Hadley: Ice CreamMature

"She's great, isn't she?" I smiled, joining Maxxie in the kitchen. From the smell of it, Maxxie was making roast dinner.

"Mhmm" he smiled back.

"Reckon they'd let us adopt her?" I asked with a slight laugh and he chuckled.

"Doubt it"


"If we do end up adopting, we have to find another kid like her" he laughed a little and I hummed.

I'd have preferred it if he'd said when, not if, but I'd take what I could get. Maxxie leant on the counter, pulling me against him for a cuddle. I hummed as he played with my hair, pressing his forehead to mine.

"Love you" I said.

"Love you too, gorgeous" he smiled and  smiled back.

We stayed there cuddling til the food was ready and Maxxie reluctantly let go of me to dish everything up. I went and got Beau, sitting her in one of the seats at the breakfast bar. Whenever we ate now, we always ate there so we could make a proper meal of it. The three of us tucked into our meal. Beau played with her food a little, looking up at Maxxie with wide eyes as he told her not to.

"Naughty kids play with their food, and you're not a naughty kid, are you?" he asked and Beau shook her head. Maxxie smiled. "No more playing with your food?"

Beau nodded, digging into her meal again and Maxxie ruffled her hair. She smiled and I couldn't help smiling as well. He'd make such a good dad.

"I'm finished" Beau announced with a grin once she was done.

"Good girl" Maxxie said, looking at her almost empty plate.

She grinned again and Maxxie smiled at her.

"I can watch Spongebob now?" she asked and he nodded. "Fank you"

She got down, with a little help from me, and went off on her way to watch Spongebob. I helped Maxxie clear up and he thanked me with a smile. I smiled back, squeezing his hand as I led him over to the couch. He hummed as he sat down, snuggling up to me. I snuggled up to him as well, playing with Beau's hair til it was bath time. Funnily enough, Maxxie left me to do that. She put her own pyjamas on once I'd dried her off and I carried her to bed.

"Nice of you to show up" I smirked a little as Maxxie joined me and he chuckled.

She got into bed and I smiled as she handed me the storybook she'd brought with her. I read it to her, watching as her eyelids slowly got heavier. I tucked her in once she'd fallen asleep, smiling at the monkey plushie she was cuddling.

"Sweet dreams" Maxxie smiled, kissing her forehead.

I smiled when he looked at me, kissing back when he pressed his lips to mine.

"C'mon" he said quietly, taking my hand and shutting the door behind us.

"What now?" I smiled.

"Sleep?" he laughed and I chuckled. "The mind is willing to stay up and have some fun with you, but the body has been worn out by a small child"

"Failure" I giggled and he looked at me innocently. So I kissed his cheek.

"We snuggle and watch a movie instead?"

"If you want" I smiled and he nodded.

"With ice cream?" he asked innocently and I giggled.

"Depends what kind"

"Your kind" he giggled and I looked at him innocently.

He kissed me and I kissed back, humming as he kept kissing me. He sort of steered us into the bedroom and my hands flew to his hips, humming again as his hands made their way to my ass. He French kissed me and I kissed back submissively. He pulled away long enough to put something heavy behind the door.

"I've already been warned about her little habit of walking in" he laughed and I giggled even more.

He kissed me kind of possessively and I hummed, kissing back. He steered me towards the bed and I hummed again as he pushed me down on it. I shivered as he ran his hands up my sides under my shirt, squeezing his hips as he nipped at my jaw. He smiled, kissing me teasingly and I kissed back, squeezing his hips even more. He palmed me and I moaned, getting shirt off as he stripped me of all but my boxers. I kissed his neck, kind of not in the mood for all the foreplay. Maxxie pulled my boxers off and I hummed, moaning as he went down on me. My fingers tangled in his hair, tugging on it as he kept sucking. I giggled a little as he moaned, jizzing hard when he started humming. He swallowed with a smile and I smiled back, stripping him of his pants and boxers, returning the favour. I stopped halfway through, even though I'd been enjoying his moans and I looked up at him as he groaned.

"What did you stop for?"

"I believe there was talk of something ending up on my face" I said with a tiny blush and he chuckled a little.

"You want it, Bunny boy?" he asked huskily and I blushed more.

He waited for an answer and I shut my eyes, blushing even more as I nodded slightly.

He kissed me, jerking himself off and I kissed back, jumping a little when I felt his jizz spatter against my face. I licked off what I could reach, blushing even more and Maxxie played with my hair.

"I can't believe I just did that" I said, blushing more than was probably humanly possible.

He grinned a little which didn't help how embarrassed I was.

He snuggled up to me, nibbling my ear as he said "There's no need to be embarrassed, gorgeous"

"There is. I just asked you to jizz on my face" I said, laughing a little.

"I'm hardly going to tell anyone" he said, licking the last of it off.

I buried my head in his neck and he played with my hair, spooning me. We were both sleepy and worn out from running around after Beau all day, but it was worth it.

"Did you like it?" I asked half asleep.

"Like what?" Maxxie asked, just as sleepy as me.

"Ice cream... face" I mumbled sleepily and he let out a sleepy hum.

"Yeah" he smiled into my shoulder and I smiled back, falling asleep.

The End

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