Annie: Best FriendMature

We make it to the italian and I jump out of the car. Maybe I should be less hasty. She really might think I like this new waitress.

I mean yeah the waitress is super hot. She has a thin waist and holds her delicate body strongly but..... I look across at Rosalita then shake my head.

"Come on then miss I-fancy-the-waitress" She jokes smiling. I blush. I wish she wouldn't think that. I like her smile.

"Okay" I say smiling back we head for the italian and I lower myself carefully into the seat. I open the menu hiding behind it. I search up and down the menu even though I know what I want.

"You again" I look up to see the waitress faced towards me. I see Rosalita smiling past her and I blush. "Same as you had yesterday?" she asks.

I nod and she smiles before turning to Rosalita who gives her order quickly. When the waitress moves off Rosalita leans across the table. "I now totally understand why" She says smiling. I blush. "What's her name?"

"Kaitlin.... but she's not on our team she has a boyfriend" I say.

"Ahh, to bad. But we can watch though" Rosalita says winking.

I don't want to watch her. I want to watch you. That's what I want to say but I know she would be shocked.

She doesn't care about me like that.

The End

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