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I carried Beau back to the hospital once we'd finished eating. I wanted to say bye to Maxxie back at the hospital since it was quieter and a little more private than a family restaurant and I didn't really feel like ditching him straight away. It was nice having Beau, as well. I mean, I'd sort of given up on having kids and just treated the kids on the ward as like temporary kids instead but looking after Beau for that tiny little amount of time just went ahead and ignited my want to have kids again. I couldn't help but notice Maxxie walked a little behind me and Beau and I glanced back at him, arching an eyebrow.

"What?" he asked.


He smiled and I held my hand out. It was kind of difficult carrying Beau with one hand but she wasn't that heavy. Maxxie took my hand in his and I squeezed it, shifting Beau a little to keep a better grip on her as this sleepy look slid onto her innocent little face. I felt him squeeze my hand and we headed back to the hospital. I put Beau down once we got there and she looked up at me sleepily, rubbing at one of her eyes. I huggled Maxxie, leaning my head on his chest as he huggled back.

"Try not to wear yourself out too much, yeah? I'll pick you up later, if you want" Maxxie said, kissing the top of my head.

I hummed. "If you didn't have Beau I'd be up for a quickie in the bathroom"

"Save it for later, then" he chuckled and I smiled.

"Hey Bunny" one of the nurses giggled.

Maxxie giggled as well and I resisted the urge to hit him. "They're all gonna call you Doctor Bunny now"

"I hate you" I whined.

"I love you too" he smiled.

"I mean it. No more sex for you"

"You say that like I get sex anyway"

"That's hardly my fault"

"I never said it was, gorgeous" he said, kissing me lightly.

I kissed back. "I know, I just... I dunno, I feel like I should be doing more"

"Well we can try and make up for it tonight" he said, grinning slightly. I laughed a little. "So don't wear yourself out before you get home. That's my job" he giggled, making me blush.

He kissed me and I kissed back, teasing my tongue past his lips kind of tentatively and chuckling as he bit my lip a little. He smiled and I kissed his nose.

"You better get her back before she falls asleep" I said, nodding at a half asleep Beau.

Maxxie nodded, picking her up. I kissed him again.

"I'll see you later" I smiled and he nodded.

"I love you, Bunny" he grinned.

"Get lost" I laughed, slapping his ass when he turned round.

"See ya"


I slumped on the couch when I got home. I'd done my best not to tire myself out but it'd been a long day and we'd had one of our regulars back in a couple hours after Maxxie left. She'd been in and out of hospital since I started there and every time she came back she was worse. And every time she came in we'd run blood tests and give her every scan on the planet and every time we'd have to send her home again with no diagnosis.

"I was gonna pick you up" I heard Maxxie say from the kitchen.

"Sorry, I forgot. There's a kid in there and we can't work out what's wrong with her. And she keeps getting sicker..." I trailed off and he came and sat with me. "She's like the same age as Beau and they think it might be cancer"

He wrapped me in a cuddle and I leant my head on his shoulder, humming as he played with my hair. I snuggled up to him as he kept playing with my hair but I couldn't help but feel bad about mentioning the kid to Maxxie.

"Sorry" I said after a while.

"What for?"

"I dunno. I always tried to keep work and home separate"

"You can't help being upset about it though"

"I know but..."

He kissed the top of my head. "Don't worry about it"

I nuzzled his neck and he cuddled me a little more. I did my best to hide the tiny sniffle that came from me but I think he heard anyway.

"Anyway, I thought you were gonna tire me out" I laughed slightly.

"Maybe after dinner"

I smiled and he kissed me quickly, disappearing back into the kitchen. I waited for him on the couch, trying to cheer myself up and not really doing that good a job about it. Maxxie came back after a while with a homemade pizza and I smiled at him, digging in. We snuggled up to each other while we ate but I wasn't all that hungry. I barely managed three slices and I had to force another one done when Maxxie tried to get me to eat some more, playing with my hair. He smiled once I'd finished and I smiled back. He snuggled up to me once he'd put our plates on the floor and switched the TV on. I was kind of quiet as I sat there all snuggled with him, shutting my eyes as he started playing with my hair again.

