Hadley: MeanieMature

I let me and Maxxie into Ryan and Ava’s place, wondering if they had another bed or something. Because frankly even just taking a nap in their bed just sounds weird and gross to me. Apparently they only lived in a two bedroom place, though, and the second one was home to all Riley’s stuff so it was either the couch or the bed. And granted it was Maxxie that needed the sleep more than me, I was starting to get kind of tired.

I kept thinking back to how it felt holding Riley. He looked a lot more like Ryan than he did Ava but he was definitely a Smith. A tiny, gorgeous little Smith.

Oh God, I sound like a woman.

I know I’d told Maxxie I was willing to wait and all but I couldn’t help wanting a kid already. I know it’d seem like we were rushing things even more but... I don’t know. I’d always kind of wanted to be a dad when I was a kid so I guess I could kind of blame my impatience on that.

“Um... So, are we gonna take it in turns to sleep on the couch or...?” I asked, still kind of grossed out by the idea of sleeping in Ava and Ryan’s bed.

“Right now, I’m quite happy to sleep on the floor, so it’s up to you”

“I don’t mind” But all this business with Riley was making me broody. And kind of horny, actually, Gross.

Maxxie squished up with me on the couch and I snuggled up to him, kind of hoping I’d stop with all the broody/horniness after some sleep. He snuggled up to me as well, falling asleep with ease. I drifted off as well but I kept waking up, feeling broodier and hornier each time. Fuck my life.

I got bored of Maxxie being asleep after a few hours and tried to wake him up, ignoring his whining. I pressed my lips to his in a slow kiss. He kissed back but kept his eyes shut. Now that just won’t do. I shuffled us around til I was straddling him, kissing him kind of forcefully as he looked up at me. He kissed back, a little surprised, and I slid a hand under his shirt. His hands gripped my hips and I littered his neck with kisses. He tilted his head and I planted more kisses along his neck, nibbling lightly at his skin. He hummed, slipping his hands under my shirt. I let out a hum of my own and sucked at the skin on his neck, determined to leave a hickey that would last for days. He moaned slightly, kissing me hard. He didn’t quite match it as I kissed back a tiny bit harder.

I pulled off his shirt, eyeing his body. I’d almost forgotten how fucking gorgeous he was. I moaned as he palmed me, shifting my hips a little. He got my shirt off and I trailed kisses down his chest as he unbuttoned my pants. I undid his with my teeth, looking up at him innocently from beneath my lashes. He was trying his best not to be all impatient, bless him. I stripped him of his pants and boxers, stretching him and hiding my enjoyment at the baby of a moan it produced. I tried to get my own pants off but failed miserably. Maxxie held back a giggle as he helped me out and I smirked, finger fucking him a little. He moaned at that and I spat on my palm a couple times, lubing myself as best as I could before fucking him. Hard.


I snuggled up to him once we were done, making a mental note to clean up the mess the first chance I got. I kissed his cheek, humming as he nuzzled me.

“What d’you think of Riley?” I asked casually.

“I think he’s a baby” Maxxie said, laughing slightly.

“Really? I thought he was a tiger” I giggled.

Maxxie giggled as well. “What d’you think of him?”

“He’s cute” I smiled.

Maxxie kind of smiled back.

“When can we have one?” I laughed, only half joking.

“When you’re in your thirties” he laughed.

What? I pouted a little. “That’s ages away”

“Exactly. I might be able to put up with sharing you by then”

I doubted that was the real reason but didn’t put up a fight. I sighed instead, leaning my head on his chest. “You’ll have to get used to sharing me if I go to college, though”

He cuddled me, kissing the top of my head as I sulked. Meanie.

The End

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