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I’m not entirely sure what time of the morning it was when Danny and Lily came into the room me and Hadley were sharing – I’d relented and agreed to stay at John’s – all I know is it was disgustingly early.

“Daddy, Papa, Santa’s been.” I vaguely heard their excited whispers but I was too asleep to care. Not satisfied with this, they climbed up on the bed and started bouncing around on the bed. “Daddy, Papa, wake up. Santa’s been and he left us presents.” I heard Hadley groan. I just buried my face in the pillow. I mean, I’d been enjoying my post-sex sleep snuggles with Hadley.

“Look, Daddy,” Danny said more quietly, and I half opened my eyes, sleepily taking in Lily’s excited puppy eyes. It looked as though she’d never had a proper Christmas or something. Danny showed me a present he was holding. His was still wrapped and lovely. Lily’s, on the other hand, were mostly half unwrapped, and Hadley was busy attempting to calm Lily down and protect his balls at the same time from all the jumping.

I sat up and sat Danny down on my lap. “You gonna open a few? We’ll save the rest for later on, but I don’t see why you can’t have a few now,” I smiled. Danny gave me one of his small smiles back, and once Lily had calmed down enough, they opened a few of their presents together.

Me and Bunny somehow managed to snuggle as we watched them getting all excited over everything they got. Well, Danny was as excited as Danny ever gets, really. He was being his usual quiet self.

“We must’ve been real good this year,” he said quietly.

“Yeah?” I asked, “What makes you say that?”

“Santa’s never gave us this many presents before” he told me.

“Really? I think he might’ve left quite a few things over at Grandma Smith’s place too, y’know”.


“If they’re at Grandma’s they’ll be for Riley,” Lily said, her innocent eyes all wide.

“No they won’t,” I said with a grin, “Santa knows that we’ll be going over there later. I mean, he knew we were here and not at home didn’t he?”

Lily looked all thoughtful at that.

“Oh no, what if these were for Beau?” Danny asked.

Hadley laughed. “No, they’re yours”

“Oh” Danny muttered, giving me that small smile of his when I smiled at him.

“When can we go to Grandma’s?” Lily asked.

“When me and Daddy have had some sleep,” Hadley said.

“No one else will be up yet anyway. Try and have a nap or go play quietly with your presents,” I said.

“Okay,” the kids said, disappearing off. Hadley leant his head on my chest, and between that and the kids leaving, I almost instantly had morning wood. I tried to ignore it and play with his hair, but he noticed it.

“Would someone like something else before more sleep?” he asked.

“I wouldn’t usually ask at this time of the morning, but it is Christmas, after all...” I trailed off with a chuckle.

He rolled his eyes, laughing a little as he shuffled down the bed, peeling back the covers to give me some amazing Christmas head. I was more than willing to return the favour, but apparently it was Hadley’s treat. He smiled, letting out a yawn. I snuggled up to him, kissing him as he fell back to sleep.


By the time we got over to Momma Smith’s, all the kids were stupidly excited, and all the parents were stupidly tired. Hadley was avoiding Cay, and Cay was avoiding Hadley. I kind of ignored this, and ended up spending quite a lot of time with the kids so I didn’t feel bad about spending more of my time with one or the other.

John spent a fair amount of time with me too, because he was apparently being too stubborn to speak to Cay.

Between Momma Smith, Ava and occasionally Ryan, the smell of Christmas lunch began to waft out of the kitchen.

Danny was the first of the kids to behave while I was trying to seat them at the table for lunch, of course.

Momma Smith smiled, “dig in, everyone. There’s plenty of wine and beer, so don’t worry about running out.” Ryan and Eric high fived at that and I chuckled as everyone started eating and consuming a lot of alcohol. Riley seemed eager to try some of his dad’s beer.

Momma Smith was doing her best to make sure everyone felt welcome, even my mum, granddad and my father, who was ignoring me. I couldn’t believe he’d had the nerve to join us, really.

Hadley, for some reason, was still trying to be nice to my dad. I had no idea why but I left him to it, because to be honest, the Smith family were all rather tipsy by the end of the meal. The Fullers, on the other hand, were not very tipsy at all. Danny went over to mum and stared up at her til she let him sit on her lap, hugging him.

“Who’s that?” he asked, looking over at my dad.

“He’s no one you need to worry about,” I cut in before she could speak, “he shouldn’t even be here.” It earned me a glare from him, but what can I say? It’s true. Danny’s eyes were all wide and innocent. “And that’s your great-granddad” I said, pointing at granddad.

Danny was not distracted, however. “Is he my granddad?” he asked all innocently, sort of looking at my dad.

“No, he’s no one,” I told him.

“Oh.” I glanced around to have a look at what else was going on, marking the conversation as over. Lily was showing off to Eric, and Ava was telling Ryan off.

“It was only a sip,” Ryan laughed, and Riley looked vaguely ill.

I was beginning to feel a little drunk, but clearly not as bad as Momma Smith who just about managed to bring the pudding out. She’d managed to drink all the booze meant for setting it alight, but in her state, I wasn’t gonna complain.

I was too busy powering my way through whatever alcohol was there to really care anyway. Eric managed to cut a bit for the kids to try, and mum cut up the rest for everyone else. Momma Smith thanked her, and she smiled, sitting back down. Eric whispered something to Momma Smith, who giggled.

“Are they gonna sneak off and have sex somewhere?” Hadley asked me.

“Isn’t that what everyone’s gonna do once the kids are in bed?” I giggled.

“Is that a hint?” He giggled too, slurring a little. “Mr. Fuller, I’ll have you know I’m a happily married man”

“So am I,” I planted a half drunk kiss on his lips, that he returned, despite his protests.

“And just because I am more drunk than I should be, doesn’t mean you can take advantage of me. What if my husband finds out?”

“He doesn’t have to know a thing,” I whispered in his ear. He giggled.

“Well in that case,” he straddled me as best he could and kissed me. My dad chose that moment to give me this disgusted look and I picked up the nearest and fullest bottle of wine and started downing it.

“Am I not a good kisser?” Hadley asked, arching an eyebrow.

“You are, but Scrooge is pissing me off. I need to be more drunk,” I told him.

“My name’s Danny. What’s yours?” I heard Danny saying. I looked around to see him looking up at my dad.

“I’m your granddad,” he grinned, doing it just to piss me off. I got up sharpish then, my head swimming. I picked Danny up and started yelling.

“You are nothing to this family. I dunno why you’re even here. Fuck off.”

The End

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