Cayden: Time You Met My BedMature

Me and Maxxie stayed snuggled up on the couch for a little while and neither of us moved when I heard someone with a key outside my front door. The door opened and John sort of arched an eyebrow at what was going on. Beau, on the other hand, squealed Maxxie's name as her eyes lit up.

"Hey Beau" Maxxie smiled, unsnuggling kind of reluctantly and crouching down to hug her when she dashed over to him.

Beau snuggled up to him and I saw John still looking kind of confused by the front door.

"C'mere, gorgeous" I said, my hands finding their way to his hips as he walked over to me.

He smiled at Maxxie as he cuddled Beau. "Hey Maxxie"

"Hey" Maxxie smiled back.

"He finally told you, then?" John asked with a slight laugh.

"Finally isn't the word"

I pouted.

"It's true. Since the wedding, you whore" Maxxie said and I pouted some more.

He just ignored me.

"How're things with you and Hadley?" John asked.

I squeezed John's hips a little, burying my head in his stomach. He had a nice stomach. It wasn't too thin but it wasn't too squishy. He made a nice pillow.

"Slow, right now. He's too tired to do much more that eat and sleep"

"How come?"

"Work. I wouldn't mind but he's gonna make himself ill if he works any harder"

"Ask him to take it easy?"

"We're looking for an apartment closer to the hospital so that should help"

I kissed John's stomach lightly, squeezing his hips again.

"Beau, darling, d'you wanna go to a park? I think these two need a break from looking after you" Maxxie said and Beau grinned.

Maxxie stood up, taking her small hand in his.

"Bye Daddy. Bye Cayden" she grinned.

"Later, dude" I mumbled, my head still buried in John's stomach.

"Have fun" Maxxie chuckled, heading out the door with Beau.

John arched his back a little so I couldn't bury my head in his stomach anymore. I looked up at him, sort of trying to pull his hips back so I could nuzzle his stomach some more. Did I mention he had a nice stomach? He smiled down at me and I hummed.

"I'm proud of you for telling him, Smithy"

"You shouldn't be. He pretty much had to bully it out of me" I chuckled but the smile didn't disappear from John's face.

"I know he means a lot to you, Cayden. Maybe not as much as Hadley but I know he's still important to you. So I don't care how you told him, just that you did"

"Well, now he knows, we've got a free babysitter"


I nodded. "I said he could drop by whenever he needs some company and he offered to distract Beau for a while. Kind of"

John smirked. "How thoughtful of him"

I chuckled. "C'mon, you. It's time you met my bed" I said, standing and leading him to my room.

The End

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