Hadley: Spare RoomMature

“Everyone, just hold still a minute, we can figure this out” Mom said, sounding worn out as she tried to figure out where to put everyone. “Ava and Ryan can go in our bedroom with Riley, Hadley and Maxxie can have Hadley’s old room-”

“Mom, we can’t fit two kids in there” I said, playing with Danny’s hair.

He’d just about calmed down about being around me since what happened with Maxxie but he was still a little skittish.

“We don’t mind taking Riley’s room as long as we can fit a crib in there for Riley” Ava said.

Dad, Ryan and Maxxie had taken Lily and Riley to the park. Danny had been busy getting used to Ava and hadn’t seemed all that interested when we mentioned the park. He seemed a little lost without his Xbox, if I’m honest, but we couldn’t bring it with us.

“No, no, we can figure this out. Right, Hadley can have his room, Maxxie can sleep on the couch with one of the kids and you two and Riley can have our room. Oh, but then where do we sleep?”

“Why doesn’t Maxxie-” I started but was interrupted by John.

“Mrs S?” he called kind of nervously.

“We’re here, John”

John appeared, looking a little worse for wear, Beau shuffling along behind him. Mom didn’t notice him come in, too deep in thought. Danny stared at Beau and shuffled back on my lap a little. I smiled, kissing the top of his head. It was kind of cute how he was scared of other people. Admittedly it’d mean it’d be harder for him to make friends, but I managed okay with just Caleb. I’d asked Mom to invite Caleb, Alex and his mom over but apparently they were having their own family thing. Caleb did promise he’d stop by, though.

“I’ve got the cake” John smiled, but Mom was still busy thinking.

“Put it in the kitchen. Mum’s trying to sort out the sleeping plan” Ava said, a sympathetic smile on her face, though whether the sympathy was directed at John or Mom I couldn’t tell.

“There’s a spare room at my place if anyone needs it” John offered, leaving Beau with Ava as he disappeared into the kitchen. “And I’m sure Beau could stay in my room if there still wasn’t enough space”

Beau walked over to inspect Danny curiously while her father spoke. Danny wasn’t so keen on the idea, though, and tried to shuffle back into my ribcage. I chuckled as he clung to me, burying his head in my t-shirt.

“What’s wrong with him?” Beau asked after a while.

“There’s nothing wrong with him, he’s just shy” I said and Danny looked up at me.

I smiled down at him and he smiled faintly, his face going blank again as he turned to face Beau. She grinned at him and he stared at her for a few seconds before announcing “I’m Danny”.

I could only stare in shock as Danny slid off my lap and went over to Beau. Beau smiled at him and took his hand, leading him out to the back yard.

“You okay, Hadley?” Ava chuckled and I looked at her.

“He’s never warmed up to anyone that fast before”

“Maybe he’s got a crush on her”



By the time Maxxie and the others got back, Mom still hadn’t sorted out the issue with the sleeping arrangements and John had even started helping. I watched Beau and Danny playing through the kitchen window, still a little in shock. I looked round as I heard the front door open. Lily was leading a puppy eyed Riley around and Ryan just looked glad to have a break.

“Look at that” I said to Maxxie, gesturing at the window. He did, smiling at what he saw. “All she had to do was grin at him and he went off with her”

Maxxie chuckled. “She’s gonna be like that with everyone, isn’t she?”

“I was more amazed by how quickly he trusted her. He’s never done that before”

“Maybe he’s got the hots for her” Maxxie giggled.

“Not you as well” I laughed.


“Ava said that too” I said, rolling my eyes as Maxxie grinned.

“I’d say someone could stay in Cayden’s room if he wasn’t using it” I heard Mom say in the background.

Sorry, what?

“If Riley wasn’t so young, I’d say him and Lily had paired up too” Maxxie said with a slight laugh.

“They’re related, though. What was that about Cayden?”

“Your brother’s coming to stay for Christmas” Mom said.

John looked as pleased about it as I did and Maxxie let out a slight sigh.

“I don’t want him here” I said.

“He’s family” Mom said.

“Not to me he isn’t”

“Hadley, please. You don’t have to talk to each other or anything” Maxxie said.

“I don’t want to stay in the same house as him”

“You can take the spare room at mine, if you want. That solves the sleeping arrangements as well” John offered and I nodded.

Maxxie crossed his arms. “And where am I going to sleep? I wanna spend Christmas with everyone else too”

“There’s enough room for you there, too” John smiled. “Beau can come in with me if your two don’t mind sharing a bed”

“I meant I wanna stay in this house with everyone else. I don’t wanna have to choose between my husband and everyone else”

“That’d just be to sleep, though, right?” John asked and I nodded.

“What’re you gonna do on Christmas day, then? Are you gonna sulk at John’s house because Cayden is here?” Maxxie said and I flashed him a tiny glare.

“I was gonna ignore him, actually”

“Then why can’t you do that for the rest of the time?”

“I just can’t, okay? I’m only planning on ignoring him so the kids get a decent Christmas” I said and Maxxie sighed a little. “What?”

“Sorry. I’m just still pissed at myself that you guys can’t get along because of what happened”

“I’m not used to getting along with him” I shrugged.

“I know, but it makes it kinda awkward for everyone else”

“He’s always welcome to leave. It’s obvious John doesn’t think too highly of him at the moment, and I know Mom still hasn’t forgiven him for breaking up John and Mari”

The two of us were quiet, then, and I could tell Maxxie had wound himself up. He stood watching Danny and Beau, glancing at me as I stood next to him. I shot him a half smile, humming as he hugged my waist. He shifted so he was hugging me from behind.

“I love you” I said, kissing his cheek.

“I love you too”

I tilted my head when I felt his lips against my skin, humming again as he planted more kisses along my neck.

“How about we go visit the tree house?”

“Sure” he said and I kissed his cheek again.

“Bring the lube” I whispered before going over to Mom, giving her some excuse about leaving something behind.

The two of us snuck off to the tree house and I flashed Maxxie a smile before kissing him. He kissed back and my fingers tangled in his hair as I undid his shirt with the other hand. I hummed as he nibbled at my neck and I got his shirt off, setting to work on his pants. He got my t-shirt off as I got his pants and boxers off, kissing him again. He got my pants undone and I eagerly helped get myself naked. Maxxie knelt in front of me and I moaned as his lips closed around my member, my fingers tangling in his hair. He was being all slow and teasy, but I didn’t care. I hadn’t gotten any since I walked in on him and Cayden. I moaned again as he finger fucked me a little. He pulled back and sort of pulled me down, pushing me onto my back and pulling my legs up. I let out a smaller moan, wriggling a little as he rimmed me. I still wasn’t really sure if I liked it or not. He stretched me, taking his time to the point that I was almost willing to beg. He finger fucked me teasingly and I wriggled a little as he lubed up, pushing into me.

The End

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