"Hey Rosalita" I say skipping up to her.

"Did you see her?" She asks looking really happy.

"Who?" I say confused.

"Megan Fox" She says slowly. I squeal and grip her hands tightly.

"Really?" I ask. My strawberry blond curls fall forward accompanied by my dark brown but honey coloured eyes.

"Really" She said flashing a smile. I let go of her hands and span in a circle.

"Amazing!" I sing and hear Rosalita laugh. I hook my arm through hers. "So where we going for lunch, I fancy italian"

Rosalita laughs again. "You always fancy Italian" she laughs. I pout then flick my hair back.

"So what it taste good" I say flashing a smile. She shakes her head and we continue to walk silently. "How long have we been friends now Rosa?"

"About 8 years" She says. "Enough to be able to trust you with everything"

"Everything......" I whisper.

The End

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