Caleb: Mr. VampireMature

I looked up the second I heard someone walk into my room, seeing Alex stood in the doorway.

“Alex!” I squeaked, bounding over to him and jumphuggling him. He laughed as he hugged back and I nuzzled his neck a little.

"What've you been getting up to?" he chuckled as he brushed some glitter and sequins and stuff out of my hair.

I skipped over to the bed, holding up my notepad and grinning at the glittery monstrosity o the page. "I made a fishy" He admired the fishy and smiled, making me grin more. "And there's a dinosaur somewhere but I'm not sure where I put it" I frowned, wondering where it could’ve gotten to. Unless I only made the dinosaur in my mind... He laughed a little and I looked up at him innocently. "What?"

"You're too cute" he said, planting a baby of a kiss on my lips.

I kissed back with a blush, pouting when he grinned. That’s mean. His lips met mine in a slow kiss and I matched it, grinning as he let out a hum. He smiled, playing with my hair and I giggled.

"What?" he asked, still smiling.

"Nothing" I giggled more and he arched an eyebrow at me slightly.

I sat on the floor, looking around for my pens and Alex sat on my bed, watching me. I found what I was looking for eventually and sat on his lap, smiling a little as he wound his arm around my waist. I pulled the cap off the red glitter pen and drew on his face, knowing full well my tongue was poking out of my mouth. Leave me alone, it’s my concentratey face. I could hear Alex trying not to giggle and I grinned once I was finished drawing a heart on his cheek. He picked me up and I clung to him a little as he went and looked at what I’d drawn in the nearest mirror. He smiled when he saw the heart and kissed me. I kissed him back and he headed back to the bed. He watched as I drew on his hand with another pen, just drawing whatever came into my mind. I ran out of space after a while, though.

"Off" I said, pointing at his shirt.

He took it off and I started drawing up his arms and across his chest and stomach. He’d ended up lying down to make it easier for me to draw which was exactly when Mom came in. At least, I think she did. Alex looked up at her and smiled but I was too busy drawing a dick on Alex’s stomach to see how she reacted.

“Hey Mrs. Turner” Alex said and I heard her clear her throat.

Alex looked down at what I was drawing and I kissed his stomach, just above the tip of the dick I’d drawn.

"Caleb, can you pay attention for five seconds, please?" I vaguely heard Mom say but didn’t really pay attention.


"Wha?" I looked up, kinda confused when Alex spoke. I thought it was Mom that wanted me?

"Your mum wants you" he smiled.

I looked around. "Hi, Mom, when did you get in here?"

Mom sighed. "I need you to run down to the store for me and get some stuff for dinner tonight"

"Like what? Marshmallows? Are we having S'mores? We are? Yay, thanks, Mom. Wait, no, I don't like S'mores. Why are we having S'mores? Can I have something else?"

Mom rolled her eyes and Alex just lay there trying not to giggle.

"Can I have spaghetti?"

"If you want"

"Can I have spaghetti pizza?"


"Yeah, it's when you get spaghetti and then you realise you don't have any sauce so you get a pizza and cook it and put the spaghetti on top" It tastes kinda gross, actually.

Alex laughed a little. "Or he can come back to mine and save you the horror of making such an atrocity for dinner"

Mom didn’t exactly look pleased about this and Alex noticed it too.

"It's up to you though" he shrugged, "just thought I'd offer"

"Pwease?" I said, breaking out the puppy eyes.

Mom sighed a little. "Do whatever you want, Caleb, just remember what I said earlier"

I grinned and pounced on Alex. She said I could do whatever I wanted and frankly I wanted to do Alex.

"May I enquire as to what was said earlier?" Alex asked curiously, hugging me.

"Oh, nothing that concerns you, dear" Mom said in this fake nice voice and left.



"What was said earlier?"

"I dunno, probably nothing important"

He rolled his eyes and I thought about it, trying to remember what she’d said. I got as far back as her not laughing at my joke before my head started hurting.

