Maxxie: just my luckMature

I was vaguely relieved when someone knocked on the door, giving me an excuse to stop watching Danny playing on the Xbox. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t mind, but watching someone play a single player game gets kinda boring after a while.

"I'll get it," Hadley announced, noticing me attempting to get up. He went over and answered the door before I could protest. I looked around just in time to see Hadley glaring. It was Cayden. “What do you want?" he demanded.

“To apologise," Cay said.

"You can shove your apology up your ass. I don't want anything to do with you.” I tried to call him back inside, but he ignored me.

“Listen, bro-"

"I'm not your fucking brother," Hadley cut him off angrily.

Cayden sighed, "not this shit again."

"I fucking mean it, you piece of shit. I don't want you near my family. You're dead to me."

“Can you guys at least stop swearing in front of the kids?” I asked, trying to get up again.

“Sorry,” Hadley said to me. I noticed Danny was slightly less engrossed in his game what with all that was suddenly going on.

"All I want is to say sorry," Cay tried again.

"I already said you can shove it up your ass,” Hadley tried to shout quietly.

"You're a stubborn little prick, y'know that?" Cay retaliated as I managed to stand up without falling straight over. Right. We have progress. This is good. I ignored my crutches propped up on the armchair nearby. I wanted to stop Hadley and Cayden tearing each other apart on the doorstep, not fall over and be completely useless. The two of them were yelling at each other and Danny was now staring at them, his game almost completely abandoned. Using the back of the sofa to keep myself upright, I hobbled along its length to where Danny was sat and ruffled his hair a little.

"Just ignore them, Danny, they're being silly,” I said, hoping he’d just turn back to the Xbox and forget about them. He looked up at me, and I felt the need to comfort him or something before going and sorting the other two out.

"Just piss off, Cayden. I don't care what you have to say," Hadley said.

"What if Max wants me here, huh? Did you ever think about that? He's still my fucking friend."

"I don't care if he's your friend, I don't want you near my family. I don't want them having anything to do with you."

I kissed the top of Danny’s head. “It’s okay, Danny,” I smile at him, “I’ll go make them shut up.” I go over to the yelling pair, trying to prise Hadley away from the door long enough to shut it. He sort of elbowed me back out of the way, only he was a little bit too forceful. Normally it wouldn’t have done much other than hurt a little bit, but with one leg in a cast and no crutches to try and balance on, I staggered back and fell straight to the floor, my head cracking loudly as it made contact with the bare floorboards. Instantly everything was in pain. My leg and my head both screamed at me, and I started yelling incoherently.

Hadley looked around, a look of horror flashing across his face.

"Well done, Hadley," I heard Cayden say.

“Fuck off,” Hadley slammed the door in his face and knelt down next to me. "Maxxie, are you okay? Stupid question." I directed my shouting at him as he called an ambulance, tears forming as I clenched my teeth. Fuck. I know I brought it upon myself, but really? Hadley played with my hair as we waited for the ambulance to arrive. Little footsteps announced Lily’s arrival.

“What’s going on?” she asked.

“Daddy’s fallen over,” Hadley answered. By then I’d stopped shouting so much, mostly just being a wuss. I looked around at the kids, noticing that Danny’s eyes were unusually wide and starey. Lily just looked dismayed. Apparently my head had started bleeding because Hadley got up and fetched a towel, pressing it to the back of my head. Honestly, all I could feel was the throbbing pain in my leg and the sharper pain of my head and not-quite-healed whiplash. Oh and all those sexy bruises I had from the crash too. Yeah, they weren’t feeling so good either. The siren of the ambulance was audible now, and I waited for the paramedics, grumpy and tearful. Hadley kept playing with my hair, the towel pressed to my head.

He got up to let the paramedics in, and I just laid there still grumpy, and still tearful. I let them deal with my head, and grudgingly agreed to go back to hospital to make sure I hadn’t managed to crack my skull open.

"I'll be there as soon as I can, Maxxie. They won't let the kids in the ambulance.” I ignored him, too grumpy that his stupid argument led to this when he could’ve just shut the door on Cay, and let the paramedics take me back to the hospital. 

The End

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