Cayden: Like It RoughMature

"For fuck's sake, Cayden!" John yelled at me from the other side of the kitchen.

Beau was happily ignoring us up in her room and I honestly wouldn't have minded joining her. Me and John had been arguing a lot recently over petty little things like not washing dishes or taking the trash out. Actually, that was what John was yelling at me about this time. I'd made Beau something to eat and sort of forgot about cleaning up because there was a baseball game on and John just flipped out when he got home from work.

"Oh, I'm fucking sorry for forgetting to clean up the mess I made feeding your daughter" I glared back.

"She might as well be your daughter too, Cayden, so don't give me that shit"

We kept on yelling about the tiny things til I told him to go fuck himself and stormed out, heading for the nearest bar. I was a little tipsy when I got kicked out for starting a fight and headed off for one of the bars I used to hang out with the stars in. Well, I got as far as the door. They changed the bouncer and he had no clue who I was so he told me I could get fucked. So off I stumbled to the next bar I could get into, stumbling over to the bar and ordering myself a beer. It wasn't til I started looking around that I noticed the sexy piece of ass next to me. Messy blonde hair and green eyes. Fucking gorgeous in other words.

"Why hello there, cute stuff" I said, turning my charm on.

"Cay?" Blondie said.

"Did I fuck you before?" I asked, confused.

Blondie rolled his eyes and turned back to his drink. "Quite a few times before I married your brother, yes"

I had to think about it for a while but when it came to me, my face lit up. "Maxxie"

He smiled a little and I hugged him.

"What're you doing here?"

"Just... killing time" he said, hugging back. "And yourself?"

"Escaping the wife" I laughed slightly and he chuckled. "No Hadley?"

He looked at the time on his phone. "Nope. Right now he's probably unconscious"

"Fun" I said and he nodded. "So what're you really doing here? I would've thought you'd be like watching him sleep or something"

"As much as I love him, watching him sleep gets boring after a few months. I'm just having a drink. What else would I be doing?" he asked, smiling a little and I shrugged, drinking some of my beer.

I'm sure if I was sober I would've been able to come up with something, though.

"What happened with you and John anyways?"

"Had a fight"


"Dishes or something"

"I thought it was supposed to be the married couple that argued over shit like that"

"You're the one that's married"

"I know. That's what I meant. I thought it was s'posed to be me and Hadley that argued over pointless crap" he said and I shrugged. "Not that he's ever awake long enough when he gets home to argue"

"How's the sex thing going?"

"I managed to persuade him to fuck me once. So that's six times this year instead of five. Woo" he said sarcastically.

"S'two times more than me, man"

"Fancy that pity fuck yet?" he laughed weakly and I prodded his nose drunkenly.

"You're still married to my baby bro"


"You appear to have lost your wedding ring, Maxxie my boy"

"It's in my pocket" he said kind of quietly.

"And why, may I ask, is it there?" I asked and he shrugged. "Buy me a drink?" I said, giving him the puppy eyes.

He bought us both a few and by the time we were done, we were both varying degrees of drunk, myself more so than Maxxie. He leant his head on my shoulder and I kissed the top of his head, tilting my own as he kissed my neck. I hummed as he kissed my neck some more, purring as he nibbled at the skin lightly. He nibbled as far down as my shirt would let him and I tilted his head up by his chin, kissing him and shoving my tongue in his mouth. He kissed back and I trailed my kisses along his jaw, nibbling his earlobe as his hands strayed to my hips. He squeezed my hips a little and I hummed, biting down on his ear. He moaned the tiniest little bit and I pulled him onto my lap, groping his semi. I trailed kisses up his neck as he had a drink, moaning slightly as he shifted around in my lap. He giggled as he did it some more and I groped him again, squeezing his member and eliciting a moan out of him. I bit down on his shoulder and he started breathing kind of hard, his head on my shoulder.

"Fuck" he said quietly as I groped him some more.

"You might be older but you're still fucking sexy" I chuckled.

"I should hope so too. I might spend a lot of my free time practicing cooking, but I spend more in the gym"

"It shows" I hummed and he smirked a little.

"Do you want it?"

"I want your ass around my dick"

He hummed, nibbling at my neck again and I tilted my head. He kept nibbling at my neck, making me shiver as he traced patterns on the back of my neck with a finger.

He hummed. "Let's go back to yours"


Maxxie got my shirt off the second we got through the door of my old apartment, kissing down me til he was kneeling. I moaned as he palmed me and he started teasing me but I wasn't feeling particularly patient for that kind of shit. I sort of pulled him up by his hair, pinning him against the wall. He hummed, more than ready, but I was feeling mean. I purred, flipping him over and getting his pants off, pinning his hands above his head as he reached back to jerk me off. He moaned as I ripped his shirt off and hummed as I kissed his back.

"How bad do you want this?" I asked in between kisses.

"So fucking bad" he moaned.

I finger fucked him teasingly and he moaned, his back arching into it. I stretched him a little and he tried to get his hands free to no doubt jerk himself off.

"I hope you like it rough" I said, nibbling his ear and getting my pants undone.

"You know I do"

The End

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