Caleb: In The ClosetMature

“Honey, don’t you think it’s time you started looking for someone your own age to go out with?” Mom asked casually over coffee.

“Don’t be silly, Mom. I’m already dating Alex, remember?” I said brightly. Mom forgets things sometimes. Well, either that or I don’t tell her in the first place. But I definitely told her about me and Alex. I think...

“I know that, sweetie, but don’t you think he’s a little... old for you?”

I pouted. “What about Hadley? He’s nineteen and married. I’m practically single compared to him” I sulked. How come Hadley gets proposed to so soon anyways?

“I couldn’t care less about who Hadley goes out with, he’s not my son”

I sulked some more. There she goes, playing the son card again, blah blah blah. “Oh well, I’ll look for someone my own age if things don’t work out with me and Alex”

“They won’t” she muttered.

“Anyway, he’s probably gonna propose soon anyway” I said dreamily.

Mom practically choked on her coffee. “He’s... He’s what? Caleb, you’ve been going out for less than a few months, don’t you think that’s getting a little ahead of yourself? Promise me you’ll say no”

I frowned. “Why would I say no? I love him”

“Because you’re eighteen, for God’s sake! Christ, you’ve been eighteen for five months, you’re still practically a kid”

“Nuh uh, I didn’t burn the toast today” I grinned.

She just stared at me. “It’s like talking to a child”

“You’re mean” I pouted.

“No, Caleb, I’m looking out for you”

I sniffled, feeling my eyes start to well up. “You don’t love me”

“Of course I do, sweetie”

I shook y head. “No you don’t. You wish I’d never been born”

“Caleb, act your age for once. I don’t wish you’d never been born”

“So does that mean I can marry Alex now?” I asked brightly, turning off the waterworks in a flash.

“Give me strength... Maybe in a few years time”

“Yay!” I squealed, jumping out of my seat and practically cart wheeling through the house.

I heard Mom sigh as I cart wheeled out of the kitchen and ran upstairs, flopping onto my bed and giggling at the picture of Alex I kept next to my bed. I picked it up and grinned, wondering what time he was getting here. After about five minutes of waiting I bounded downstairs, almost crashing into Mom.

“Mom, do we have any glitter pens?” I asked loudly before she had a chance to complain.

“In the closet”

I giggled and headed in there to get my glitter pens and anything else I happened to find. If there were glitter pens, there was bound to be all kinds of shiny stuff in there. “Hey Mom... Mom... Mom, c’mere” I giggled.

“What?” she sighed, standing in the doorway.

“I’m in the closet” I sniggered. Apparently she didn’t find it so funny.

“That’s wonderful”

I pouted, grabbing all the shiny things I’d found and stomped upstairs, throwing them down on my bed and pulling out the biggest notepad I could find.

The End

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