Cayden: Come Back To BedMature

John smiled up at me. I was surprised myself. It really had been a long time. John had apparently noticed that I wasn’t quite sure about it and had let me top and boy did I go at it. I managed to come about three times before John was done. Remind me never to go without sex again. That was unnecessarily embarrassing on my part.

John pulled me down for a slow kiss before letting me flop down next to him to try and catch my breath. I felt his arm slide over my stomach, his hand settling underneath my back. I shivered slightly at his touch. Despite the warmth seeping through our bodies, his arm was cool and a welcome change from the sweaty tangle of sheets I was so used to.

“I missed us” John said once we’d both evened our breathing out.

“Mmm?” I asked sleepily.

“I missed how we used to be. Y’know, when we were kids”

I nodded, already too asleep to really know what he was going on about.


I woke up with John’s sleeping figure curled around me almost protectively. He opened his eyes slowly and gave me this cute little sleepy smile. I smiled back before attacking his lips with my own. What can I say? My libido was back with a passion and I had a lot of missed sex to catch up on.


John leant his head back against the cupboard, panting. Now that I was getting back into my old routine I was barely out of breath. John’s grip on my back loosened a little as he tried to recover from our last fuck. The guy had barely had time to catch his breath before the both of us were ready to go again which was why he was in such a state now.

Eventually he let his grip on my back fall completely, leaving his legs dangling over the edge of the kitchen counter. I know, I know, it’s unhygienic. But can you blame us? We might as well have been horny teenagers again so it was only naturally that we’d fuck in every room we came across. At least twice in each room...

John was just about to say something when there was a knock at the door. C’mon, Mom, not now. We did our best to ignore it but she knocked again. I could faintly hear Beau’s little high-pitched voice through the door and knew that she’d look through the mail slot in a second if she was anything like her father.

And as wonderful as my cock is, I doubt it’s something a toddler really wants to see. I giggled a little, slipping past the front door and back upstairs. I bit back a laugh as John tried to stealthily follow me up, doing his best not to get caught since all the curtains were open. I sniggered as I realised the chances of the neighbours walking past and seeing John and me at it like rabbits. I know I probably shouldn’t have found it so funny but I couldn’t help it.

John was still out of breath when he answered the door. I giggled from my hiding place at the top of the stairs as I saw the look Mom gave him. I can’t say I blame her, really. I mean, it’s not every day you knock on someone’s door and they answer it out of breath and with sex hair.

Just please don’t ask to meet the girl, Mom.

I scrambled back into the bedroom as Beau started heading for the stairs, hiding under the covers. John came to find me after a while, prodding me through the comforter.

“Come back to bed” I purred, giving him the most seductive look I could manage. Which was pretty damn seductive.

He smiled. “Maybe once Beau’s having her nap”

The End

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