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I couldn’t help being a little nervous as the four of us sat down in our seats. I wasn’t all that sure that the kids could sit and behave through a fourteen hour flight, let alone wise up to the ‘sleep if it’s night at your destination’ trick to avoid jet lag. See, we’d gotten their passports sorted out a while back, and since we’d promised them a holiday, we decided to jet out to Australia. We’d originally thought England, but given how I reacted to the cold, we changed our minds. I don’t think Maxxie could’ve put up with three little kids whining about how cold they were. So Australia it was. The kids couldn’t understand why Australia was so important, given that they still didn’t quite believe me that I was from there, but they got all excited when I said they might see a kangaroo. At the very least, we’d take them to the zoo where they could hold a koala or stroke it or something.

When we finally got there, it was a little later in the day than I’d been expected. The kids had had a nap on the plane, and thankfully we’d gotten the flight at some ridiculous hour so it was night at some point when we were flying, so I think they avoided the jet lag. And I was too pumped to be back home to be jet-lagged.

When we got to the hotel, the kids started jumping around on the beds pretending to be kangaroos. My gorgeous husband, on the other hand, was shirtless, drinking water like it was going out of fashion and sweating so much he looked like a walking water feature. So naturally, I couldn’t help giggling at him.

“Bitch” he grumbled.

“It’s not even that hot” I said, scowling when he tipped his water over my head. All Maxxie did was grin at me. “Just be glad we came in winter, not summer”

“But Papa, it is summer” Danny said, confused.

“It certainly feels summery enough” Maxxie complained.

“Trust me, summer’s worse. It was worse where we used to live, though, since we were in-land”

At least with Sydney you have the harbour and some beaches, so you get a little bit of a breeze that cools it down a bit. I know we didn’t live that far from Sydney, but it was far away enough to make a difference.

“I’m not built for this kind of heat”

“You’ll get used to it. Maybe”

“I’m taking you to Scotland after this”

“Then I’ll bring you back here for Christmas” Which just so happens to be in the summer, boys and girls.

Maxxie narrowed his eyes a little. “You wouldn’t dare”

“Wouldn’t I?” I asked, slinking off to unpack.

Maxxie went over to the kids as I hung our clothes up in the wardrobe. I always thought it so kind of hotels to put three clothes hangers in the wardrobe for you. Especially when you’ve spent a lot of money on a room with a double bed and two extra beds for the kids. And when you’re booked in for a few weeks. Definitely only came here with three things to hang up.

“Papa is evil” I heard Maxxie say.

“Why?” Lily asked innocently.

“He’s being mean to Daddy”

“Why?” Lily asked again.

“He just is”

Lily moved over and hugged Maxxie. Bad idea, kiddo. Maxxie hugged back just in time for Lily to go: “Eww”

“Eww?” Maxxie asked.

Lily pointed at her now sweat marked clothes. “Eww”

“Sorry honey” Maxxie chuckled.

Danny giggled and Lily shot him a glare. I gave up on the unpacking then, flopping down on the bed and pulling Danny into a hug.

“Daddy, if you can stop melting for a bit, would you like to come outside with me and these two?” I asked and Maxxie nodded. “Who wants to go see my old house?” I asked with a smile.

The kids both nodded and Maxxie smiled, putting on a shirt but leaving it undone. Lily went and got changed quickly so she wasn’t covered in Maxxie’s sweat anymore and the four of use set off on an adventure to find my old house. Maxxie complained about the heat in true British fashion once we got out, but me and the kids just ignored him. We’re such a loving family, huh?

We found the house after a few hours of aimless driving and it honestly looked like it’d been left to rot since we left. I jumped the gate, hugging the side of the house. I missed this place, the backyard was huge. I looked round when I heard Maxxie chuckle.

“What?” I asked, still hugging the house.

“Nothing” he smiled, snuggling me from behind.

I looked around for the kids when I heard them laughing, seeing them playing in the long, unkempt grass in the front yard. Long grass usually means snakes. And spiders. And which country is home to some of the most poisonous snakes and spiders?

“Guys, get out of the grass” I said, trying to keep calm.

Thankfully they did as they were told, even if they did look upset about it. I turned my attention back to Maxxie, who was looking at the house kinda thoughtfully.

“What?” I asked, kissing his cheek.

“Just thinking we could have this as a summer house or something. If you wanted”

“I don’t mind” I smiled.

“It’s up to you”

“From the look of it, it’d need some work doing to it, but that shouldn’t cost too much”

It’d be tracking down the guy Mom and Dad sold it to that’d be the issue. He bought it off them because of the size of the backyard, thinking he could turn it into like a little farm, but the soil wasn’t good enough for planting anything more than a few garden plants so he just left it.

“It’s your house, gorgeous”

“Depends if you can find the guy Mom and Dad sold it to”

“Won’t be too hard” he smiled.

I planted a kiss on Maxxie’s lips, smiling as he kissed back. I tilted my head when he kissed my neck, and he kissed my neck more.

“I’ll buy it and rebuild it for you. Like a really big present” he mumbled against my skin, laughing a little.

“You don’t have to”

“I want to”

“Thank you” I smiled.

“I’ll look for the owner when we get back” he said, nuzzling my neck.


He leant his head on my shoulder, watching the kids, who had gone back to playing in the grass. I kissed the top of his head and saw the kids sneaking into the house. Maxxie held my hand and we followed them in. We let the kids run off and do their own thing and I gave Maxxie a tour of the house.

“I wish we had someone to look after the kids right now” he said, his voice a little husky, making me blush. “I want you. In every room of your house” he said, nibbling at my ear slightly. I blushed even more. “We’ll make new memories here” he smiled. “All good ones”

I buried my face in his neck, embarrassed, nuzzling him as he played with my hair.

“I wonder if the tree’s still there” I mumbled when I felt him rest his head on top of mine.

“Wanna go look?”


He smiled and I went off in search of the kids, the four of us setting off to find this tree. I instantly clambered up to the lowest branch once we found it, leaning back against the tree and shutting my eyes. I heard Maxxie start playing with the kids, so I took it as a chance to just relax and reminisce. I opened my eyes after a while, smiling when I saw Maxxie playing tag with the kids.

“Too slow” Lily giggled as Maxxie tried to catch them.

“Are you two picking on Daddy?” I asked.

“No” Lily giggled.

Maxxie pouted at me. “They are” he whined.

“Poor baby”

He kept pouting and I offered him a hug from the tree. He climbed up to the branch I was on to get it.

“Your turn” he said once I’d hugged him.

I slipped back down to the ground, going off and playing with the kids as he watched us from the tree. I gave up after a while, though, flopping down on the ground. I looked up at Maxxie as he sat on me. He leant down, kissing me and I kissed back.

“Eww” we heard the kids whining and Maxxie giggled.

“You won’t be saying eww when you’re older” I said, kissing Maxxie again, humming as he nibbled on my lip.

“I wasn’t lying when I said I want you” he whispered and I blushed a little.

I let out another hum as he kissed the base of my throat.

“Why don’t we drop the kids off at Ava’s for a bit?” I said quietly in case they heard.

Maxxie grinned ever so slightly and I chuckled. He kissed me, before getting up and I followed, a healthy coating of dirt on my back from where I’d been lying down.  I heard Maxxie tell the kids they were gonna go see Riley and he chuckled when they got all excited. We drove to Ava’s, saying a quick hello to her and everyone else before ditching the kids.

“Where to now?” Maxxie asked.

“Back to the hotel?” I suggested and he nodded.

The End

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