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I'd be lying if I said the fish weren't pretty down there, but to be honest, I was somewhat more interested in my shark. What can I say? Now we're actually married, I'm not scared anymore.

I watch with a smile as he makes a bunch of new fishy friends that're doing those weird nibbly kisses fish do on him. While I wait for him, I fiddle around with my buoyancy so I look like I'm just standing around and cross my arms, pretending to wait for him. The fish scatter at that point and Hadley prods me. I do a sort of slow-mo back flip in the water, watching as he smiles at me. 

Looking around, I notice no one's paying attention to us, so I swim around behind him, molesting him just a little bit. My shark. He wiggles his hips a bit and I press our bodies close together, wondering how cruel it would be to try and give him a hard on in such... revealing swim wear.

He turns around and I rest my forehead on his, humming to myself as he hugs me. I hug back, and soon enough, we're surrounded by those little fish again, getting more nibbly kisses. We smile at each other and I put my hands on his hips, feeling him grope my ass as he wiggles again. I giggle. At this rate, it's gonna be me swimming around with a boner, not him. I pull out the innocent eyes, which only seems to encourage him to give me a sneaky grope. I keep the innocent eyes up, but he smirks.

Pouting, apparently, just makes him swim off to look at the fish. I'm totally not perving on my husband's ass. Not. At. All.

 He glances around and I pretend I wasn't looking, going all enthusiastic about a bunch of pretty fish nearby. He shakes his head and goes back to playing with the fish. I, on the other hand, and up being treated to some underwater style yelling from a sort of elderly looking woman who, believe me, you do not want to see in skin tight clothing. Apparently my open perving on my husband's ass is a disgrace and I should be ashamed of myself for showing no restraint when he's clearly an innocent teenager.

I just point at Hadley - who is apparently trying not to laugh - and then tap the ring on my finger. The look on her face. I seriously wish I'd invested in one of those cameras that you can supposedly take underwater. Hadley looks over at her and I swim up to him, groping him a little just to annoy her prove a point. I giggle when she looks like she's gone into shock, and Hadley giggles too. She swims off as we share a cuddle and a kiss. Once she's gone, Hadley gives me another little kiss, playing with one of the fish.


I realise that Hadley is probably going to be all impatient and want to get back, but I'm feeling kinda mean. So I take him somewhere to eat first.

"You're mean," he says, pouting.

"I'm hungry," I correct him, ordering something to eat. He keeps pouting. "Not getting anything?" He orders something, somehow still managing to pout. The waiter chuckles a little and wanders off to the kitchen. I smile.

"Meanie." He whines as I put my hand on his thigh and bites his lip when I tease him. I keep teasing him, acting totally normal but smiling inwardly as he lets out a tiny moan, blushing. He whines again, "stop it." Giggling a little, I stop, ignoring the pretend glaring and planting a little kiss on his lips.

"You're an ass," he tells me, kissing back.

"I love you too, Bunny."

While he's busy grumbling, our food arrives and I tuck in, doing my best to resist the urge to go back to teasing him as he starts to eat as well. I notice him looking around and wonder vaguely if he's checking to see if he can exact some kind of revenge on me for teasing him. Until I see what he's spotted. There's a couple not too far away with a baby. Needless to say, Hadley's instantly all puppy eyed over the kid.

I just pretend not to notice.

"Babies are cute," he says.

"If you say so," I chuckle.

"They are," he insists, this kind of dreamy look entering his eyes. Oh, c'mon, please. "I wonder what Ava's kid's gonna be like," he says, playing with his food a little. Hopefully a hellchild that will point out every reason to not have children. By the time I finish my food, Hadley's just daydreaming. Please, gorgeous, we only just got married. There's no need to rush anything. You still have to go to college.

I prod him a little as a waiter comes over and asks if we're both done.

"Huh?" I gesture up at the waiter guy.

"Are you done with that?" he repeats, making Hadley blush a little.

"Yeah. Sorry." The waiter just smiles and clears away the plates. Hadley on the other hand, goes back to looking at the couple with the baby, still blushing.

"Want anything else?" I ask.

"A kid?" he replies, apparently not really paying attention. I let out a little sigh, "What?"

"You can't have kids for dessert, gorgeous." He seems confused by that, but I just look over at the couple. He takes my hand and we smile, though probably for different reasons. I'm thinking of a way to distract him. I pick up the dessert menu and look at it, casually asking: "So... how is it you've always wanted to be fucked?" I keep looking down at the menu, though I see him blushing out the corner of my eye.

"I... I mean..." he stutters, still blushing. He bites down on his lip and I glance at him. "Um... I guess.... I mean, a blindfold wouldn't be all that bad..." he says, all embarrassed.

"There's no need to be embarrassed," I smile, holding back a giggle, "anything else?"


The End

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