Cayden: Love You, BroMature

A few weeks had passed and, while John said he was okay with taking things slow, I kind of felt like he was expecting something else. I mean, he’d always known me as this over-confident little manwhore who’d sleep with anyone if it meant a quick fuck. And yet here I was, cautious and little shrunken in on myself. What can I say? I’ve been through some shit these past few months what with splitting with Maxxie and Gage passing away. That’s bound to have negative effects on a guy’s personality.

I still kind of felt like I’d let him down in a way, though. We’d been unofficially going out for almost a month now and we’d barely even kissed. I felt for the guy. To my knowledge, he’d gotten laid maybe twice since Mari left him. His chances of getting laid decreased dramatically when Mari landed Beau on him as well since he couldn’t really go out much. I guess maybe that’s why he turned to me. Because he knew I’d come back, no matter what he’d done. Look at me. He split up me and Maxxie and I’d still gone back. He’d split us up when I was convinced Max was the guy I wanted to spend my life with. Christ, if we’d made it like four more months I was kind of planning on asking him to marry me. Guess Hadley beat me to that one, huh?

I couldn’t help but wonder... If we’d made it... If I’d have asked him... Would he have said yes?


“Hey, Cayden” Hadley said sleepily over the phone.

“You finally kept to your promise, then?” I chuckled.

I’d made him swear on his and Maxxie’s sex life that he’d call me and let me know how he was doing. I can’t help worrying about the little squirt, he can be kind of an idiot at times.

“I’ve... had my hands full” he giggled.

“I don’t doubt that. Well, I doubt it was your hands that were full but that’s it” I smirked.

I could practically hear him blushing. “Um... Anyway, we’re both fine. It’s really nice here”

“Don’t go thinking about moving away from me. You know I hate travelling and you’re the only brother I’ve got”

He laughed. “I’m not going anywhere, calm down. How’ve things been back home?”

“Pretty normal, really. Mom still won’t speak to me but I’ve stopped caring, really. She’ll get over it eventually. Whatever “it” is. What’s she even mad about?”

“I think she was just upset because your ex “turned my little boy gay””

I all but grimaced at the word “ex”. C’mon, now, Cayden, don’t go soft. “She got over me, she’ll get over it with you too, kiddo”

“I know” I could hear the smile in his voice.

“Is Max distracting you?” I smirked slightly and Hadley squeaked.

“No. Why would you think that?” I love this kid.

“Oh no reason. It’s just, you are on your honeymoon and all”

He chuckled nervously. “Anyway, what else has been happening? You can’t have spent all your time with Mom”

“I haven’t spent any time with her. And everything’s the same as it was before you left, minus the fact that Ava’s over. She got fed up of being called fat everywhere she went since they live so close to the beach and all so she figured she’d come over here”

“Should she be flying when she’s that far gone?”

“Beats me. Ryan stayed in Oz, though, so Mom had a fit and yelled at him for three hours over the risks of sending his heavily pregnant girlfriend travelling on her own”

“Sounds like something she’d do”

“What’ve you guys been up to, anyhow?”

“Like you can’t guess” he giggled.

I laughed. “Let me speak to him for a sec”

“Hey” I heard Maxxie’s familiar voice ring down the speaker once Hadley had passed him the phone.

“Long time, no see. How’s the honeymoon?”

He hummed. "Brilliant thanks. How're things going with you?"

"Same old. I hope you remembered what I said about condoms, dollface"

"Of course I did" he laughed.

"Why do I doubt you paid attention to it?"

He giggled. "No idea"

I tutted. I know must sound like a hypocrite and all but I just wanted to make sure my baby bro was safe. Not that I doubt Maxxie being clean. It was more for peace of mind than anything.

"What?" he asked, pretending to be offended.

"Nothing, nothing"

He huffed and I laughed a little.

"You big baby. How old are you again? Five?"

"I wish. I'm an old man" he sulked. This again?

"You're not old" I heard Hadley say in the background.

“I am" Max wailed.

"If you're old, that makes me old too. And trust me, I'm far from old" I pointed out.

"Shut up, you're younger than me"

"Yeah, by a couple years. Big deal"

"Yeah, yeah, you wait til you suddenly realise one day that you're a quarter of a century old, and then maybe you'll get it"

"An old guy couldn't match your performance last night, though" Hadley said, making Maxxie giggle.

"Please tell me you guys have left the hotel room at least once"

"Umm..." he said, sounding like he was genuinely thinking about it.

I laughed. "Seriously?"

"I dunno if leaving it for food counts"

"Not really"

"Okay, okay, well we'll go out somewhere else, just for you"

"Good. What's the point of paying to go somewhere if all you're gonna do is fuck? You can do that at home for free" I smirked and he giggled. "Well, I better let you guys get back to it"

"Wanna speak to Hadley again?"

"Sure. I've missed you guys, y'know?"

"Yeah, we miss you too"

"When did we get so soft?" I laughed.

He laughed as well. "I blame me - I was already soft"

"I'll see you when you get back, man" I chuckled.

"See ya" he said and passed the phone back to Hadley.


“Hey. I’ll see you when you get back, kiddo. Don’t get up to anything too kinky”

I tried not to laugh at the huge blush I knew would be on Hadley’s face.

“Shut up” he whined.

“Love you, bro” I said innocently.

“Fuck you” he laughed and hung up.

I smiled to myself as I put my phone down on the coffee table. I sank back into the couch and noticed the toddler shyly hiding behind her father’s leg, peeking out at me every now and then while John hung the mirror he’d been cleaning back up.

I smiled at her. “C’mere, Beau. I don’t bite”

The End

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