Cayden: TerribleMature

Do you know what’s great? What’s really fucking great?

Waking up to the sounds of your brother having sex in the next room. I tried to block out the moans but it was fucking useless. I could tell who each moan belonged to and before long my imagination took over, blocking out Hadley’s moans and focusing on Maxxie’s. My hand snaked down into my pants and I shut my eyes, jerking off to the memories of Maxxie, his back arched in pleasure and sweat gleaming on his brow. Hadley really was fucking lucky to have him. He looked so fucking gorgeous like that.

The two of them fucked over and over again til late morning, when Maxxie decided to pay me a visit. He’d had the decency to put on some boxers and I almost came from the sight of his sex hair as he poked his head round the door. He smiled at me.

“Hey. You alright?” he asked.

“I guess” I shrugged. I mean, I’d be a lot fucking better if I hadn’t just been dumped but y’know.

"Want anything?" he asked and I shook my head. “Not even a drink?” I shook my head again and he wandered in, kissing the top of my head and smiling as he said “’Kay. Let me know if you need anything”


He kissed my forehead and left, going back to fucking my brother. I jerked off to the noises Maxxie was making again. You can judge me all you fucking like. I wandered out of my room in search of a drink sometime in the afternoon just as Maxxie and Hadley were taking a break from fucking each other. I got a glass of water and Maxxie made himself a coffee. I was kind of expecting it to be awkward on my part given that I’d spent most of the day jerking off to mental images of Maxxie but apparently I’m too shameless for that. I glanced at Maxxie and he flashed me a smile.

“How’re you feeling?” he asked and I shrugged. “Want anything to eat?” he said, kissing my cheek and starting on some lunch for himself.

“No thanks”


I drank some of my water, propping myself up on the counter and watching him cooking.

"You and Hadley've been having fun, eh?"

He let out an awkward little chuckle. "Yeah. I hope we didn't disturb you"


"Should've been more thoughtful"

"Don't worry about it"

"Hey, we can all sit and watch a couple movies for the afternoon, if you want"

I shook my head. "Thanks, but I don't wanna get in your way"

He shrugged. "I don't mind, and I'm sure Bunny won't either"

"It's fine"

He finished making his and Hadley’s lunch and I drank the last of my water, putting my glass down on the counter.



"Do you miss getting fucked?" I asked, my eyes on the floor.

Maxxie tilted his head a little. "Sure I do, but there's nothing wrong with topping"

I didn’t lift my gaze from the floor. I wasn’t even sure why I’d asked that. Maxxie tilted my head up by my chin, meeting my eyes.

"Forget I said anything"

"No. Where were you going with it?"

I shrugged a little but apparently Maxxie was willing to wait for an answer.

"Does he get you off like I did?" was the best I could come up with.

"It's different with him" he said and I cocked my head to one side. "It's not a bad different or anything. Just different" he shrugged.

"Do you... Do you miss us?"

He sighed a little, playing with my hair. "I'll always love you, Cay"

I looked at him. That didn’t really answer my question.

"But I'm married to your brother, and you should be figuring out what you're gonna do about John"

"I know" I sighed.

“I’m sorry, gorgeous” he said and I hung my head, my eyes on the floor again.

He wrapped me in a cuddle and I rested my chin on his shoulder, enjoying the warmth of his body against mine. Apparently the whore in me was starting to rear its ugly head as I planted a kiss on his neck. He tilted his head a little and I trailed more kisses along his skin. He let out a tiny hum and I nibbled at his skin, eliciting a tiny little moan from him. I wrapped my legs around his waist, nibbling at his ear when he buried his head in my neck.

"We can't do this" he said quietly.

"Why not?" I asked, still nibbling his ear.

"Because not only am I married, but my husband is in the house"

"I bet I can fuck you better than he does" I whispered huskily.

"This isn't a competition"

"I never said it was"

I hummed as he bit my neck in frustration, grinding my hips into his as I felt his semi. He shuddered a little and I bit down on his ear.

"I wanna fuck you so hard" I whispered, palming him as he tried not to moan.

I let out a moan of my own as he bit my neck again.

"I can't do this" he said.

"Sure you can"

"What about Hadley?"

"He doesn't need to know"

"He's still in the house, Cay"

"Guess I'll just have to wait, then"

He shuffled back over to the food he’d made and I pressed myself up against his back.

"But once he's gone, I want you against the wall. I want you begging for release" I whispered, chuckling as he shivered.

I watched him take Hadley’s lunch in to him before slipping back into my room. Cayden Smith, you are terrible.

The End

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