Hadley: A Huge FavourMature

“Hadley, can you do me a huge favour?”

I was almost too asleep to recognise the voice on the other end of the phone was Ryan’s. I get that you live in Australia, dude, but don’t call me when it’s night over here. That’s just mean.

“Depends what it is” I said sleepily, trying to force my eyes open so I wouldn’t fall asleep on him. I’d like to mention at this point that I’d also been neglecting taking my iron pills so the whole anaemia thang was making me tired as well.

“I know it’ll take a while to get here and everything but could you maybe get your ass over here right now?”


“Because your sister’s having my kid right now and I’m freaking out”

“Mmm, okay” Can I just point out that I was half asleep at this point and would’ve agreed to anything?

“Thank God. There’s a flight leaving in twenty minutes, get that one”

“’Kay. Wait, what?”

Ryan ran through the whole “she’s having the baby and I need someone here” thing again and I pretty much proved that I am the wife. I’d thrown enough clothes and shit into a bag within like five minutes and prodded Maxxie every now and then in an effort to wake him up. I swear to God, if you’re not awake in like five minutes...

"What’s going on?" he asked sleepily.

"Ava's having the baby"

"And that means you're packing stuff why...?"

"Because Ryan's freaking out and pretty much ordered me to get the next flight over. Which leaves in about fifteen minutes, by the way" I know we don’t stand a chance in hell of catching it but there’s always hope, right?

"Right... We dont live anywhere near an airport. And it takes about half an hour to get through customs"

"I know. Which is why we're getting the one straight after that which leaves in just under an hour"

He groaned, rolling over and wrapping himself in the comforter.

"I will leave without you, y'know" I said, prodding him.

"That's okay. I don't think I’m really built for dealing with child birth anyways"

"She'll have had the thing by the time we get there. C'mon, get up"

He whined.

"Get up"

Cheeky fucker covered his head with the pillow.

"Maxxie, get up" I whined and he threw his wallet at me.

"You might wanna try and get tickets before we get there"

I raced through the whole buying tickets thing. Jeez, would I be like this if it was my kid? Maxxie was still in bed when I glanced back at him. Seriously?

"I swear to God I'll divorce you if you don't get out of that bed" I said, sort of kicking him a little.

"Chill. I'm getting there. I was kind of asleep though. In the middle of a good dream, too"

"You can tell me all about it on the way"

"I would if I knew what it was about but someone woke me up half way through" he said grumpily, finally getting up and out of bed.

"Well you can tell me about the half you saw anyway” I said, rolling my eyes slightly as he grumbled.

“You'd better have gotten first class tickets" he said as he got dressed.

"Of course. I knew you'd complain if I didn't" I giggled.

He still looked all grumpy about being woken up so I wrapped him in a hug, kissing him when he hugged back. See, Ava, if you’d moved here I wouldn’t be in such a mad rush about this. Granted she wouldn’t have met Ryan and probably wouldn’t be pregnant at this very moment in time but you get what I mean.

"We better get going then" Maxxie said and I nodded.

Next thing I knew we were fast asleep and on a plane.

The End

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