Maxxie: BoogeymanMature

October was shaping up to be a pretty busy month. Because the Ginger and Alex were getting hitched at the beginning of October, to make sure we didn’t steal their limelight, we were privately renewing our vows while they were away on their honeymoon and in order to avoid upsetting Hadley, I had to find the time to get my wedding suit altered so that it fit me again. After all that it was, of course, Halloween.

The wedding was relatively quick, to be honest. I think Caleb had insisted that it be quick so he could hurry up and get back into bed with Alex. It was nice, though. It was good to see Alex finally settling down. All I could hope for him now was that he didn’t fuck up like I did.

Sadly, I was actually kind of impressed the tailor I’d taken my wedding suit to had managed to fix it up so well. I’d lost so much weight that it felt like wearing a sack before I got it altered, and while it did unfortunately show off a little too much that I was stupidly skinny now, it was a much better fit. Anyway, the vow renewal was great. I’d always seen renewing vows as something I’d suggest when we were old and needed walking sticks to get around, but as we kissed like a couple of newlyweds again, I don’t think it mattered.

Halloween had never been much of a big deal for me and Hadley, but this year, the kids would want to be taken out trick or treating. I kinda hoped we could just shove them outside with a bag and a few of their friends from school and leave them to it, but... apparently not. They wanted me and Hadley to dress up too, and it wasn’t like I was going to get away with not dressing up when Hadley was ever so firmly on their side. I told him I didn’t need a costume, I’d just wander around topless and voila, free skeleton suit. He reminded me that people would probably think I was a paedophile, though, so when the kids said it was up to Hadley what I dressed as, I was promptly told I should be a pirate.

This did mean, however, that it was my choice of what animal Hadley would dress up as. I told him he wasn’t getting out of being a bunny this year. It was actually kinda fun. Lily was all dressed up as a little angel and Danny had wanted to be an animal like Papa, so he was dressed like a cat, and apart from the fact that by the time we got back I was totally wiped out, it was pretty fun.

Despite the fact I was so tired, I was somehow enticed into having a little more fun of the private kind with Hadley once the kids were in bed. I let him lead me to our room, our shirts disappearing somewhere between us landing on the bed and us making out.

Somewhere in the background, though, there was a sniffle. Both of us looked around to see Danny in tears.

“Danny?” Hadley asked as I went and picked him up, cuddling him as I carried him over to the bed. He cuddled back, soaking my chest as Hadley played with his hair. “What’s wrong?”

“Nightmare,” he told us quietly.

"Wanna talk about what happened in it?" I asked gently.

"The boogeyman tried to get me,” he sniffled again, and I kissed him on the top of his head.

"Want me to go check for him?" Hadley asked and Danny nodded a little, his eyes all wide and still kinda upset. I stayed where I was, cuddling Danny while Hadley went off to check for the boogeyman. "I must've frightened him off," he announced when he came back.

"Did he hurt you?" Danny’s eyes stayed all wide.

 "No. What makes you think that?" Danny pointed at the scar on Hadley’s stomach from where he’d been stabbed so long ago now.

"I've had that a long time, kiddo,” Hadley told him, reaching out a hand to ruffle his hair.

Danny looked up at me, "Did you know?" I nodded. "What happened?" he asked, touching the scar.

"A long, long time ago a very nasty man hurt Papa with a knife,” he explained, ruffling Danny’s hair again. I let out a yawn at that point, and Hadley noticed it, asking if Danny wanted to sleep in here with us. Needless to say the poor kid was still probably terrified and nodded. "Is that okay with you, Daddy?"

“Yeah,” I smiled sleepily, feeling vaguely bad that I wasn’t awake enough to make up for the lack of sex. I took off my pirate trousers and pulled on a shirt and par of joggers for Danny’s sake before we all snuggled up in bed with Danny in the middle. I wrapped an arm over the both of them and promptly fell straight to sleep. 

The End

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