Cayden: CrazyMature

I spent the rest of the day jerking off over Maxxie and John and every hot guy I’ve ever known, with the exception of Gage, of course. It was kinda creepy when me and Hadley came at the same time once but I got over it. I s’pose it would’ve been creepier if I’d been jerking off over Maxxie but thankfully I’d moved on to John. Fucking dick. Couldn’t he have dumped me when my sex drive was still disgustingly low?


I waited til Hadley left for work the next day before going in search of Maxxie. He was in the kitchen making himself some breakfast and I snuck up behind him, wrapping my arms around his waist. He turned around and my hands found his hips, squeezing a little as he chewed his food.

"Care to swallow that sometime soon?"

He swallowed his cereal and I pressed my lips to his forcefully. He hesitated a little before kissing back, making me hum. He put his cereal down and my hands moved to his ass, my lips still crushed against his. His hands found my waist and I stripped him of his boxers, steering him towards the wall as I gripped a fistful of his hair.

"You look so fucking gorgeous" I said as he looked up at me innocently, biting his lip.

He tilted his head as I trailed kisses up his neck, enjoying the sound of him moaning as I bit his neck. I pulled on his hair a little, holding up a couple fingers for him. He opened his mouth a tiny bit, still keeping up the innocent face and I pulled on his hair again. He sucked on my fingers, moaning slightly when I stretched him once they were lubed up enough.

I got my own boxers off as he put his arms around my neck, wrapping his legs around my waist when I picked him up by hips. He stopped being all hesitant when I pushed in, fucking him as hard and rough as I fucking wanted to. We went from the wall to the kitchen counter to the couch to the floor to the bed, all of it filled with Maxxie’s moans. I chuckled as he came, moaning as he gave me possibly the best orgasm ever. He leant his head on my shoulder with a moan and I rested my head on top of his breathlessly.

"I bet Bunny couldn't do that, huh?"

Maxxie shook his head breathlessly and I chuckled, snuggling back when he snuggled up to me. I hummed, tilting my neck as he planted kisses against my skin. I played with his hair and he leant his head on my chest, not seeming to care that my chest was covered with sweat.

"You okay?" I asked when he was kinda quiet.

"Yeah, if you ignore that I've just cheated on him again" he sighed slightly.

"Think of it as helping out a friend in need"

He chuckled slightly. "A friend I can help out all day?"

"If you want" I smirked.

"Well my dick is more than happy to help out, even if I do feel bad"

"It's not your dick I'm interested in, gorgeous"

"My ass is ready and willing, too" he giggled and I hummed.

I hummed as he nibbled at my collarbone, playing with his hair again.

"I miss teasing you"

"Is it not the same teasing anyone else?"

“John doesn't get the same kick out of it that you do"

"He never did seem the submissive type*

"Yeah, we've had a few power struggles in the bedroom" I said with a slight laugh.

"You've bottomed before, if I remember correctly," he smirked slightly, "And enjoyed it quite a lot"

"You of all people should know I prefer topping, though"

"I do know, but there's no stopping you compromising. Did you let John top at all while you were together?"

"A few times"

He looked kinda thoughtful. “Sometimes the sex life is the problem" he shrugged. "You two are good for each other, you just need to figure out what went wrong"

"He's fucking crazy, that's what went wrong"

Maxxie drew shapes on my chest soothingly and I sighed.

"Sorry, I shouldn't have brought it up" he said, giving me a small kiss.

"It's okay, gorgeous. Besides, you and him should take pride in being two of three people that I've let fuck me"

"I do" he smiled, playing with my hair.

I smiled back and he kissed me, his hand trailing south.

"You want me to help out my friend in need again?" he asked, his hand in my crotch.

"If you wouldn't mind" I smirked.

"I wouldn't" he grinned slightly.

The End

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