Maxxie: bored of meMature

I watched Hadley get ready in the morning to go off to work, before we both took Beau to school. I reckon I could cope with a kid like her. Maybe one that’s a little easier to keep entertained, though.

The cafe was short on staff, so I filled in since no one else was free. The day passed pretty quickly, and when I was free to go on a lunch break, I was craving a hug from my husband. I’d forgotten how busy lunch rush could get.

Hadley was working when I got to the hospital. I was told where he was, and promptly went off to find him. I could wait to talk to him properly, but I wanted my hug now.

When I found him, he had his arm around some other nurse’s waist. She was pretty, from what I could see. It could’ve been something totally harmless and platonic, but my heart lurched uncomfortably, seeing it. I couldn’t help thinking back to what John had told me so long ago now, that he would get bored of me. Was it because I’d cheated? Was he indeed getting bored of me? Maybe it was a mix of both.

I bit my lip and walked a little closer to him, clearing my throat. “Doctor Bunny?” I asked. He looked around, smiling when he saw it was me.

“Hey, gorgeous.”

I gave him a little smile back. "When’re you on your break?"

"Uh, in about half an hour, I think." I nodded.

“I’ll wait in the car or something, if you wanna hang out?”

“Okay,” he smiled. I went out and waited in the car for about ten minutes, winding myself up about what I’d seen. I couldn’t sit there any longer and wait. I’d end up shouting if I did, and I didn’t want to cause an argument over it. I drove off home without even bothering to text him. He can’t have been too bothered, because he didn’t ask where I was, and waited til he was done at work before he came back home.


“Maxxie?” he asked when he got home. I was staring at the blank TV screen, just replaying over and over in my head what I’d seen and what John had told me. “You okay?” he arched an eyebrow. I nodded and he sat down next to me. I just kept staring at the TV. "You sure you're okay?"

I nodded, getting up and fucking off to the kitchen. Suddenly I cursed picking a house with an open plan kitchen. Not that it mattered, because he followed me. I started getting out stuff to make dinner. I had no appetite, but it’d look even weirder than it already did if I didn’t make something to eat, right? He got himself a drink, and leant on the counter. Why can’t you go sit in the front room and watch TV or something?

Somehow I managed to slice my finger open. I think my hands must have been shaking. It hurt like a bitch, but I just indulged myself in a wince and carried on chopping up the vegetables. I didn’t really care that I was kind of bleeding a fair bit. Hadley sort of grabbed my arm and I froze.

"Let me look at your finger," he instructed. I did so, not really paying attention as he inspected the damage. “That might need a couple stitches, gorgeous.”

“I’ll be fine,” I insisted.

"At least let me put a band aid on it." I nodded a little, wishing there was a way for me to find out what he’d been holding that nurse like that for without directly asking and sounding like a paranoid dick. He went and got a band aid, and some antiseptic wipes. You can fuck right off with those. I took them away from him.

"I need to clean it, gorgeous."

“Look, it’ll be fine. It’s just a scratch.”

“Maxxie, please.”

“Just stick the plaster on it, Bunny, and let me get on with dinner, yeah?” I flashed him a tiny smile. He sighed a little and gave in, sticking the band aid on and letting me get on with it.

I didn’t really eat much, too busy working up the nerve to just straight up ask him what was going on. I don’t think Hadley ate much either, but I didn’t notice, not really. I opened my mouth to speak.

I was just about to change my mind about talking, but Cay chose that exact moment to burst in on us, and I was saved the trouble of embarrassing myself. 

The End

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