Hadley: You Little SlutMature

The room went silent as Maxxie started yelling at his dad. I’d thought if anyone was gonna argue it’d be me and Cayden since I figured Maxxie and his dad could pleasant to each other for the length of a meal. I shouldn’t have bothered getting my hopes up, should I?

My side of the family just sort of stared at the two brawling Brits, not really sure what to do. I could see Mom sort of blaming herself for it, since she invited them and all, but that was pretty much the only reaction from my drunken relatives. Danny struggled in Maxxie’s arms, though Maxxie was too drunk to really keep hold of him. Danny slid out of his grip, hitting Maxxie’s dad in the leg.

“Stop upsetting Daddy” he said angrily.

Maxxie’s dad swatted Danny away, irritated, which only served to piss Maxxie off more.

“Don’t you dare lay a finger on my kids”

Danny went for Maxxie’s dad again, and Maxxie started manhandling him out of the house. I made sure Ava grabbed Danny before going after Maxxie, trying to calm him down.

“If you come anywhere near my family again, I’ll fucking kill you. Got it?” he raged, kicking his dad out.

“Maxxie, calm down” I said from behind him but he ignored me.

“You’re nothing to me, and even less to my kids”

“Maxxie, please calm down”

I sighed as Maxxie slammed the door on his dad, following him as he went back into the dining room, where Danny sat struggling in Ava’s grip.

“M’sorry about that, Danny. He shouldn’t have been here, and I probably shouldn’t have lost my temper at him”

“Want me to hit him again?” Danny asked and Maxxie chuckled slightly.

“No, we scared him off together” Maxxie smiled. “I don’t think we’ll be seeing any more of that mean old man”

Danny grinned at that. It was nice to see him smiling properly for once, even if the reason behind it wasn’t so desirable.

“I guess that’s his anger issues, then” I said, more to myself than anyone else.

Maxxie opened his arms for a drunk cuddle with a grin and Danny slid off Ava’s lap, humming as Maxxie kissed the top of his head.

“Right... Who wants some more to drink?” Mom asked.

Both the Smiths and Fullers seemed to relax without Maxxie’s dad there, and the alcohol flowed more freely. I think John was the most sober person, and he tried to serenade Ava. Well, he would’ve if Ava was the lamp, anyway. Alex and Caleb showed up at some point, but I think everyone else was too drunk to care.

“Gayleb” I said happily when I saw him.

“Hadley” he said equally as happy as Maxxie jump-hugged Alex. “Who said you could start the party without me?” he pouted, grinning as I shoved a can of beer in his hand.

“Hey, I have an idea. We should play Seven Minutes in Heaven” I said, sort of draping myself over Caleb.

“That’s not something you play with your family, Hadley”

“We can make it work. How about you don’t go in the closet if they’re a blood relative?”

Caleb shrugged. “Depends if they’re up for it”

I went and asked everyone under the age of forty, and they all seemed up for it. Soon enough, me, Caleb, Alex, Maxxie, John, Cayden, Ava and Ryan were all sat in a circle around an empty wine glass. Ryan volunteered to spin it first, no doubt hoping by some luck that it’d end up on my sister. Unfortunately for him, it landed on Alex. Alex chuckled at Ryan’s wide eyed expression.

“Where are we gonna do this, then?” he asked and I pointed at the closet.

Ava just giggled as Alex pulled Ryan up by the hand.

“Go get ‘em, tiger” she giggled and Alex pulled her boyfriend into the closet.

Seven minutes later, a shell shocked Ryan emerged. Ava laughed, offering him a hug. Needless to say, he took it. John span the bottle again and it ended up on him and Caleb.

“I’m gonna feel like a paedo” John said.

“Don’t get jealous, baby” Caleb winked at Alex before disappearing into the closet with John.

The two of them emerged seven minutes later with kiss swollen lips. Alex pouted and Caleb kissed him, humming as Alex kissed back possessively. Caleb spun the bottle that time and it ended up on me and Alex. He pulled me into the closet before I had time to feel bad about kissing someone else, his lips pressing against mine a lot more forcefully than Maxxie. I hummed as I felt his hands on my ass, which was how we chose to spend our seven minutes. I may have shuffled out of the closet with a boner. I blushed as Maxxie giggled a little, noticing my hard on. The bottle was spun again, and landed on Cayden and Maxxie, which I wasn’t all that pleased about. I wasn’t all that pleased about the suspicious banging noises coming from upstairs either. I tensed as Cayden smirked as the two of them disappeared into the closet. I got angrier with each minute that passed, and those two were in there well over seven minutes. It’d been about fifteen minutes before I tore the door open. Cayden had Maxxie pinned against the back of the closet, and I could tell just by looking at them that they were both enjoying it.

