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“Bed three, Doctor Bunny” one of the nurses called over to me, smirking a little as she used my nickname.

Ever since Maxxie had called me Bunny at work, I’d become Doctor Bunny to everyone on the ward. Needless to say, when the nurses told the kids that Doctor Bunny was going to look after them, the majority of them were almost insulted when their doctor turned out not to be a giant pink bunny rabbit in scrubs. I’d been looking forward to the day when I could introduce myself to the kids as Hadley but apparently the nurses had decided they were never going to let me live it down. So Doctor Bunny I stayed.

I glared at the nurse in question, rolling my eyes a little at her. Of course it was Eden. She’d dyed her hair turquoise, much to the displeasure of the hospital, but most of the younger kids seemed to enjoy it. She stuck her tongue out in response to my glare before informing me she needed me to sign something once I was done with the kid in bed three.

“You’re so informative with what’s wrong with them” I said sarcastically and she grinned.

“I know. You love me”

“That’s questionable”

“Thanks, bitch”

“Language, there’s kids around”

“Bed three, Doctor Bunny. Don’t keep here waiting” Eden laughed before going off for her break.

I headed over to bed three with a sigh, smiling at the little girl in the bed. She had a cute little face, a button nose and huge honey coloured eyes. She must’ve been around Beau’s age, probably a little younger, though. She had long blonde hair and a gorgeous little smile.

“You don’t look much like a bunny” she said innocently.

“Can I tell you something?” I said quietly and she nodded. I looked around quickly before leaning in and whispering “I’m in disguise”

She grinned a little at that and I smiled, straightening up again and looking at her chart. The poor kid had a broken arm. She’d had it put in a cast already, and I could see Eden’s familiar handwriting on it in the form of a get well soon message. I guess they had her doped up on pain meds or something since she didn’t look all that bothered by it.

“Is your arm hurting, sweetie?” I asked but she shook her head.

“I’m fine, thank you. Eden said you’d sign my cast”

“Did she now?” I smiled. “What’s your name?”

“Lily. But she said you’d draw me a bunny rabbit”

I laughed a little, making Lily smile and set to work drawing a bunny rabbit for her. It looked like shit but she thanked me anyway, picking up a book once I was done and just sat there reading it quietly. I watched her almost in shock for a little while before going off to find Eden.

“Did you like her?” she asked the second I found her.


“Lily. Did you like her?”

“She’s a sweet kid. Why?”

“She’s from the orphanage”

My eyes lit up a little at that. An orphanage meant she was up for adoption. I wanted kids, Maxxie could probably cope with one as well behaved as Beau.

“She was telling me how nobody wants to adopt her because they have to adopt her brother too”

“And you’re telling me this why?”

“Because you can’t make kids and I know how fucking bad you want one, that’s why”

“Yeah, but there’s no way Maxxie would agree to it”

“Y’never know”

“Trust me, I know. He hates kids”

“So talk it out with him. He’ll come round eventually”


I’ll admit a pizza restaurant isn’t exactly the best place to talk about adopting two orphans but I didn’t want to do it in the house. The two of us were sat eating pizza while I tried to think of how to start the conversation.



“You like Beau, right?” I asked and he nodded. “You like her because she’s quiet and well behaved?”

"Not just for that, but yeah, the quiet, well behaved bit is a pretty big factor I guess"

"Well... Um... There's, uh, there's..."

"There's what?"

"There's this girl at the hospital, Lily, and... Um... And she's an orphan..."

"You want to adopt her?"

I gave him a kind of embarrassed nod and he went back to eating, a thoughtful look on his face. Okay, so he was cool with considering the girl but...

"There's... She's got a brother as well. I haven't met him but he's the same age"

The thoughtful look didn’t leave his face, which I s’pose was a good thing but I couldn’t help feeling nervous. I nibbled at a slice of pizza while I waited for him to come to some kind of decision.

"I'd wanna meet them, Bunny. And if we ended up adopting them, they'd have to share, 'cause we've only got one spare room" he said after a while, sounding kind of thoughtful still. I nodded. "And you'll have to have enough time off to help me look after them" I nodded again and he pressed his lips to mine. "When can I meet them?"

"I'd need to sort it out with the orphanage about the brother, but you could come meet Lily tomorrow at the hospital if you wanted"

"Sure" he smiled, going back to his pizza. "As long as this doesn't end up with us adopting every orphan that comes into the hospital"

I laughed. "It won't. It's just... She's perfect" I smiled.

"I swear you have ovaries, Bunny" Maxxie said, ruffling my hair and making me blush.

"Do not"

"How do you know?" he asked, kissing my neck.

"Because I don't bleed for a week every month" I said, tilting my head so he could reach my neck easier.

"Doesn't stop you from having them. Maybe we should find out later on"

I blushed even more at that, shooting him a pretend glare as he let out a husky laugh. I hummed as he nibbled at my neck, returning the smile he flashed me as he fed me some pizza. Our mirrored smiles didn’t last long as he pressed his lips to mine, parting mine easily and Frenching me. I blushed again as his hand started wandering, squeaking a little as he groped me.

“Shh” he said, grinning a little evilly as he pressed a finger to my lips.

I looked up at him innocently, not all that sure I liked where this was going.

“I really want you” he said, in between neck kisses.

I blushed again and he kept kissing my neck.

"I wanna take you home and tie you down. I wanna tease you and make you beg"

I felt my blush get worse as he told me all the things he wanted to do. I’ll admit, it was kind of turning me on but I was still getting embarrassed by it. He nibbled at my ear, taking advantage of the fact that I was too embarrassed to speak by groping me. I squeaked, embarrassing myself even more and making Maxxie giggle slightly. He teased me til I was hard, paying the bill as I whined. I tried to ignore him as he kept teasing me but it wasn’t working and only served to make me blush more.

"I would call this payback for you teasing me at our wedding, but this is nowhere near embarrassing enough" he chuckled.

"Trust me, it's embarrassing enough" I said, still blushing and trying to hide from the world.

He kissed me and stood up, holding out his hand to me when I stayed firmly in place. There was no fucking way I was going anywhere til my boner had fucked off.

“C’mon, Bunny” Maxxie said and I shook my head. “You can’t sit there til it goes down, Bunny”

“I can”

Apparently I couldn’t. Maxxie picked me up and I stared at him as everyone in the place no doubt caught a glimpse of the tent in my pants. Fuck my life.

“Put me down”

“I’ll put you down when we get to the car”

He started carrying me out and I did my best to fight my way down and save myself from the embarrassment of having my boner proudly on display but it didn’t really work. If anything, all I did was draw more attention to myself. He put me down once we got to the car, opening the door for me.

“You’re a horrible person” I said, still staring at him.

"My wedding boner is immortalised forever in the photos people took. This was nothing, bunny boy"

The End

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