Hadley: Super ActiveMature

It’d been a couple days since I called Cayden and we still hadn’t left the hotel room. Can you blame me? I was in a fancy honeymoon suite at a flashy hotel with the guy of my dreams and all anyone was expecting us to do was fuck in the first place.

"Think we should actually leave the hotel and do something?" Maxxie asked.

"Probably or we'll never hear the end of it"

He giggled a little and I rolled onto my belly, resting my chin on the pillow.

"Anything you wanna do?" I asked, since Maxxie did pick Vancouver for the honeymoon and all.

He lay on top of me, humming.

"Trying to rape me, huh?" I tried not to giggle.

"It's not rape now you're my wife" he said, pretending to fuck me.

"Why does everyone say I'm the wife?" I pouted. I’m not the wife.

"Well you can be the husband, but I will require you to top far more often than you do"

Maxxie pulled out the perv smile and I smirked. "But then I wouldn't know what to get you for your birthday"

He giggled and I rolled onto my back, craning my neck to kiss him.

"I'm struggling to find any reason to get out of bed" I giggled when he kissed back.

He hummed. "Me too"

"We could always lie and say we did"

He planted kisses on my neck and I hummed, tilting my head. He kissed my neck some more and my hands wandered up to tangle in his hair. Kisses up to my lips and I kissed back a tiny bit harder, humming when he matched it. He sat back on his heels and prodded me a few times.

"Let's go out somewhere"

"Where?" I whined slightly.

"Unless you're gonna top, we're going out" he said with a sneaky smile and I pouted.

"Who says I'm not gonna?"

He looked at me and I kept up my pout.


I scrunched up my nose. "Fine, where are we going?"

He chuckled. "Beats me. I've spent more time fucking you than I have thinking about where we might go"

"I think I heard someone talking about a scuba diving thing near here. We could do that?"

His eyes lit up. "With all the pretty fish and stuff"?

Oh my God, seriously? I couldn’t hold back my laughter. Did I seriously marry this guy? Seriously?


I mimicked him, giggling as he pouted.

"Better get dressed then, fish boy"

He got dressed, grumbling, and I stayed in bed. C’mon, Maxxie, let’s at least have a quick fumble in the shower before we do anything.

"Not coming, Mr. Shark?"

"I might eat your pretty fish"

He crawled over to me on the bed, pulling out the pervy smile again. "I'll fuck you in any way you want when we get back"

I giggled at the thought, getting dressed almost instantly. He rolled his eyes, smiling, and I grinned back.

"Teenagers, honestly" he tutted, taking my hand.

"You senior citizens just don't understand the way things work anymore"

"Guess you'll have to teach me"

"Wrinkly isn't my thing, babe"

"I'm not wrinkly" he said grumpily.

He glared at me as I looked around kind of shiftily, not really saying anything. I just grinned at him again.

"You'll make me panic if you say things like that"

I rolled my eyes, earning a whine from the big baby.

I sighed. "You're not old or wrinkly"

"Now you're just saying it to make me shut up" he said sulkily.

"How can I prove you're not?"

He shrugged, smiling. Why do I not trust that?

"Anyway, your pretty fish are waiting"

Neither of us had the determination or navigational skills to walk to wherever this scuba diving place was so we hailed a cab and got there that way. I checked out the views as we drove along just so I had some kind of information to fake a super active honeymoon with. Well, we had been super active, just not in the way I was planning on faking.

"Why do I get the feeling that if anyone can drown themselves doing this, it'll be me?" Maxxie asked once we were there and I couldn’t help but giggle. He pulled out the innocent face. "You'll jump to my rescue, won't you?"

I pretended to think about it and he kept the face up. How can I say no to that face?

"Depends how likely you are to survive on your own"

He chuckled. "Well you've seen my survival skills, you can decide for yourself"

I hummed and we went ahead and saw to it about going scuba diving.

The End

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