“Get off him” I demanded.

Cayden ignored me and Maxxie just looked at me.

“I said get off him” I scowled.

Maxxie made the slightest attempt to get out.

“But we’re having fun. Aren’t we, Maxxie?” Cayden said and Maxxie just had this drunk innocent expression on.

I pulled Cayden off him by his collar, though I’d been going for his hair, gritting my teeth a little as I muttered “Don’t think I’m afraid to beat the shit out of you”

Cayden chuckled. “You couldn’t if you tried”

Maxxie stumbled out of the closet, not bothering to hide his raging hard on. “Don’t fight, guys, it’s Christmas”

“I don’t care if it’s Christmas, I can’t stand being in the same house as him any longer”

“Bye, then. Take your brats with you” Cayden said and I growled.

“Okay, guys, just calm down” Ava said, no doubt trying to prevent several fights.

“I never told you what he did, did I?” I said and she shot me a questioning look. “Him and Maxxie were fucking for five months”

Ava frowned at that.

“Bunny, please calm down” Maxxie said, that innocent look on his face again.

“No” I said grumpily.

“Wait, was this before or after you got married?” Ava questioned.

“After. It was a couple months ago, actually. They’d probably still be at it now if I hadn’t walked in on them” I said and Ava frowned again.

“I never knew you were that much of an ass, Cayden” she said.

“Oh don’t you start as well. You’re never here, you’re hardly a part of this family anymore” Cayden said and she shot him a glare.

“I’m more a part of this family than you are, you little slut”

“Finally! Someone accepts me for who I am”

I could see Maxxie was getting all upset but I honestly didn’t care. I opened my mouth to yell at Cayden but was interrupted by Mom giggling. Dad appeared behind her, doing the last of his shirt buttons up and giving Mom a playful spank, which only made her giggle more.

“We should have a barbecue” Dad suggested and everyone else was too drunk to protest.

Alex shuffled over to Maxxie, wrapping him in a hug as the rest of us headed outside. Dad fired up the barbecue and me, Ava, Ryan and John took to entertaining the kids so we could avoid Cayden. Alex and Maxxie appeared after a while. He stuck to the booze and didn’t really leave Alex’s side, which needless to say made Caleb quite jealous. Alex was doing his best to keep the both of them happy but when Caleb started getting clingy, Maxxie went off to sulk with a bottle of something. I followed him but he didn’t seem to notice me, too busy drinking.

“Maxxie” I said and he looked up at me.

I flashed him a small smile and he looked up at me innocently, holding his arms up. I hugged him, snuggling him kind of tight as he buried his head in my neck.

“You okay?”

He nodded, slurring “I dun like you guys arguing”



I cuddled him, not minding that he was being a little clingy.

“M’sorry about the game. I ruined it for everyone” he slurred, incredibly drunk.

“It’s okay”

“Do they all hate me now because I’m a whore?” he asked innocently.

“No. They all hate Cayden because he’s a whore”

“But I’m a whore too”

“Less of a whore than him” I said, but Maxxie just looked up at me with wide eyes. “What?”

“I don’t feel like I’m less of a whore”

“Why not?” I asked and he shrugged. “Y’know that Tom guy?” I asked, thinking back to something John’d told me earlier. Maxxie nodded. “Did Cayden ever tell you who he was?” I asked and he shook his head. “I didn’t think so. Tom was his biology teacher in high school. They fucked the day before Cayden’s sixteenth birthday and were fuck buddies for pretty much two years. Someone found out about them and Cayden blew the principal each day after school for a week so Tom wouldn’t get arrested”

“Oh. I wondered why Cay was hanging out with someone so much older than him”

I nodded. “I’d like to point out as well that he had a crush on John since the day they met. And it was kind of obvious to everyone that John liked him more than a friend, but he was too busy fucking Tom to notice. He doesn’t give a fuck about anyone else. That’s why he’s such a whore”

Maxxie leant his head on my shoulder. “So why was he so good to me before?” I mean like, when we were going out before I met you. He wasn’t a whore until he came back and saw John again” he said, a little confused.

“That’d be cause the sex was good”


“And then clearly the sex with John was better in his opinion” I said and Maxxie looked a little upset. “Sorry”

“Why’re you apologising?” he asked and I shrugged. He groaned slightly. “I feel sick”

“That’ll be all the booze you’ve drunk” I said with a slight laugh. “Go chill in the bathroom for a bit” I said, watching him as he staggered off.

The End

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