Hadley: Pregnant?Mature

Since most of Christmas day was a blur to me, it was a little strange to wake up sandwiched between two bodies. I knew one of them was Maxxie, since I was facing him, but the other was a mystery. I rolled over, trying my best not to wake Maxxie up, and froze when I saw a familiar mess of ginger hair. Okay, so maybe we had a threesome. That’s okay as long as Maxxie was the one fucking me. I froze even more as I noticed a hand in Caleb’s hair, following the arm it was attached to with my eyes. Okay, so we had clearly had a foursome with Alex.

Alex flashed me a smile. “Alright?”

He arched an eyebrow slightly when I didn’t say anything, too busy being frozen. I felt a blush start to spread across my cheeks and rolled over. I know we’d had a foursome before, but it’d hardly been what you’d call a foursome. Maxxie let out a quiet snore and I realised just how much my head hurt. I hadn’t drunk that much, had I? I played with Maxxie’s hair, trying to stop blushing. I heard Caleb groan behind me.

“Morning, sexy” I heard Alex say.

“My head hurts” Caleb whined.

“Poor baby”

I could tell Caleb was sulking and Alex kissed the top of his head, handing him a glass of water and some painkillers.

“Want one, Hadley?” he asked.

I nodded slightly, still blushing. I mumbled a thanks as he handed me a different glass and some painkillers. I took them, vowing never to drink that much again.

“I’m never being drunk ever again” Caleb whined, making Alex chuckle.

Maxxie let out a loud snore, making Caleb giggle.

“My head still hurts” he groaned.

“They say sex helps” Alex said, grinning slightly as he played with Caleb’s hair.

Caleb giggled, straddling him. Really, guys? Maxxie buried his head in his pillow and Alex grabbed Caleb’s hips.

“Hadley, make my head stop spinning” Maxxie said and I went and got him a drink and some painkillers, ignoring Alex and Caleb kissing. They kept kissing and I tried to ignore them again as Caleb stretched himself. Maxxie was doing his best to ignore them as well and I groaned as Alex lubed up. Maxxie dragged me to the living room once they started fucking and flopped down on the couch.

“Why are they such whores?”  I asked, groaning a little. “What if the kids walk in on them?”

“They’re not whores, they just have more sex than us. And if they do, we’ll just have to tell them about sex, won’t we?”

“You can do that” I groaned.

“Not in this state, bunny boy”

I shook my head. “You can do the sex talk, I’ll take Santa and the Easter bunny”

“Deal. But not while I’m dying, ‘kay?”

“’Kay” I said and Maxxie wrapped me in a tight snuggle. I chuckled. “What was that for?”

“I’m dying, and this might be our last snuggle”

“You’re not dying” I laughed.

“I feel like it”

“You’ll feel better later” I smiled.

“No I won’t”

“Sure you will. I’m sure we can sneak off to the tree house if we need to” I chuckled.

“As long as I don’t have to move much once we get there” he said, groaning slightly.

“Well I was thinking we could try out Alex and Caleb’s hangover cure but y’know”

“I know” he said with a slight laugh. “As long as I’m the one lying down”

“Lazy” I smiled and Maxxie grinned a little.

“Morning, bitches”

I think my eye actually twitched at the sound of Cayden’s voice. Maxxie must’ve noticed it since he started playing with my hair.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” I asked.

“You weren’t the only one that got laid last night, bunny boy” he said, disappearing into the kitchen.

“Can I kill him yet?”

“No, gorgeous. Go get the lube and get dressed”

The both of us got dressed and Maxxie got me out of the house before Cayden had a chance to piss me off again. Maxxie took me for breakfast at iHop and I cheered up a little once I’d had something to eat.

“Can we leave soon? I can’t stand him” I said and Maxxie nodded. “Good” I said, smiling a little.

He gave me a small kiss, which I returned.

“Wanna visit the tree house before we leave?”

“Sure” I chuckled, smiling.

He smiled back and I held his hand. He swung our arms a little, seeming a little perkier now that he’d had some coffee.

“Wanna head to the tree house in a bit?” I asked, smiling when he nodded.

I waited for him to finish his coffee before slipping off to the tree house.


I’d left Alex and Caleb to get the kids ready, and was almost proud of the ginger when I saw Danny and Lily half asleep in the living room at Mom’s. They were grumpy with the world for waking them up, but were fine. Ava, however, was grumpy with Ryan.

“It’s not my fault” Ryan protested.

“You let him drink half a can of beer, Ryan. It’s entirely your fault”

“Is now a bad time by any chance?” Maxxie asked.

“Right, you know Riley wanted to try my beer yesterday?” Ryan asked and Maxxie nodded. “I let him try some and-”

“You let him drink half a can” Ava cut in.

“I let himtrysome and he liked it and the little guy stole some. Which means it’s not my fault”

“It is your fault. He’s been up all night being sick” she said, shooting Maxxie a glare when he dared to find any of it funny.

“Sorry” he said.

“Better be. You don’t pick on the lady that feels sick”

“It’s just a hangover” Ryan said.

“I’m telling you it’s not. I didn’t drink all that much yesterday”

“Eat something that wasn’t cooked properly at the barbecue?” Maxxie offered.

Ava shook her head. “I didn’t trust Dad’s cooking skills so I only ate leftovers”

“Tummy bug?”

“Pregnant?” Alex suggested.

“Please say it’s a stomach bug” Ryan said and Ava shot him a glare before disappearing upstairs.

“I think you pissed her off” I said and Ryan groaned.

Alex followed her upstairs and the rest of us waited for her to come back. I couldn’t help being a little worried when she came back looking like she’d seen a ghost.

“What is it?” Ryan asked.

Ava stared into thin air a little longer before announcing “I’m pregnant”.

Ryan’s reaction? He fainted. 

The End

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