"Sorry, I shouldn't be getting so bothered by it. I mean, it's not like we have kids or anything" I said, letting out a half laugh that was somewhere between sad and nervous. Maxxie kissed the top of my head. "Sorry"

"It's okay"

"It's not, though. I mean, I keep going on about it and I know you don't really want kids and... Sorry"

He stroked my cheek. "One day. I promise. I'm just not ready yet"


"Why're you sorry? You haven't got anything to be sorry for" he said, cuddling me even more and I went quiet again. "It should be me saying sorry for not being able to give you what you want"

"I want you to want it too"

"I will. Either way, it wouldn't be fair on the kid if you were still working so hard. They'd never see you" he said and I sighed a little. I mean, he had a point there but... "Sorry"

"For what?"

"I just feel bad that I can't make you happy" he said a little sadly.

"I am happy, silly" I smiled but I could tell he kind of didn't believe me. So I prodded his nose, making him look at me. "I'm married to the love of my life. How could I not be happy?"

"You don't have kids, you're always tired, and I'm a terrible cook"

I kissed his forehead and he sighed slightly.

"I love you" I said.

"I love you too" he said and I smiled. "I don't want us to just end up drifting apart. I need to see you more often" he said, leaning his head on my shoulder.

"I'll try and get some time off" I said and he smiled a little. "You should've said something before"

"I didn't wanna pull you away from something I know you love"

I prodded his nose again. "You're more important to me than work"

He smiled and I smiled back. He pressed his lips to mine lightly and I kissed back with a little more force, smiling as he hummed.

"Does my ass mean much to you?" he asked innocently.

"What?" I laughed.

"My ass. You love that too, don't you?"

"Mhmm" I smiled.

"Feel like showing it some love sometime this week?"

I giggled. "Maybe. Thought you were s'posed to be punishing me, though"

"My punishment can be making you top me" he grinned and I laughed.

"That's a shit punishment"

"I'll save the real punishment for another night, then" he chuckled.

"Oh?" I asked, kind of interested. I won't lie to you, I was kind of... I dunno, curious about stuff like that...

"I didn't think very hard ahead. I was too horny to be doing much thinking"

I giggled and he gave me the puppy eyes. I hummed, straddling him and kissing his neck as he looked up at me. He tilted his head and I littered more kisses across his skin, nibbling slightly here and there. He let out a happy sigh and I smiled, kissing back when he pressed his lips to mine. He nibbled at my lip and I hummed, getting his shirt off. His hands slid to my hips and I slid a hand into his boxers, giggling as it got him hard pretty much instantly.

"Someone's eager"

"Can you blame me?" he said innocently.



"Because I can" I grinned and he looked up at me innocently.

I pinched his nipple, smirking as he let out a tiny gasp. It's kind of weird to say it, but me and some of the other nurses had been swapping sex tips and stories. It was kind of awkward to begin with, especially when I knew more about pleasing a guy than half of them but I'd gotten used to it after a while. I could tell Maxxie was trying not to jizz in his pants and  shuffled back so I was balanced on his knees, undoing his pants and laughing as he wriggled impatiently.

"Lie down" I said when he whined.

He did so and I stripped off, smirking as he watched, admiring me. I'd gotten a little more muscular thanks to a sort of staff gym thing at the hospital which I made a lot of use of when I was on call and everything was quiet. Or just when I was bored in between shifts.

"See something you like?" I asked, still smirking.

"Not a bit of you I don't find irresistibly gorgeous"

I hummed, stripping him and smiling as he helped me out. I sort of skipped off to the bedroom to go get lube and tutted at what I saw when I got back; Maxxie having a quick little jerk off.

"Anyone'd think you didn't want me to fuck you" I said when he looked up at me. He put his hands behind his head and I hummed. "Much better"

He moaned a little as I stretched him, making me giggle. He lifted his hips up, looking at me kind of desperately and I lubed up, fucking him for the first time in ages.

The End

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