"Yeah everything. Well, maybe not everything..."


"I'm joking! I'll tell you everything, but somethings are going to have to be secret, like what I'm getting you for your birthday next month."

"That is soooo unfair!!"

"Life is." I grinned at her and watched her pout. "Anyway Miss Journalist, should you be on this set?"

"I'm here on a non official quality. But if you have any juicy news...?"

"Nope sorry. This is the first day of proper shooting hon, I don't have anything yet. Come on, let's get you an italian."

"Yey!!" she said, skipping along with me.

"Woah, wait a sec, I've just got to go and sign out."

"Hurry up!!!"

"Alright, jeez, what's  got you so excited? New waitress at the restraunt?" Annie blushed. "Aha!! So that's it!"

"No! Why do I have to have a reason?"

"You don't. I just love to wind you up." She pushed me playfully.

"Alright, just get on with it already."

"I went to the security guard. "I'll be back in about an hour. If they need me before then, Dave has my number."

"Thank you Miss Alexandria" he said looking at my pass. I grabbed Annie and pulled her over to my car.

"To the italian!!!!"

The End

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