Hadley: FunMature

I’d gone in to check on Cayden before I called in sick. He was still fast asleep, thankfully. Remember how I used to be the one my family depended on whenever anything like this happened? I guess I still kind of felt responsible for making sure everyone was okay, and I didn’t think I could deal with Maxxie and Cayden at the same time. Judging by the state of the sheets, Cayden had exhausted himself crying so he’d be out for a good few hours at the very least.

I made myself sound convincing when I called the hospital. C’mon, they are doctors, I’m sure they can tell when someone’s faking if they don’t make it sound convincing. I added on a little something about not wanting to risk the patients catching anything, especially since we had a couple kids on the ward who probably weren’t strong enough to fight off a cold, let alone anything else. Either way, it got me the day off.

Me and Maxxie headed up to the roof once I was done, snuggling up to each other and watching the sun as it slowly rose in the sky, shading the clouds in a dusky pink. Maxxie trailed kisses down my neck and I titled my head, hearin a faint rumble eminating from his stomach.

“Hungry?” I asked.

“A little bit” he said, shrugging a little.

“We can go in if you want” I said and he shook his head. “Sure?”

He nodded. “Maybe when the sun’s up”

“’Kay” I smiled.

We stayed snuggled til the sun was up, heading back inside in search of food. I checked on Cayden again and headed for the kitchen when I saw he was still asleep. I propped myself up on the kitchen counter, swinging my legs as Maxxie made some French toast. He plated up once he was done, coming over to me and feeding me some. I went back to swinging my legs once I was done and he fed me some more.

"Wanna go back to bed?"

"Don't mind" I said, still chewing on the French toast.

"We can watch something in bed, or snuggle, or... whatever you want"

"Or...? What were you gonna say?" I asked, the tiniest of smirks on my lips.

"Use your imagination, Bunny"

He dipped his finger in the syrup left on the plate and fed it to me, making me hum. He smiled, pressing his lips to mine and sliding his tongue in my mouth as I kissed back. He kept kissing me as he put the plate down, wrapping my legs around his waist. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he picked me up, carrying me to the bedroom, still fighting my tongue with his. I played with his hair and as he lowered me onto the bed, pushing me back slowly.

"I love you, Hadley"

"I love you too, Maxxie" I smiled.

He smiled back, playing with my hair. I leant up, pressing my lips to his quickly and smiling as he kissed back. I hummed, tilting my head as he littered my face and neck with tiny kisses. He pulled my shirt off slowly, trailing tiny kisses up my torso as he lifted my shirt and making me giggle. I giggled again as he tickled me, squirming around as he kept tickling me, grinning. I looked up at him innocently when he pinned me down.

"Have you been a good boy, Bunny?" he whispered in my ear, smirking.

I looked up at him innocently, squirming as he tickled me again.

"Have you?"

"How should I know?" I asked innocently.

"Do you think you've been a good boy?"

"I hope so"

He straddled me, sort of lying on top of me. "What have you been doing lately? I can tell you if you've been a good bunny"

I looked up at him innocently. “I’ve been working, that's it"

"All work and no play makes Bunny a dull boy. Have you had no play, Bunny?" he asked and I nodded. He shifted his hips a little. “Shall we spend the day playing?”

I nodded again, squirming as he tickled me a little.

"No fair" I said when he giggled.

He kissed me and I kissed back, shivering a little as he trailed a finger down my torso, pinning my hands above my head slyly. I hummed as he kissed down my neck and past my collarbones.

"Let's watch a movie" he said, chuckling slightly.

"If you want"

I rolled my eyes a little as he put a porno on and he giggled.

"You love me"

"I do"

He smiled, going back to holding my hands down. I vaguely watched the porn but I can’t say it did anything for me. My sex drive had increased a little since I first met Maxxie but porn and stuff like that still wasn’t a turn on for me. Maxxie undid my pants and I looked at him as he palmed me. He tilted his head a little when I looked at him.

"Can I help you?" I asked.

"You okay, gorgeous?" he asked and I nodded, making him hum slightly. "I guess I put the wrong film on"

He put a normal movie on, doing my pants back up and letting go of my hands. I can’t say I really paid much attention to the movie, tracing the scar on my stomach absently.

"You okay?" I asked Maxxie, still vaguely tracing my scar as he snuggled up to me a little.

He nodded. "You?"

I nodded, flashing him a smile. I hummed as he kissed my cheek, snuggling up to him as he played with my hair.

"You sure you're okay, gorgeous?" I asked when he snuggled back kind of tight.

"Why wouldn't I be?"

I shrugged and he rested his head on my chest, humming and nuzzling me when I kissed the top of his head.

"What happened to spending the day playing?” I asked after a while.

"You don't seem to be in the mood. I'm just as happy spending the day doing other things with you"

"I never said I wasn't in the mood, silly"

"Your dick seemed to be saying otherwise"

"You should know by now my dick doesn't respond to porn" I laughed slightly.

"It wasn't responding to me either. It doesn't matter if you don't want to" he smiled.

"I do"

"It seemed like something else was on your mind"

I shot him a questioning look and he shrugged.

"Just seemed like it. You're sure you're okay?"

He hummed when I nodded and I rolled onto my belly. “Where were we?”

"Why don't you remind me?" he said, running a finger down my spine and makin my back arch the tiniest little bit.

"Enjoying the view?" I asked as I saw him admiring my ass.

"Very much so"

I chuckled, shivering as he kissed the base of my spine. He lifted me onto my knees, undoing my pants again and pulling them down. I sort of watched Maxxie as he got his shirt off, admiring the view and grinning when he chuckled at me. He got his pants off, kneeling behind me. I let out a slight moan as he grinded his hips against me. He was already hard and I’d only just gotten a semi, and he wasted no time in teasing it. He giggled a little once I was hard, biting down on my shoulder and gifting me with a very visible hickey. He played with the waistband of my boxers and I wiggled my hips a little, shuddering as he accidentally brushed against the tip of my dick because of it. Maxxie licked down my back, palming me and I whined a little.

"I wanna watch you while I fuck you" he said huskily, rolling me onto my back and pushing his tongue in my mouth as I blushed. He hummed when I kissed back. “You’re so fucking gorgeous, y’know”

"So are you" I said, still blushing.

I smiled as Maxxie blushed a little, though I could tell he was trying not to.

"Never as gorgeous as you, Bunny” he said, palming me.

I shook my head, biting my lip a little. He kissed the hickey he’d left and I wiggled my hips again, trying to urge him to hurry up and fuck me because I hadn’t got laid in a while and I wasn’t all that sure how long I could put up with his hand. He grinded his hips into mine and I moaned, earning a satisfied hum from Maxxie as he got our boxers off. My hands gripped his hips and his lips met mine in a slow kiss. I wiggled my hips again and he grabbed the lube, going back to kissing me as he lubed up. I let out a slight moan and he started stretching me.

"Just fuck me already" I said impatiently.

The fucker just started finger fucking me all teasingly.

"Maxxie" I growled impatiently.

He hummed, a tiny submissive look flashing across his face before he gave in and fucked me.

The End

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