"Oh! I remember! She said I shouldn't marry you and that I should find someone my own age" I grinned and then said sadly "And now I have a headache. Thinking hurts"

"Oh" he kissed my forehead, "who was even thinking as far ahead as marriage?"

"Me" I grinned.

He chuckled. "And you mentioned it to your mum?"


"Silly" he smiled, "you know she doesn't like me"

"Doesn't she?"

"No" he chuckled.

"Really? I thought she did"

He laughed and I leant forward, biting his shoulder playfully. I wasn’t joking when I said I wanted to do him, y’know? He hummed and I bit his shoulder a tiny bit harder, earning a smile. He bent, kissing the back of my neck, making me hum.

"C'mon then, sexy pants, are we gonna go eat or not?"

"Depends who's eating what" I giggled.

He nibbled my ear slightly. "Well I was thinking we could have your spaghetti pizza abomination and then maybe we could 69 for a while and finish the night with amazing noisy sex"

I grinned and he picked me up, carrying me out to the car. He drove to his place and I giggled at the thought of what lay ahead of me. I clung to him as he carried e inside, having about five heart attacks when he pretended to drop me. I clung to him even tighter

He giggled, putting me down on the bed and saying in a husky voice "Can we change the order of my plan for this evening?"

I shot him the innocent face, kissing back when he kissed me. He kissed me a bit harder ad I didn’t quite match it, gasping a little as he slid his hand under my t-shirt. Cold hands aren’t fun when you’re all warm and snuggly.

"You're all warm" he grinned.

I whined. "Jeez, you a vampire or something?"

He nibbled at my neck. "I might be. You smell so good"

He sniffed me and I giggled. He planted a few kisses on my neck and I tilted my head.

"Pwease don't hurt me, Mr. Vampire"

He trailed more kissed along my neck as he said "I'll try. I can't promise anything"

I shot him the innocent face as he gave me a hickey.

He growled a little. "I'm so hungry"

I squeaked, almost wondering for a second if he was actually a vampire. Wait, vampires can’t go out in the sun. But what if sun block worked? He got up, then, and skipped off to the kitchen, leaving me pouting on the bed. He laughed and came back with some food, sitting on me while he ate it. I just lay there sulking. He fed me some and sure, I ate it, but I kept sulking. I squeaked when he groped me a little and he giggled. I pouted more. You’re s’posed to be nice to me, not mean. And then his lips were on mine in a hard kiss and I didn’t match it because fuck, there was plenty of time for kissing after the sex. He finished eating and pulled my t-shirt off, making me hum. He nibbled from my jaw down to my collar bone and I shivered a little. He kissed down to my jeans, planting a kiss on the bulge in my jeans. I giggled and he smiled, undoing my jeans agonisingly slowly. I shot him a kind of impatient look, and he went even slower, making me whine.

“Don’t be mean”

He went even slower and I whined even more. The fucker just laughed.

“You’re mean, I don’t like you anymore”

He pulled off my jeans and boxers and went down on me, forcing moans out of me that would rival a porn star. He undid his own pants and shifted so he was over me. I pulled his jeans and boxers down enough to expose his dick and got to work, still moaning every now and then around his member. His reaction was the same as mine and I tried to focus more on getting him off than what was going on down south. Alex kept sucking and my hips snapped up of their own accord as he moaned around me, making him gag.

“Fuck, sorry” I said kind of breathlessly, stopping with all the sucking.

Alex laughed and went back to sucking me off so I did the same. It only took a few minutes for me to come, still sucking as he swallowed my load. I swallowed as Alex came, trying to catch my breath as he let out a happy hum. I kissed back when he kissed me and the two of us cuddled up to each other. He kissed my neck, nibbling at the skin lightly and I hummed, tilting my head.

“Luff” I grinned as he nuzzled my neck.

He chuckled a little. “Luff”

The End

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