Hadley: BegMature

I whined as I got in the car, blushing in surprise as Maxxie undid my pants and went down on me. My fingers tangled in his hair as I tried not to moan, not wanting to embarrass myself even more. If that was even possible. Maxxie swallowed when I came, looking up at me from under his lashes.

"Did that make up for it?" he asked and I nodded, blushing.

He sat up, Frenching me and I kissed back, trying not to wrinkle my nose at the taste on his tongue. I spent the drive home being all embarrassed, but Maxxie didn’t seem to mind. He carried me inside once we got home and I clung to him a little, not trusting him not to drop me. I returned each kiss he planted on me, humming as he put me down on the bed, snuggling up to me as we kept kissing. I watched as he undressed me slowly, not entirely sure where things were going but not wanting to interrupt him either. I was willing to do whatever it took to stay on Maxxie’s good side if it meant being one step closer to having kids. I shivered as he trailed kisses down my body, blushing as he explored every inch of me. He slid his shirt off kneeling over me on all fours and kissing me.

"I've missed you" he said as I kissed back. "Remember that day a few months ago when you lied about being sick, and we spent all day fucking? We should do that more often. Not just the sex, but we should spend more time together too" he said and I nodded. "It can't be right missing someone you live with"


"Don't be" he smiled, pressing a finger to my lips. “I love you” he said when I kissed his finger.

"I love you too"

We shared a slow kiss and I watched as he undid his pants, kissing his way down my body again once he was naked. I shivered again, glancing up as I heard the all too familiar click of handcuffs being snapped shut. Maxxie started teasing me again and I did my best to ignore it. Yeah, it didn’t go to well. He palmed me once I had a semi, forcing a moan out of me. He kept palming me once I was hard, teasing me like there was no tomorrow as low moans dripped past my lips.

He got off the bed, and I could only watch in vague horror as he pulled a vibrator out of his toy box. He lifted my legs, lubing me up and  kept staring. It took effort not to moan as he pushed it in, turning it on to the lowest setting. He giggled as my eyes widened, turning it up a little. The fucker had turned it up just enough to tease me but not enough to get me anywhere near jizzing. I whined at the sheer torture of it and Maxxie kissed and nipped at my dick, making me whine even more. He left a hickey just next to my dick, moving up to tease my nipples.

My hips bucked a little of their own accord but all it did was succeed in making the vibrator hit my prostate. For that tiny fleeting second I felt like I was ready to explode, but then Maxxie pushed my hips down and I was back to being teased again. I bit down on my lip as he turned the vibrator up even more, the vibrations and added stimulation of Maxxie teasing me too much for me to handle. I tasted the sour tang of blood on my tongue and knew I’d n doubt bitten through my lip. Maxxie wiped the blood away before stuffing my boxers in my mouth to give me something to bite down on.

I shut my eyes as I kept up the biting, too proud to beg for anything like I knew Maxxie wanted me to. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, I felt Maxxie’s lips close around my dick, his head bobbing at a disgustingly slow pace.

"Fuck" I mumbled.

Maxxie kept sucking, running his hands over my body and sort of tickled me as I started getting desperate. I wriggled a little and he stopped sucking, looking up at me. I shot him my best pleading look and he leant in real close to me.

“Beg” he whispered in my ear, his breath hot against my cheek.

I shook my head faintly and I know I must’ve looked fucking pathetic. I know I fucking felt it. I shivered as he kissed along my jaw, whining again as he turned the vibrator up even more.

"Beg" he whispered again.

"Please" I said quietly.

He angled the vibrator against my prostate and I moaned.


He moved it away again, torturing me that little bit more.

"Please" I repeated a little louder and he did it again, forcing another moan out of me. "Fuck, Maxxie, please"

"Beg me for it. Proper begging, Bunny"

I shook my head again, silently pleading with him as he switched the vibrator off. He tortured me again as he pulled it out real slow, licking a stripe down my dick. I felt my eyes widen again as his tongue trailed a little further south, wriggling slightly at the feel of his tongue inside me.

“Maxxie, please” I said as he teased me. “Please” I said breathlessly.

He stopped teasing me then, choosing to torture me by not touching me at all. I wriggled a little, trying to tempt him into touching me.

"Maxxie, please" I said desperately.

"How bad do you want me inside you right now?" he asked huskily and I blushed.

"So fucking bad"

"Bad enough to beg for it?" he smirked a little and I nodded. "Then beg for it, Bunny" he said, nibbling at my ear.

"Fuck me. Please, Maxxie" I pleaded but apparently it wasn’t good enough. “Please, Maxxie I need...” I trailed off, embarrassed. “Please, I need you inside me, Fuck, Maxxie, please”

He littered my face with tiny kisses and I started getting breathless again.

“Please, Maxxie. I’m begging you”

His lips met mine in a forceful kiss and I hoped to God I’d done enough to satisfy him.

"Good boy, Bunny" he said, pushing in and fucking me like there was no tomorrow.

The End

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