Hadley: BroodyMature

Ava was bus being pregnant on the couch when we got to Mom and Dad’s. She had the TV on but she wasn’t watching it. I think it was on for background noise more than anything. I’d never have the nerve to say it but she looked kinda huge.

"Hey there, Mommy"

"I'm fed up of being pregnant" she whined.

"Not gonna say hi?" she asked Maxxie.

He looked at me and I rolled my eyes. He chuckled.

"He told me to shush" he shrugged. "Hey Ava"

"Get over here, you always seem to know how to cheer me up"

"Do I?" he asked, going over to her.

"Yeah. Well, you have when I've been over"

He hummed. "How might I cheer you up this time?"

"A foot rub'd be nice. And maybe a compliment or two"

I rolled my eyes again and Maxxie started rubbing her feet.

"You look as beautiful as ever, Ava"

"At least some people notice it" she said, getting comfy.

"Everyone notices it, they're just too shy to say it"

She hummed and I rolled my eyes yet again, mouthing “Women” at Maxxie.

"What about women, Hadley?" Ava asked. How did she see that? Her eyes were pretty much shut.


Maxxie tutted. "C'mere, bunny boy. You can rub her other foot"

I did as I was told, kind of feeling like a weird pregnancy slave.

"Maybe I should be pregnant more often" Ava said light-heartedly.

"Don't. He'll try and steal one" Maxxie said.

Ava arched an eyebrow.

"We only just got married and he's already desperate to have kids. And then he wonders why people say    he's     the wife" he giggled slightly and I glared at him.

Ava giggled. "He's always been in a rush to grow up"

"Reckon he'll be less keen if I find him some hell child to look after for the day?"

"You can always look after squirt once he's born" she said, patting her stomach.

"Any kid less well behaved than Beau would be fine. So clearly, looking after your kid isn't going to help"

"I can see why he fell for you" she smirked and he chuckled.

"Why are we talking about me?" I pouted.

"You're an interesting topic" Maxxie said and I kept up the pout.

He kissed my cheek and I hummed, turning my attention back to Ava.

“Are you having baby here or back home?"

"Back home. I'm making all you lot fly out just to see him" she chuckled.

"Is it even safe to fly like this?" Maxxie asked.

"Just about. I've got just under a month before it gets risky, I think"

Maxxie let out a hum but I couldn’t help being a little worried.

"I'm expecting you guys to be the world's most awesome uncles, by the way"


"Well, as much as I love Cayden, he's not exactly uncle material"

"And you think I am?" Oh shush, Maxxie, you’d be great with kids.

"I've heard what you're like with Beau"

"No pressure for your kid to be just as well behaved, then" he winked and Ava chuckled.

"Either way, you're expected to be awesome"

Maxxie nodded, trying not to laugh. "I'll try"

"Alright, pregnant lady needs food"

"Anything I can get you?"

"You can help me up and drive me to McDonalds"


I swear Ava ordered two of everything on the menu. We sat in a booth though Ava had a little trouble sliding into her seat at first. Maxxie had paid for her food and she was in the process of devouring it like a wood chipper.

"McDonalds always tastes better here"

I stole a couple fries and she glared at me like she was about to eat me. Holy shit, that’s terrifying. Maxxie made me give back the fries I hadn’t eaten and I pouted. He went and bought me somre of my own, stealing some as Ava carried on demolishing the food scattered around her.

"Get your own" I pouted but he didn’t listen.

He giggled as Ava belched.

"Something funny?" she asked, still eating.

"...Hadley's face?"

He giggled at the hurt look on my face. Asshole.

"Remind me to file for divorce when we get home" I pouted.

He prodded my pout and I just pouted more. He cuddled me and I leant on him. He planted a baby of a kiss on my lips and I kissed back, smiling.

"Eww" came from Ava’s direction and Maxxie held back a laugh.


"I never want to see my babyb bro kissing anyone again"

Maxxie chuckled. "We'll keep it out of your sight next time"

"Good. I need to pee" Ava said and tried to get up on her own.

Maxxie offered to help her and she smiled, accepting. She waddled off to pee once she was up and Maxxie cuddled with me, kissing me. I kissed back and he hummed.

"Love you" I said.

"Love you too, gorgeous"

I nuzzled his neck and shut my eyes, breathing in his scent. I opened my eyes at the sound of laughter and looked around, seeing a little girl and what I assumed was her brother playing together. Okay, so maybe I was getting a little broody.

The End

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