Hadley: SuspicionsMature

I watched with a smile as the mattress bounced beneath me and my husband, the springs giving off the tiniest of creaks. I bit my lip a little as I looked down at his grinning face, still bouncing. He pulled me down for a kiss, which I gladly returned, making him hum.

“What d’you think?” I asked.

"It's comfy. Can we just give them our bed and we have this one?"

“It’s a bit small for us” I laughed, no longer bouncing and Maxxie pouted.

Maxxie and me had decided to dedicate the majority of the weekend to buying stuff for Lily and Danny so we’d be ready for them whenever we were allowed to take them home. Our first stop had been beds. Ideally they could’ve done with a bed each but a part of me wanted them to have bunk beds just because it’s every kid’s dream to have a bunk bed. Well, it was when I was a kid anyway. Bunk beds are cool.

"We could do with a new mattress, though" I said thoughtfully.

"Can we get a bigger version of this?"

"Sure" I smiled and Maxxie grinned. "We could get them a bunk bed, maybe. It'd save space and bunk beds are still cool, right?"

"Could do. Only worry I'd have with that is Danny fighting over which bed to have"

I thought about it for a while. "What if we let him pick first? Lily doesn't seem like the type that'd be bothered either way"

Maxxie shrugged. "Sure"

I flashed him a smile, which he returned. "What else do we need? Aside from clothes and toys, anyway"

"Um, an Xbox, I guess, and books"

 I nodded and we went and found a nice bunk bed for the kids. Maxxie bought the nice mattresses. I may have gone on a bit of a shopping rampage after that. We bought some of the other things needed to raise kids, including Danny’s Xbox, but ultimately we left the toys, books and clothes. We’d wait til they were with us to buy things like that so they could choose. I did buy a few games for the Xbox, though, figuring me and Maxxie could make use of it til Danny got there to claim it. Maxxie paid for everything, as usual, though my salary wasn’t exactly low.

“Is that everything for now?” I asked, looking at all the stuff we’d bought.

"I guess. Just need them to find clothes that fit them and stuff they want" he said and I nodded. "I'm actually too knackered to drag you round for stuff I want now" he said, laughing slightly and I chuckled.

"We can take a break and get something to eat, if you want?"


We headed for somewhere to eat and Maxxie bought the both of us something to eat and a coffee. I’d never really understood why people drink coffee when they don’t need the energy, but then again, I drank coffee when I didn’t need the energy.

“We’re gonna be seeing a lot more of McDonalds now, huh?” I laughed and Maxxie tutted.

"Not when I've spent so long practicing not burning stuff when I cook" he said, making me giggle. "Anyway, McDonalds'll make them fat. I'm not gonna let them be one of those obesity statistics"

"It won't if they only have it once in a while. Same with me and Cayden and iHop"

When we were kids, me and Cayden would’ve happily had pancakes from iHop for every meal of every day.

Maxxie shrugged. “As long as they’re healthy, I guess”

I nodded, smiling. We both sat there in this kind of content silence, drinking and eating. I flashed Maxxie a smile and he smiled back.

“I love you” he said.

“I love you too”

Maxxie let out a hum, kissing me. I kissed back, humming as well. Maxxie leant his head on my shoulder, this content look on his face as I kissed the top of his head. I finished up my coffee and Maxxie snuggled up to me, abandoning his. I tilted my head when he planted a tiny kiss on my neck, humming as he kissed my neck more.

“C’mon, we’ve got shopping to do” I said, playing with his hair.

“More?” he asked innocently.

“You said you wanted stuff” I laughed.

“I also said I was knackered” he chuckled and I tutted. He leant over, kissing me. “I can drag you shopping some other time” he smiled.

“Okay” I chuckled and he hummed.

“Let’s go home”

I nodded and we headed for the car finally. I helped Maxxie carry everything inside once we got back, and helped him put everything away. Well I didn’t want the kids coming to a messy house. Nor did I want the house to be messy whenever we’d have our inevitable home visit. While we’d been putting things away I’d sort of had an idea. I could tell Maxxie was tired after we’d put everything away and I kissed him.

“I’m gonna go have a shower” I said.


“You’re welcome to join me” I smiled and Maxxie hummed.

I slipped into the bathroom, running the water and getting in when it was warm enough. Maxxie joined me after a few minutes when I was in the middle of washing. I smiled at him and he smiled back. I noticed him quietly admiring me after a while and smirked, making him chuckle slightly.

"You're not so bad yourself" I said, giggling when he blushed ever so slightly. I squeaked as he slapped my ass, grinning at me. “Meanie”

"You love it, don't lie"

"Still mean" I pouted.

Maxxie laughed a little, washing himself.

"I was gonna blow you before that"

He tutted, still washing himself, and I pouted some more. I watched as he knelt down in front of me, looking up at me submissively before sucking me off. Needless to say I enjoyed it. He swallowed as I came and I pulled him up for a kiss before returning the favour. I swallowed and Maxxie pulled me up for a kiss.

“If you’re lucky, I’ll give you a massage” I said.

“Ooh. What did I do to deserve such special treatment?”

“Nothing” I smiled and he smiled back. “Go dry off and lie down, then” I said, slapping his ass in return.

“Yessir” he said, kissing me.

I smiled a little and Maxxie got out of the shower. I couldn’t help noticing some nasty looking bruises on his ass as he got out, though. I didn’t get a proper look at them, though, since he covered himself up with the towel, drying himself off.

“Maxxie, what happened to your ass?”


“You’re covered in brusies”

“Oh. I fell over” he shrugged.

“You fell over?” I asked, arching an eyebrow slightly. Sweetie, I’m a doctor and those aren’t the kind of bruises you get from a fall.

“Yeah. No biggie”

Yeah, I didn’t exactly believe him. They looked more like the kind of bruises you’d get from repeated blows to one area. Maxxie finished drying himself off, heading for the bedroom and leaving me stood dripping in a puddle of disbelief. I dried myself off before following him, seeing him sat on the bed.

“You okay?” I asked.

“Yeah. Why wouldn’t I be?”

I shrugged. “Just asking”

He kissed me and I sort of kissed back. I guess my suspicions were getting the better of me. Maxxie shot me a questioning look.

“Sorry, something on my mind. Where were we?” I smiled.

The End

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