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"Baby bro, I was just talking about you" Cayden's voice rang cheerfully through the phone.

"Nothing bad, I hope"

"Maybe. So what can I do for you?"

"I was just wondering if you wanted to spend Christmas with me and Maxxie. We're sort of ditching the family Christmas thing this year"

"I'd love to but I've got... plans"


"Details, details, baby bro. Just know that your Christmas will be as awesome as mine" he chuckled.

Ever since the wedding, Cayden had been all secretive about what he was doing. I'd been a little concerned at first but then I'd had other things on my mind to distract me from wondering what my brother was up to. Things like med school. I'd only just made it in what with my lack of qualifications and I'd had to do some serious studying to understand even half of what was being said but just three months later, I was pretty much acing everything like there was no tomorrow. I'd been so busy with it that I barely had time to concentrate on other things such as my gorgeous husband. Which was why I'd told Mom we weren't spending Christmas with her and Dad this year.

"Should I be worried?" I asked kind of curiously.

"Not in the slightest"

"What've you been up to, Cayden? You've been so secretive lately"

"Nothing much, just-" he stopped talking, though I could hear a voice in the background. I couldn't quite make out who it was but it was definitely a guy. "Sorry, kiddo, I've gotta go"

"Oh, okay. I'll see you soon, yeah?"

"Sure" he said and hung up.

I sighed a little as I slid my phone back into my pocket and headed for the couch, flopping down next to Maxxie.

"Cayden's not coming over for Christmas"

"How comes?" Maxxie asked, surprised.

"Said he's got plans" I shrugged.

He arched an eyebrow. "Plans?"

"He didn't say what"

"Has he got a boyfriend?" Maxxie asked in a sing-songy voice, breaking out the puppy eyes.

"If he has, he's not saying anything" I said with a laugh.

"I wanna know" he whined.

I planted a kiss on the top of his head. "Maybe he doesn't want to rush things"

He pouted, making me giggle. "So what are we doing for Christmas, then?"

"S'up to you" I smiled.

"No big family stuff this year?" he asked, the puppy eyes in full swing again. 

“Nope. Just you and me”

He flashed me the puppy eyes again and I laughed, putting on the innocent face as he shot me this kind of pervy look.

“Just you and me, you say?” he asked and I nodded, keeping up the innocent face. He kept up the pervy look as he giggled “Wanna welcome in Christmas Maxxie style?”

“And how might that be?” I giggled.

“Well,” he said, pressing kisses to my neck, “You remember how on our honeymoon you told me a few of your fantasies?”

“Did I?” I asked innocently, tilting my head.

He planted more kisses along my neck. “Mhm. I was wondering if you might have any more that we can fulfil in the comfort of our own home”

I giggled as he nibbled at my neck. “Well, I was thinking the next couple of days would be about you since I’ve been neglecting you the last few months so really it’s all up to you”

“You first, Bunny” he grinned.

I flashed him the innocent face and he mirrored it as he asked “What do you want me to do?”

“Whatever you want” I said, giggling a little.

I kissed his neck as he carried me to the bed. He let out a hum, groping me and I blushed as I kind of purred. Can’t say I’d ever done that before. Maxxie smiled, nibbling at my neck and groping me some more. I smiled back, sort of purring again as he kept nibbling at my neck, undoing my pants. I bit my lip a little, moaning slightly as he palmed me. I bit my lip again as he teased me. I looked up innocently as he pulled off my t-shirt, stuffing some of it in my mouth. I wriggled a little as he handcuffed me to the bed. He giggled, teasing me again and my t-shirt muffled the slight moan I let out.

“Don’t make me go buy a proper gag” he giggled, making me blush.

Maxxie grinned, pulling my boxers off and teasing me as I wriggled a little again. I whined, moaning slightly as he slid a finger inside me. I let out a string of moans as he went down on me, moving his finger to brush against my prostate. I bucked my hips a little, silently pleading with him as he held me down. He kept me held down as he stopped sucking and I gave him the puppy eyes.

“What?” he giggled.

I looked at him kind of desperately and he tilted his head, giving me a questioning look. I whined and he squeezed my hips a little.

“I have no idea what you mean” he grinned.

I whined again.

“I guess I’ll just have to fuck you senseless” he said, unzipping his pants.

I wriggled my hips in anticipation as he lubed up, taking his sweet fucking time about it. I moaned as he stretched me, just wanting him to get on with it already. And when he did... Fuck, it was amazing.

The End

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