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