Hadley: RoofMature

Maxxie and me went to a couple bars but we ended up in a gay bar. And given that after all this time I still hadn’t figured out my sexuality, I’ll admit it was a little weird for me. But it was nice to be out of the house as a couple for once. And it was nice to not have to think about the kids or Maxxie being sick. I guess I needed a break from it, really. I’d been signed off work for a week with stress but I’d just told Maxxie it was a holiday and I must’ve forgotten I’d booked it. I mean, I’d gotten a little more used to Maxxie being ill now, but it still got to me. Of course it would. And then the kids and the long hours at work just... It got a little too much for me.

I stood at the bar with Maxxie, sipping a drink. I can’t remember what I was drinking but I know it wasn’t very strong. I didn’t want to get drunk. Maxxie took my hand with a smile as one of the songs from the wedding came on.

“Wanna dance?” he asked, still smiling.

I nodded, smiling back, and he led me over to the dance floor. I leant my head on his chest as the two of us danced slowly. I nuzzled his chest when I felt him kiss the top of my head and looked up, seeing him smiling. He leant down a little, kissing me and hummed when I kissed back.

“I love you, Hadley”

“I love you too”

We kept dancing for a couple more songs and as much as I was enjoying having fun with Maxxie, I did get a little bored. I’ve never been good at dancing.

“Where to now, gorgeous?” he asked with a smile.

“You pick”

“Sex on the beach?” he chuckled after giving it some thought.

I laughed. "What if we run into that old lady with the rat again?"

Maxxie giggled. "I almost forgot about her"

"We should take the kids to the beach sometime" I said and he nodded. “I miss them” I said, snuggling up to him.

"Wanna go back home, then?" he asked, playing with my hair.

"If you want to"

"I don't mind" he smiled. "I'm just enjoying having some time to ourselves"

"We can stay out a bit longer, then"

“Only if you want to” he said, kissing me softly.

I nodded.

"Let's just walk back slowly or something" he smiled and I laughed a little.


Maxxie held my hand and we started on our slow walk back home. I swung our arms a little as we walked and Maxxie let out a hum. I glanced at him and saw him looking up at the stars.

“Can we sit up on the roof when we get back?” he asked.


I let out a hum as he kissed my cheek. Maxxie ended up getting fries on the way back and I smiled, glad he was eating something for once even if it wasn’t exactly the best thing for him to be eating. He was full up after less than a quarter of the portion but at least he’d eaten something. He offered me the rest and I shook my head not hungry. He binned the rest of them and I held his hand again, smiling as he squeezed my hand slightly. We got home eventually and Maxxie paid the babysitter while I went and checked on the kids. They were both still fast asleep. I hummed as Maxxie’s arms wrapped around me from behind. He smiled, kissing my neck and I tilted my head. I hummed contentedly as he planted more kisses along my neck.

“Want a coffee?” he asked.

“No thanks”

“Anything else?” he asked and I shook my head.

He kissed my shoulder and the two of us went down to the kitchen. Maxxie made himself a coffee, sitting on the counter once it was ready. I smiled up at him. He smiled back, wrapping his legs around me and I let out a quiet giggle. He grinned, hugging me with his legs and drank his coffee. I drew shapes on his stomach with my finger through his shirt while I waited for him to finish. He giggled and I smiled, kissing his stomach.

“Roof?” he asked, smiling back.


I snuggled up to him once we were up there, resting my head on his chest when he snuggled back. I hadn’t been up here in a while. I’d sort of left it to Maxxie since I never really came up here much in the first place.

"What would you say to renewing our vows?" he asked, playing with my hair.

"Are you being mushy again?" I asked, laughing a little.

"Mushy, but serious"

I looked up at him, my head still on his chest. "It sounds great. As long as Caleb doesn't hate me for stealing his thunder"

He chuckled. "We can do it while they're on their honeymoon or something. Just us and someone to be witness"

"'Kay" I said, nuzzling him.

The two of us stayed snuggled like that til Maxxie started looking sleepy, at which point I dragged him back inside. Sleeping on the roof isn’t advisable even when you have a fully functioning immune system. He protested a little but let me have my way when I didn’t give in.

“Bedtime, mister” I said and he pouted. I prodded his pout and he bit my finger gently. “Ow” I said, my eyes welling up as I pretended it hurt.

“I dun wanna sleep” he said sulkily.

“You nearly fell asleep out there, gorgeous”

“I’m fine” he said, tackling me down onto the bed.

I giggled and he grinned at me. I looked up at him innocently and he kissed me. I kissed back and he lay back on the bed, snuggling up to me as he kept kissing me. He stifled a yawn after a while.

“Go to sleep”

He groaned a little. “Stay with me?”

“I will” I smiled and he smiled back.

I got out of my clothes and slid back into bed, snuggling up to Maxxie again. He hadn’t bothered getting undressed, and given how tired he seemed, I can’t say I blamed him. He mumbled something about loving me before he fell asleep and I smiled, staying snuggled up to him til I needed to pee. I got up as carefully as I could, making sure I didn’t wake Maxxie up, and tiptoed off to the bathroom.

The End

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