Hadley: LockMature

“Did you have fun today?” I asked Danny, tucking him in for the night.

The four of us had gone on one of those fun family day out things and instead of taking them to a glorified play park, we took them out somewhere they could run around and play with whatever the hell they wanted. See, the indoor play places are nice and all, but everything’s padded and it’s all too safe. Part of being a kid is being outdoors and grazing your knee when you fall down. We’d taken a picnic with us and the ways the kids reacted was like they’d never had a picnic before.

Danny nodded, smiling. I smiled back, proud of how far he’d come. He’d managed his first proper smile a few days before and ever since, he couldn’t stop smiling. I pushed his hair back, planting a kiss on his forehead. I couldn’t help but smile even more as his arms wrapped around my neck, cuddling me to him.

“I love you, Papa” he said quietly.

“I love you too, Danny. Go to sleep” I smiled and he nodded, shutting his eyes.

I switched the light off, shutting the door quietly and heading back downstairs to Maxxie. He was sat on the couch playing something on the Xbox and I sat myself down in his lap. He hugged my waist and I hummed, pressing my forehead to his. He paused his game, kissing me. I hummed as he played with my hair, kissing back.

"What're you playing?" I asked.

"Burnout" he smiled and I moved a little so he could see the screen. “Wanna play?”

I shook my head. "I'm good" I said and he hummed, but he didn’t go back to his game. “You don’t have to stop playing, y’know?”

"And ignore my gorgeous husband?" he chuckled, kissing my neck.

I tilted my head as he trailed kisses down to my collarbone, removing my shirt. I planted a kiss on his lips, nibbling his ear as his hands gripped my hips. I started undoing his shirt, getting it off as he kissed along my shoulder.

"Bedroom" I said, biting down on his earlobe.

He did as I said and I pushed him down on the bed. He tried to get my pants off but I didn’t let him, getting his own off before straddling him. I smirked at how quickly he got hard, kissing down his stomach and pulling his boxers off with my teeth. He tried to get my pants off again. I let him this time, kissing back when he pressed his lips to mine. He was being all submissive but I wasn’t feeling dominant enough to top, so I lubed him up, sliding myself down onto his cock. He moaned as I rode him, moaning as well. I flipped us over halfway through, moaning a little like a whore as he fucked me.

"Stop hurting Papa" we heard Danny say grumpily.

Maxxie looked round, staring at the kid, and I blushed. Danny stood there looking at us grumpily and Maxxie pulled out, pulling on a pair of boxers and kneeling next to Danny.

"I'm not hurting him, Danny" he said.

"It sounded like you were" Danny said kinda grumpily.

"No, honey, I'm making Papa happy" he said but it just seemed to confuse Danny. "Is Lily still awake?" he asked and Danny shook his head as I slipped on a pair of boxers, blushing. "Okay" he sat, sitting Danny on his leg. He definitely wasn’t hard anymore. "When grownups love each other, they like to do things that show it, like kissing and holding hands. Sometimes, they do other things in bed that's only for adults, like me and Papa were just doing"

I was torn somewhere between laughing and dying of embarrassment.

"Why is it only for adults?" Danny asked innocently.

"Because children's bodies haven't grown enough and their minds aren't ready for it. And because the law says so" Maxxie smiled.


"You'll understand when you're a bit older. But anyway, it's something grownups enjoy a lot because it makes them feel good and like I said, it's a way of showing we love each other"


"You got any more questions?"

"Can I sleep in here tonight?"

Maxxie glanced at me. "Sure you can"

He kissed the top of Danny’s head and the kid snuggled himself up in between us. I kissed his cheek and Maxxie put an arm over him. He snuggled up to us and it wasn’t long before he’d fallen asleep. I let out a quiet laugh.

"You better make it home at lunch tomorrow" Maxxie said quietly, chuckling. I giggled at the frustrated look on his face. “I’m still horny”

"Bathroom's that way" I said, smirking a little.

"Not gonna join me?"

"And leave Danny all alone?" I asked innocently and Maxxie pouted, disappearing off into the bathroom.

I followed him after a while, giggling when I was met with the image of him jerking off. He let out a quiet growl.

"What?" I asked.

He pinned me to the door, pulling my boxers down and giving me some amazing head. He swallowed when I came, choosing to finish himself off in place of letting me return the favour. He moaned as he came, his head resting against my stomach as I played with his hair.

"Please remind me why we have kids"

"Because I wanted them and because the ones we have are lovely"

"We need to get a lock for our door" he said, cleaning up as I laughed.

The End

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