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Aside from spending my time wondering if Hadley figured out that I didn’t actually fall, we were given our house inspection and jumped meticulously through every hoop we had to in order to get the kids. I really hope two will be enough for Hadley – I don’t wanna have to go through this again.

I’d told Cay to leave it for a few days to get the inspection and stuff out of the way – and to leave myself some time to recover from those bruises.

Hadley was, for some reason, all nervous about our inspection. I wasn’t. I mean, we’d bought everything we needed, the place was tidy and there was really no reason for them to turn us down now. The only thing we didn’t have was clothes, and there was very little entertainment for them, because to be honest, they kind of needed to be living with us before we could actually get them what they wanted. There was very little to be nervous about. However, Hadley seemed to think there was, especially on the actual inspection day.

"How are you not nervous?" he asked, buzzing around making sure everything was spotless.

“Because, my dear Bunny, we’ve done everything we can possibly do. If they don’t like us enough, the only reason it’ll be is because we’re both men, and that’s not something either of us can help.”

"I know. I need to calm down, huh?" he chuckled nervously and I nodded, pulling him into a hug, my arms around his waist. He hugged back, attempting to calm himself down. I’d have helped, if we weren’t due to have our inspection so soon. A few days without Cayden, and I’m like a horny teenager with limitless porn.

I kissed his neck, littering his skin with my affection as he tilted his head. I played with his hair, sensing he was calming down a little. He buried his head in my neck and I kissed it, smiling as he hummed.

"What time did they say they were coming?"

I looked over at the clock, “five minutes.”

“Oh God,” he whined. I played with his hair, doing my best to keep him calm until they got here. He jumped a little when they knocked on the door, and I figured it’d be best if I answered it. Kissing his head, I let them in. Hadley was instantly nervous again as he introduced us and, bless him, was nervous the entire time. He managed to calm down a tiny little bit once it was over with, but there was still a ton of nervous energy radiating off him. "Do you think they liked us?" he asked when they’d left.

“There’s nothing about us to not like, Bunny,” I reminded him for the hundredth time.

"Yeah, but still." I kissed him, mostly to shut him up, and he kissed back.


A few days later, we found out we’d got the kids. The look on Hadley’s face... If I thought he’d been happy when I agreed we could adopt, it was nothing compared to how he looked when he found out.

"I told you there was nothing to worry about,” I said with a chuckle. He didn’t say anything, too excited to form words, probably. I planted a kiss on his lips. “Let’s go pick them up.”

He was all excited and fidgety in the car as I drove us over to go get them. The kids were already waiting for us by the time we got there. Well, near enough – Danny was busy drawing, but y’know. The reception lady smiled at us as we told her we were there to collect Danny and Lily.

"It's nice to finally get these two a proper home,” she told us. I pretended that didn’t worry me a little. Finally? Proper? You mean they’ve been rehomed before and sent back? I just smiled and waited while she went and got the kids for us. "They're all yours," she said, coming back with them.

Hadley looked like he was about to explode with excitement, Lily looked suitably happy and Danny... well, he was just being Danny, really. Hadley and me both carried their stuff over to the car, and I left Hadley to put it all in the boot while I belted in the booster seats for them. The kids were being all well behaved, at least, and Hadley kissed me. I kissed back, hoping Danny wouldn’t go all grossed out on us again.

"Do you live far from here?” Lily asked, her eyes wide as I drove off.

“Not really,” I replied.

"Is your house nice?"

“Nice enough. I’m afraid you two will have to share a room for a while, though. I didn’t buy the house with more than one kid in mind. That’ll be okay, though, won’t it?”

“Yus,” Lily said, and Danny sort of nodded.

“I’m sure we’ll figure something better out soon enough, eh?” I smiled at them in the rear view mirror. Lily smiled back and Danny just sort of nodded again.

“You guys excited?” They both nodded.

Lily looked over at her brother, "He doesn't say much, but I can tell he's excited,” she informed me with a smile. I glanced over at Hadley, glad I’d been able to make him so happy.

The End

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