Hadley: Make LoveMature

After Maxxie’s little “physical examination”, he was allowed to go home since as far as the tests could tell, he was getting better. Relief washed over me at that and I know the kids were just glad to have him home. And since I’d gotten all the stuff for Lily’s pony sorted out, I figured it was only fair to let him catch up on all the sex he’d been missing out on.

A few months passed by and Maxxie was just getting worse. He’d been in and out of hospital more times than I could count, and we were pretty much treating every day like it was his last. I made sure he got in plenty of time with the kids and made sure every evening meal was always a big family affair. You can call me mushy all you like, I wanted every last moment with him to be special, if not for me then for the kids. After all, they were only young, and they hadn’t had as much time with him as me.

Around four or five months  after Maxxie had been sent home, we were snuggled up in bed and the kids had long since fallen asleep. Needless to say, with Maxxie on Death’s door each day, he was hardly being starved on sex anymore, although I had to top each time since he got so tired out each time when he topped. He got tired out anyway, but it wasn’t as bad if I topped but that’s not the point.

I was lying down, leaning on Maxxie’s chest even though he was so skinny he looked like he’d snap if a bug landed on him, and sticking a few more photos in the scrapbook I was making for the kids. I’d started making one for myself as well, since I could hardly put photos of Maxxie naked or whatever in a scrapbook for the kids, but I was putting more effort into their one. Maxxie was watching me sticking things in and just generally prettying up the scrapbook so I showed it to him, kissing his cheek as he got all teary as he looked through it. He cuddled up to me, kissing me, when I got the urge to take a photo for my scrapbook. I scuttled off to get my camera. I’d bought myself an old Polaroid a few months ago, and I’m ashamed to say I’d been a little obsessed with taking photos with it. I snuggled back up to Maxxie, taking a photo of the two of us smiling, and stuck it in my scrapbook once it’d developed. He watched me curiously but I kept the scrapbook close to me, not wanting him to see it. He kissed me again and I kissed back, taking a photo for the hell of it and making Maxxie chuckle a little.

"I want you, Bunny" he said huskily, making me blush a little. “Please?” he asked, nibbling at my neck.

"Let me stick this in first" I said, wiggling the photo about and he nodded.

I stuck the picture in, trying to ignore him palming me as he waited.

"Someone's eager" I said, giggling as I made him blush.

"I want you to make love to me" he mumbled into my neck.

I played with his hair, humming as he kissed my shoulder. I moved the scrapbooks out of the way, my lips meeting his as my tongue slid into his mouth. He kissed back passionately and we went through the usual foreplay routine before I finally gave in and made love to him.


Maxxie was exhausted by the time we were done and I took a sneaky photo of him. I’d never get sick of the expression on his face after sex. He hummed and I stuck the picture into my scrapbook, flicking through it absently. Maxxie nosed through it sleepily and I rested my head on his shoulder.

"I made one for me" I said and he leant his head on top of mine.

"When did you take the naked ones?" he asked, giggling slightly.

"Some of them are old, some of them are from when I've been sneaky" I grinned and he giggled some more.


"M'not a perv"

"My perv" he said, making me smile as he played with my hair. “My perv that I love very much”

"I love you too" I said, the two of us falling into a blissful sleep.

The End

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