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I’d never meant to start crying, I guess maybe it just got to me that Cayden was really gone. I mean, I’d tried to keep it together for Maxxie’s benefit or something like that, but I really did miss him. He’d ruined my life for what he’d done to Maxxie, but I still missed him.

Eventually I stopped feeling sorry for myself, turning round and hugging Maxxie properly. I felt his fingers tangle in my hair.

“Sorry” I said, laughing a little.

“Don’t be” he said, kissing my shoulder.

I kissed his neck, littering his skin with kisses when he tilted his head. He let out a hum and I smiled a little.

“I do believe you said you wanted me in every room of this house” I said.

“Only if you want to, Bunny” he said, nibbling at my shoulder.

“I do” I smiled.

I hummed as he nuzzled my shoulder, his hand sliding under my shirt. I buried my face in his neck and he stroked my belly softly.

“I can wait, if you want”

“It’s fine” I said, nuzzling his neck.

He kissed the top of my head, taking my shirt off slowly and I nuzzled his neck some more. Eventually the both of us were naked, and I knew he was taking his time to make sure I was okay with it all. I was fine with it, don’t get me wrong, but it just felt a little embarrassing to being doing it in Cayden’s old room. Maxxie rolled on a condom, fucking me slowly and lovingly.

We snuggled up to each other once we were done, Maxxie kissing the top of my head with this content look on his face.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worn out by the time we were done with our sex marathon. Poor Maxxie was exhausted. I played with his hair and he hummed, snuggling up to me. I snuggled back, kissing his forehead as he pulled the covers over us.

“I love you”

“I love you too” he smiled.

I nuzzled his nose with my own, kissing back as his lips found mine. I rested my head on his chest, humming as he played with my hair. He cuddled me sleepily, giggling a little as I traced shapes on his stomach.

“That tickles” he said between giggles.

I smiled, carrying on doing it, giggling myself as he tickled me back, grinning at me.

"I was thinking about turning Cayden’s room into a room for one of the kids instead of making them share"

"If that's what you want" he smiled.

"It's better than just leaving it" I said and he nodded, playing with my hair. "When're we picking them back up?"

"Don't mind. A nap wouldn't go amiss, though" he said, laughing slightly and I kissed his stomach.

"Go to sleep, gorgeous" I said and he pouted. "What?"

"Do I at least get to keep you for a couple more hours?"

"Mhm" I smiled.

He let out a hum, pulling me into a tight cuddle and falling asleep. I stayed snuggled up with him, content to just play with his hair til I fell asleep myself, sneaking in a quick nap. He was still asleep by the time I woke up, and was out cold til the evening.

"Welcome back" I said with a smile.

"Was I asleep long?" he asked, confused, and I nodded. “Sorry”

"It's okay, silly"

I hummed as he nuzzled me.

"C'mon you, it's dinner time"

We both got up, heading for the kitchen in our birthday suits. I’d gotten a little better at cooking since we first got the kids, and I even let Maxxie help after he insisted on it. We sat down to eat once we were done, and as usual, Maxxie ate as much as he could manage, feeding the rest to me. He pulled me onto his lap with a grin and I smiled as he hugged my waist. I hugged his chest, kissing the top of his head as he nuzzled me.


"Sure" I smiled.

Maxxie picked something to watch with the kids and I went upstairs, getting dressed and calling Ava to ask her to bring the kids over if they’d been fed. I headed back downstairs and found Maxxie all snuggled up on the couch.

"As much as I'm sure the kids would love to see you in your birthday suit, you should probably go and get dressed, gorgeous"

He giggled. "Make me"

"And how can I make you, hmm?"

"Get creative" he grinned.

I rolled my eyes, going and getting his clothes. “Legs” I said, holding up his boxers.

He crossed them, grinning.

I put my hand on my hip, looking like an annoyed mom. "Maxxie" I said, sounding like an annoyed mother and Maxxie pouted. “C’mon”

Maxxie just fidgeted around like a kid.

"Ava's gonna be here any minute, y'know"

He stuck his tongue out and I sighed.

"Get dressed and I'll blow you later"

He giggled. "Clothes are nastyyyy. I want my bunny suit. C'mere" he said, pulling me onto his lap again. “Much better”

"You still need to get dressed, though"

He hummed, nuzzling me and I put his boxers on his head, making him laugh.

"Fine, fine, I'll get dressed"

I smiled, getting up so he could get dressed. He’d just finished getting dressed when Ava turned up. I thanked her for looking after them and she made sure to remind me that she owed me before heading back to her own family. Maxxie had insisted on bringing the comforter down and was wrapped up in it on the couch. I put the movie on, snuggling everyone on the couch. It wasn’t long before the kids were asleep, and me and Maxxie paid more attention to them than the movie.

"M'so lucky to have you guys" Maxxie said, this content look on his face.

"We're lucky to have you too" I said, kissing his cheek.

He rested his head on my chest, humming. I kissed the top of his head, playing with Danny’s hair.

"Let's put these two to bed"

Maxxie picked Lily up and I took Danny, switching the TV off and carrying the little guy up to bed. Maxxie followed and we tucked the two of them in. I felt Maxxie’s eyes on me as I kissed their foreheads softly.

"What?" I asked, laughing quietly when I saw the smile on his lips.

"You're cute" he said, kissing me.


"You are"

I shook my head and Maxxie chuckled, taking my hand in his.

“C'mon, you"

I squeezed his hand and he squeezed back, leading me into the kitchen. Apparently he’d made cupcakes at some point before bringing me here. I smiled, seeing how proud of them he was.

"I've been practising" he grinned.

I ruffled his hair, digging in when he offered me a cupcake.

"Are they okay?" he asked innocently.

I nodded, smiling, and his eyes practically lit up.

"Bed time?" he asked when I yawned a little.

I nodded, giggling as he carried me to bed. He flashed me a smile, which I mirrored, and the two of us stripped down to our boxers, snuggling under the covers.

The End

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