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I'd phone John one night after work to ask about me and Maxxie taking Beau off his and Cayden's hands every now and then and he was more than happy to let us look after her. He'd ended up talking to me about how him and Cayden had been having a lot of arguments and that he wanted to try and make it up to him. The night he was gonna make it up to him rolled around soon enough, and handily it was one of my days off so we went and picked her up in the morning while Cayden was at work.

"You be a good girl for your uncles" John said, picking her up to give her a kiss.

"I will, Daddy" she grinned, picking up her backpack once John put her down and walking with Maxxie to the car.

Maxxie sat in the back with her and I glanced back every now and then, smiling as I saw the two of them playing pat a cake. I didn't get why Maxxie thought he'd be shit with kids, he did fine with Beau. I drove back to the house, listening to them playing in the back of the car. They were so involved in their game that they didn't notice when I stopped the car.

"I hate to interrupt you two" I laughed as I got out of the car, smiling as Maxxie pouted.

Maxxie got out and I carried Beau inside, taking her to her room to let her get settled in what with it being the first she'd been to our new place. Maxxie followed me and I took his hand in mine, watching as Beau started unpacking her things. Maxxie squeezed my hand a little and I smiled, kissing his cheek. He snuggled me from behind and I let out a hum, distracting Beau from her unpacking as she looked up at us with wide eyes.

"You alright, kiddo?" Maxxie asked and Beau grinned.


Maxxie moved so he was sat on the bed next to Beau with me on his lap. Beau clambered onto my lap, wrapping her arms around my waist with a smile.

"Unca Bunny, when can we go to the park?"

"After lunch, sweetie" I smiled, humming as Maxxie snuggled the both of us.

"Unca Maxxie, when can we go to the park?"

"After lunch" he chuckled.

"When's lunch?" she asked innocently.


She grinned, wriggling off my lap and I laughed a little. See, that was why I wanted kids. The fact that they got excited over nothing. The little things they said that were so innocent yet so observant. Maxxie pushed me up off him, slapping my ass and making me blush. I had to stop myself from saying "not in front of the kids". The sound of Maxxie's hand against my ass had distracted Beau and she looked round, that wide eyed innocent look on her face like usual.

"Was Unca Bunny naughty?"

"Very" Maxxie grinned.

Beau let out this evil little giggle and I pouted. Since when was me getting spanked part of the deal? Maxxie bounced off to make lunch and I sat on the couch with Beau, playing with her hair. Maxxie came back after a while with cheese toasties and I had to try not to laugh as Beau got mess everywhere as she ate. I giggled as Maxxie got all OCD about cleaning like usual. He glared at me as I informed Beau that she could make as much mess as she wanted.

"What're you gonna do? Spank me?" I giggled.

"You wait Bunny boy"

I giggled again and Beau looked up at me, confusion written on her face.

"To the park" Maxxie announced once he'd finished cleaning.

"Park" Beau said happily.

"Last one there gets a good spanking" Maxxie winked, running out of the house.

"Whore" I said, picking up Beau and running after Maxxie once I'd locked the door.

Maxxie won, just like I knew he would. After all, he'd had a head start and didn't have to carry a four year old while he was running. I glared at him a little, putting au down as she tried to wriggle out of my grip. Maxxie grinned, tickling me and I tried to keep a straight face. He kept tickling me and I couldn't hold it in any longer. I burst out laughing and Beau rolled her eyes, running off to go play on something. Maxxie tickled me til we ended up on the floor, giving me that pervy look of his. I looked up at him innocently, kissing back when he kissed me.

"Icky" Beau said from somewhere nearby and Maxxie laughed.

I pressed my nose against Maxxie's, humming as he nuzzled me.

"Thought the loser got a spanking, not a kiss"

"I don't think the spanking I had in mind for you is something Beau should see. I don't mind the adults around here seeing, though" he winked and I blushed a little, making him smirk.

"You wouldn't"

"Wouldn't I?"

I shook my head slightly, not entirely sure. Now that I think about it, I wouldn't put it past him. He chuckled, ruffling my hair and I looked up at him innocently.

"Not today, any way" he said, grinning evilly as he went off to play with Beau.

I blushed more, joining him over by Beau. She insisted on playing on everything at least five times with both of us, but neither of us minded.

"I are bored" she huffed by the time she was done.

"What d'you wanna do now then?" Maxxie asked.

"I dunno"

"We could play piggy in the middle with Hadley as the piggy" he giggled.


"You two entertain yourselves for a bit, we need a ball" Maxxie said and Beau turned to me.

Maxxie went off to buy a ball and me and Beau ended up playing I Spy. Maxxie came back about fifteen minutes later with a ball but Beau was too busy trying to guess what I'd spied to notice. Maxxie bounced the ball and she squealed. He threw it to her and she caught it, squealing even more. Maxxie laughed and she threw the ball back to him.

"I think I'm a bit too tall to be piggy" I said, having to move out of the way of the ball so it didn't hit me.

"Sit down then" Maxxie grinned.

I tutted but sat anyway. Maxxie had thrown the ball to Beau again and she threw it back to him. Unfortunately her aim was off and instead of being thrown to Maxxie, the ball smacked me straight in the back of the head. Maxxie giggled, getting the ball and kissing the top of my head as I grumbled a little. Around the time she was getting bored, an ice cream truck oh so handily appeared and Maxxie gave her a piggy back over to it. Her eyes lit up at the sight of it and Maxxie bought both me and Beau an ice cream. Beau ate it like a normal child, getting more of it on herself than in her mouth, and I licked at mine teasingly. Maxxie watched, pretending not to be bothered by it and I kept it up, letting out a tiny little fake moan.

"What?" I smirked when he huffed.

"Nothing" he said with a slight glare and I grinned a little.

"What was that for?" I asked as he wiped some ice cream on my nose.

"Just imagining what else might end up on your face later on" he said innocently and I blushed.

I cleared my throat and Beau looked up at Maxxie innocently.

"What's Unca Bunny gonna have on his face?"

"Just more ice cream, honey"

"Can I have some?" Hehe

"You'll be asleep by then, like a good girl"

"Oh. Can I have some in the morning?"

"If we haven't eaten it all" Maxxie smiled.

Beau seemed happy with that, ignoring me blushing and Maxxie trying not to giggle. He grinned a little and I cleared my throat again.

"C'mon, let's go home"


I took Beau's hand and Maxxie took the other, heading back to ours. We swung her a little as we walked, earning a fair share of excited squeals from the four year old. Maxxie headed straight for the kitchen when we got home and I went and got Beau cleaned up for dinner, sitting her down in front of an episode of Spongebob once I was done.

The End

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