Hadley: Get Some RestMature

As I’m sure you can imagine, I kinda freaked out when I woke up to an ill husband. An ill husband who can get killed by the common cold. I got the kids up and ready for school, forcing some cold medicine down Maxxie before driving the kids to school and calling in work and letting them know I wouldn’t be in because Maxxie was sick. They weren’t exactly happy about it but they let it slide on the grounds that he was dying. The perks of working in a hospital, eh?

I drove back home as fast as I legally could, hoping he’d listened to me when I’d told him to stay in bed. So naturally I found him on the couch watching TV.

“I told you to stay in bed” I tutted and he turned and grinned at me. “Bed. Now”

“Why?” he whined.

“Because I said so”

“But TV” he said, breaking out the puppy eyes.

“No pony, no TV. Bed”

He pouted. “Why’re you still on about that pony?”

“Because my baby wants a pony”

“Your husband wants TV and sex”

“My husband will get TV and sex when my baby gets a pony”

“What about Danny?”

“He can have something of equal worth”

“What would that be? ‘Cause it’s not just the pony, it’s the stable and the paddock and the helmets and everything” he whined.

“Well, he can have something now or he can save it for when he’s old enough to drive” I said with a smile.

Maxxie rolled his eyes. “Promise I get sex if I give in?” he asked and I nodded. “Pinky promise?” he asked, sticking out his pinky finger.

I pinky promised him that he would get sex if Lily got a pony and he let out a big old dramatic sigh.

“Fine, she can have her goddamn pony but if she gets bored of it, I will kill you. And you gotta top” he grinned.

“That’s not fair” I pouted.

“How is that not fair? I’m ill”

“Who said you were getting sex straight away? I might’ve meant you’d get sex once she got the pony”

“Now that’s just harsh. Sex and then pony”

I shook my head. “Pony, then sex”

“I’m ill. You can sort the pony out”

“Well that’ll be a weekend thing my dear”

“I know, that’s why I wanted the sex first” he grumbled and I let out a giggle.

 “Seriously, though, back to bed”

Maxxie did as I said, even if he was sulking and I smiled, using the free time to get the house in order after the usual morning routine. I get it, I’m a housewife. I made Maxxie some good old fashioned chicken soup, the proper kind, not the creamy shit you get in tins. I grabbed a couple slices of bread and whatnot and took it up to him. He managed about half of it and I could tell he felt bad about wasting the rest.

“Don’t worry about it, there’s loads more downstairs. I figured it’d do for dinner tonight” I smiled, kissing the top of his head but he let out a whine. “What? My cooking’s not that bad”

Maxxie giggled and I resisted the urge to punch his arm. “I didn’t mean that. I just don’t wanna waste it but I can’t eat anymore”

“Then don’t, silly”

He pulled me down onto the bed for a snuggle and I snuggled back, moving the soup out of the way just in case it got knocked over or spilt or anything. Maxxie leant his head on my chest and I played with his hair. We stayed like that for a little while til Maxxie had to get up to blow his nose and snot everywhere.

 “Charming” I said and he pouted at me. “What?”

“I can’t help being snotty" he said and I offered him a cuddle.

"You just focus on getting better, 'kay?" I said once my arms were wrapped around him and he nodded, making me smile. "Good, I'm not planning on giving you up any time soon"

"I'm not planning on going anywhere either" he said, kissing my cheek.

I let out a contented hum. "Try and get some rest, gorgeous"

"I want sex" he whined, giggling a little.

"When you're not so snotty"

He pretended to sulk and I ruffled his hair.

"Get some rest"

He cocooned himself in the comforter and I left him in peace, going back to doing the housework. I’d done pretty well with keeping calm over Maxxie being ill, and I was trying not to boss him around too much or smother him or something, but I really was frightened. I mean, I know it’d take a bit more than a cold to finish him off, but I couldn’t help being paranoid. He was still asleep when I went to get the kids from school. Danny needed dropping off at his drama club and Lily announced that she was going to her friend’s house and that the two of them would need taking there so of course the two kids squabbled over who got to go where first.

Maxxie was busy puking when I finally got back, and I rubbed his back, getting him a glass of water. I played with his hair as he leant on me, cuddling him as he sort of curled up on me.

"My poor baby" I said and he leant his head on my chest.

I kissed the top of his head, carrying him back to bed when I saw how scared and upset he looked. He curled up with me on the bed, falling asleep as I played with his hair. I stayed with him til it was time to go and get the kids, waking him up when it was time for dinner. I felt bad for waking him up, but I needed to know he was eating properly and getting enough fluids. The kids instantly wanted to know how he was and if he was better, the both of them looking all worried and adorable when he said he wasn’t better. He assured them that he’d be okay and they seemed happy enough with that answer, happily digging in to the leftover soup. Maxxie didn’t really eat much but I didn’t mind, focusing more on making sure he was drinking enough.

Lily wanted Maxxie to help her with her lines after dinner and he was more than happy to oblige. I helped Danny with his homework, watching Maxxie and Lily out of the corner of my eye. Maxxie hadn’t lost any of his acting skills and Lily seemed to be soaking them all up. Maxxie was really getting into it all and Lily was just enjoying herself. I let Danny go join in once he’d finished his homework, starting on the dishes but Maxxie dragged me over and forced me to join in. I’m not even gonna pretend like my acting skills are any good.

Maxxie didn’t seem to care that I was absolutely shit but the kids started picking on me for being so rubbish. Maxxie stuck up for me and they ganged up on us. Maxxie wrapped me in a cuddle but to be honest, I was perfectly happy to go back to my cleaning and leave them to it.

"You okay?" I asked.

"I feel sick"

I offered to help him to the bathroom but he shook his head a little.

"I don't need to throw up. I just feel all dizzy"

"Have a lie down?"

He sort of grunted in agreement and I helped him to the bedroom.

"Don't mention it" I smiled as he thanked me.

"Can we have an early night?" he asked, nuzzling me.

"Sure. I'll get the kids sorted out"

"Thank you" he said with a slight smile.

I kissed the top of his head, getting the kids washed and ready for bed, reading them a story and giving them their usual goodnight snuggle before going back to Maxxie. The poor guy was already asleep. I stripped down to my boxers and slippe into bed, snuggling up to him under the sheets.

The End

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