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I dropped Danny back off at the orphanage once he was done visiting Lily. I wasn’t really too sure what to think of him, but it was obvious enough Hadley had his heart set on adopting them, and who was I to crush him like that?

I took all the paperwork home with me, filling out as much as I could on my own before figuring out what we’d need to get the kids for their room. Another bed, and... I honestly have no idea what kinda things kids want in their rooms any more. All I had was a bed, a stereo and a desk for homework. I guess there were books and stuff too, but that’s something I’d need the kids to choose for themselves.

By the time Cayden came over, I’d actually managed to forget that he was due over. I was still sat, reading through all the adoption papers.

“Still working?” Cay asked, playing with my hair as he joined me on the sofa. I shook my head. "So you're doing paperwork for fun now? Max, I think you need some time off," he said, littering my neck with kisses.

I tilted my head, looking up from the small print writing I’d been reading. “They’re adoption papers,” I told him. He stopped kissing then.


“Me and Hadley are gonna be adopting a couple of kids.”

"Thought you hated kids."

“One of them’s like a blonde version of Beau, so it won’t be too bad. I’d be happier if it was just her we were adopting, but she has to be rehomed with her brother.”

"Is he a little shit?"

“Pretty much. He’s got anger issues and he’s a bit of an odd ball, but I’ve already decided Hadley’s gonna be looking after him, whether he likes it or not,” I chuckled.

"You know kids means we can't see each other so much, right?"

“Yeah, I know. But you should’ve seen Hadley’s face when I agreed to adopt them,” I told him. It had been like all of Hadley’s birthday wishes had come true at once.

"Someone's getting fucked tonight, then?" he laughed.

“Not unless he’s awake long enough,” I said, joining in the laughter. “Anyway, I can still see you, it’d just have to be during the day, rather than in the evenings.” He went back to kissing my neck, and I hummed, tilting my head. Maybe we could even send them off to one of those boarding schools where they board for the week and come home for the weekend.

He nibbled the skin on my neck a little, "How about you leave the paperwork for a little while.”

I ran my hand through his hair, pretending to consider it. “What could I possibly want to do other than re-read the small print?” His only real response to that was a forceful kiss. I resisted the urge to moan a little as I kissed back. He was right all those weeks ago – I love how he gets me off, I love his domination. I like dominating Bunny too, but this... this is just something else.

I pulled away from the kiss teasingly, moving away from him so I almost ended up lying down. He straddled me, pulling me up by my shirt for another hard kiss. I kissed back, but I was still feeling a little dominant from the night before. I was determined to make Cay work for it today.

He ground his hips into mine ever so slightly, teasing my dick into life and making me hold back a tiny moan. Sitting back up, I shuffled out from under him. “And where do you think you're going?" he asked as I stood up. Saying nothing, I pulled him up by his belt, earning myself a smirk from him. He watched, humming as I undid his belt and pants. His lips met mine hard and as I kissed back, I made sure to kiss just a little harder.

His hands groped at me as I let myself be backed up against a wall. I wasn’t about to make it easy for him by any means, but it was fun to let him think he wasn’t going to have to try a little harder than usual. He pretty much molested me until my semi became a boner, adding neck kisses into the mix while I tried to get him naked. He didn’t really let me get anywhere with that, nibbling at my collarbone.

Cay was still a skinny, muscle-less guy, or near enough, whereas I, on the other hand, made good on that promise to myself ages ago that I’d start going back to the gym. It showed, and it was easy enough to switch us around so that it was Cay pinned up against the wall instead of me.

He chuckled, tilting his head as I nibbled my way along his jaw and down his neck, making sure to nibble harder on his neck. He moaned a little, trying to grind his hips into mine.

"Is someone trying to be dominant?” he smirked when I shifted my hips away.

“No, just trying to make you work harder for it,” I grinned.

"Maybe I'll go back to Tom, then,” he threatened, a small smirk still lingering on his lips.

“Is teasing Tom as fun as teasing me?” I asked innocently.

"No, but Tom doesn't make me work for it."

“But won’t teaching me a lesson be worth it?” I murmured in his ear, pressing myself up against him. Humming, he grabbed fistfuls of my hair kinda forcefully, kissing my neck. I pretended to ignore the treatment I was receiving, going back to trying to get Cay’s clothes off. Once again, he didn’t let me, pulling my shirt down far enough to leave me with a hickey on my collarbone.

I tugged at Cay’s pants, trying to get them over his hips so that they’d fall down on their own and I would win at the getting him undressed bit. At that, he sort of forced me onto my knees, giving me this expectant look.

"Make yourself useful, Max," he said when I just looked up at him. I nipped at his thigh. He got his dick out for me as if he had to make it more obvious what he wanted. “Suck it, bitch,” he demanded. I bit at his leg again, giving his dick the tiniest of licks when he pulled at my hair. He growled, and I smirked faintly, waiting to see what kinda of lesson he’d give me. Impatient, he took control, pretty much fucking my face. I took it with a hum, like the whore I am.

"Did you learn your lesson, yet?" he asked, pulling me back up once he was done with me.

“What lesson?” I replied flippantly.

"That I'm the one in charge.”

I grinned a little. “Oh. Nope.”

"Shame," he said, ripping my shirt off. Fuck, it almost made my knees buckle. I shivered, loving how the trail of kisses down my chest turned to a bite when he reached my nipple. Smirking as I let out a quiet moan, he went back to making his way down my torso with kisses, undoing my pants. I ran my hand through his hair and leant back against the wall, knowing I probably shouldn’t get my hopes up for a blowjob as he undid my pants. He pulled down my pants and boxers, making out like he was about to give me what I wanted before standing up and kissing me forcefully.

Determined to make this last, I matched his kiss, kicking my pants out of the way as I made it obvious I was still going to be defiant. He flipped me around so I was facing the wall and whispered huskily to me; "I'll fuck you harder than ever, slut."

I couldn’t help the hum that escaped me, but I managed to control the words that came out of my mouth. “You wish.” He tugged my head back powerfully, pulling at my hair when I just grinned at him. “You know you loved it when I was the one controlling you that time. Don’t lie to me Cay, I know you want me inside you again.”

He chuckled, “I’m not Hadley,” he told me, pushing a finger inside of me. I let out a gasp of surprise at that. Fuck, you don’t need to remind me. I’m not sure it ever occurred to me just how different two brothers could really be. He nibbled on my neck as he fingered me, forcing me to hold back my moans. I didn’t want to let him win just yet. Apparently noticing I was holding back on him, he fucked me harder with his finger, lubing himself up with his spit.

Needless to say, Cayden definitely won. I’d be treasuring those bruises for weeks. 

The End

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