Maxxie: Weak SpotsMature

I shuffled away from Cayden, looking for Hadley. The moment I saw him, I attached myself to him, glad of the snuggle he gave me.

“You okay?” he asked. I gave him a tiny nod, not too sure if I was okay or not. He kissed me on the forehead, "it's getting kinda late. We should prolly go put the kids to bed." I nodded slightly again, just glad to be away from Cayden. I know I like being dominated and all, but something about how he was trying to get me away from everyone put me on edge.  I didn’t want to go with him anyway – I wasn’t about to ruin my last chance with Hadley – but it seemed like he was trying to get in my pants just to prove a point, for some reason.

We gathered up the kids, and Caleb appeared. "Are you two sneaking off to do naughty things?" he giggled, "take me with you."

"We’re just putting the kids to bed," Hadley said.

“And the rest,” Caleb giggled. I wasn’t so sure after my run in with Cayden that I was gonna be in the mood, but I busied myself with the kids

"Go pester Alex for sex," Hadley said, wandering over to me. Caleb followed us to John’s, dragging Alex with him. While I put the kids to bed, Hadley attempted to control Caleb long enough for them to actually get to sleep.

When I got out of their room, Caleb was draping himself over Hadley, attempting to smooch him. Needless to say, I wasn’t happy about it. I kind of pulled him away as Caleb tried to get Hadley into the bedroom we were using.

“You’re no fun,” Caleb pouted. I looked at Hadley innocently. I had to admit, the memory of our foursome before we got married was tempting me. I’d be much happier about all this if I was involved. Even happier if I got a good fucking out of it.

“What?” Hadley asked me, as Caleb tugged on his shirt. I buried my head in his neck, not sure how to voice my thoughts on having another foursome. I hoped Caleb would do it for me. Hadley kissed the top of my head, sighing as Caleb pulled him.

“Guys, c’mon.” Hadley gave in, then, and I followed, my innocent face on. Alex followed us in, apparently wondering what the hell was going on. "You know you love me?" Caleb said to Alex, puppy eyes out in full force.


"And you know I like sex?"


"Foursome?" he asked, still all puppy eyed. Thank fuck.

“Well, we never did get to spit roast darling Maxxie that time before...” Alex chuckled, flashing me a look that said he knew exactly what I would want out of this. He always did know me too well.

Caleb giggled, "well that's you and me sorted but what about Bunny?"

“Why do you get to call me Bunny too?" Hadley protested.

“Because I'm your best friend, now shush," he said, and Hadley shushed.

“Or Alex could fuck Caleb, and Bunny and Caleb spit roast me,” I suggested, feeling my face go bright red.

“You never told me he was kinky," Caleb giggled, and Alex laughed, that knowing look back on his face. Hadley just blushed a little. I wasn’t sure if my face could get redder or not.

“Sounds good to me," Caleb said. Hadley nodded a little, still blushing a little.

“Um, or, uhh, me and Bunny can bottom?”

"I don't care how we do it,” he said impatiently.

"I don't mind topping, if I have to,” Hadley flashed me a little smile, but the both of us were distracted by Alex, who was already undressing me. Caleb sighed and out of the corner of my eye, I saw him getting Hadley naked. I was busy being a submissive little whore for Alex, though, who was teasing me like there was no tomorrow. Caleb got himself naked, because apparently Hadley was still distracted.

"This way, Bunny. I'm over here," Caleb said, earning himself a small laugh from Hadley. He attached himself to my husband, making out with him like they were still horny teenagers. Alex still remembered all my weak spots, and how to make me beg him for it, and unfortunately for me, he seemed to be content making me desperate while the other two made out. I sucked him off, hoping it might force him to make a move, but apparently, he’d perfected ignoring this.

It wasn’t until Caleb started fucking my husband that he flipped me over and pulled me up so I was on my hands and knees facing Hadley that he gave me any kind of relief. As he pushed in, he reached over and pushed my head down. I opened my mouth, going down on Hadley while Alex took his time about fucking me.

Hadley moaned, and to save my ego, I gave myself the credit for it, and kept sucking, moaning occasionally to try and get Alex to pick up the pace. We were still going by the time Hadley and Caleb had finished. Noticing this, Alex sped up, reducing me to a crumpled pile of moans as he fucked me roughly. I didn’t take long to come, and Alex finished almost at the same time as me.

Hadley kissed me as Alex shuffled over to Caleb, who instantly snuggled him. “Did I do good?” he asked, looking up at Alex with wide eyes.

“Of course,” Alex told him, playing with his hair. He let out a happy hum, his expression a very happy one. Hadley and me snuggled up together, and I rested my head on his chest. He kissed the top of my head and Caleb yawned a little. I was feeling sleepy myself as I nuzzled Hadley’s chest.

“Gimme five minutes and I can go again,” Caleb said sleepily with Alex still playing with his hair. I pulled the duvet over us all, feeling Hadley snuggle me some more before I fell asleep. 

The End

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