Hadley: Surprise MeMature

Everyone was sat at one big table for the reception. Caleb, Mom and Dad were sat to my right while Alex, Mr and Mrs F and grandpa F sat to Maxxie’s left. Cayden, Ava, Ryan, John, Brent, Rosa and Ranette were all squished round the other side of the table. John had Beau on his lap and we’d all had the pleasure of seeing how awkward things were between him and Mari when she dropped the toddler off. Mr F was sat between Mrs F and grandpa F. I still need to learn their names. Especially now they’re family and all. Caleb was sat next to me and he was a little pouty. It didn’t take a genius to guess he wanted to be sat next to Alex. I could tell Alex would have quite liked to be sat next to Caleb but he was being more grown up about it. Maxxie had a hold of my hand under the table. I didn’t see why it had to be under the table, it’s not like it’d offend anyone. Well, anyone except Maxxie’s dad. Caleb stood up and Alex looked at him. He looked right back at Alex.

"C'mon, man, this is your job too"

"We can't give a speech at the same time. You first, ginger spice” Alex winked.

"Bro, they're getting a toast from me and that's it"

I laughed. "I don't care what, just get on with it"

Alex rolled his eyes and stood up. I almost smiled at the look of relief that flashed on Maxxie’s face at the fact there wasn’t going to be a speech.

"Well, here's to the bride. May you live each day like your last, and each night like your first. And Maxxie, try not to get him pregnant, yeah?" Caleb winked.

"And to the husband. I'll give my speech later, when we're all really drunk and no one cares" Alex chuckled. "Be gentle with your wife, he's only little"

I glared at him but he just grinned at me. Asshole.

"To the happy couple" Caleb grinned.

Alex smiled. "To the happy couple"

Everyone drank their champagne and Maxxie smiled, trying not to grin.

Caleb sat back down. "It's time to eat now, right?"

Alex sat as well and nodded. With a grin, Caleb started eating and I laughed. I’m not sure what I laughed at but oh well. Everybody started eating and the low buzz of conversations filled the room. My knee brushed against Maxxie’s and he smiled, kissing me. Just as I kissed him back, Beau let out the world’s loudest giggle. We looked over at her and saw she was being fussed over not only by John but by Brent and Ava as well. Maxxie chuckled a little and I smiled. Would Maxxie be like that if we had a kid? Oh man, would we get a boy or a girl? Maybe both... Ahh, Maxxie, hurry up and want kids.

We went back to eating and my knee brushed against Maxxie’s again and he took my hand under the table. I squeezed his hand and he squeezed back. Surprise surprise, Mr F was refusing to eat.

“Nice to see your dad behaving" I leant over and whispered to Maxxie.

Maxxie glanced over at him and I kissed his neck sneakily. He hummed.

"At least he hasn't shouted at anyone yet"

"Yet" he chuckled and I pecked him on the lips, humming as he kissed back.

"How does it feel being a married man?"

He smiled slightly. "Strange. But good strange"

I smiled back at him.

"What about you?"

"It feels nice. Might take a while to get used to the surname thing, though" I chuckled. Hadley Fuller-Smith. It even sounded right.

He hummed and I leant my head on his neck. He kissed the top of my head, putting an arm round my shoulders. Mr F glared a little and grandpa F nudged him.

I shut my eyes. "If your dad's gonna shout, can he hurry up and do it? The glaring's freaking me out"

He cuddled me and I snuggled up to him. Which was exactly the same moment Alex decided to get his camera out and start taking pictures. Maxxie giggled at the horrified look that spread across my face.

"No fair" I said, burying my head in his neck.

Alex laughed and just took more pictures.

I whined.

"Okay, okay, it's going away"

"Take pictures of other people, just not me"

"Why not you? It's your day!"

"Fine, just don't take any yet"

"I promise"

Jackass took a picture the second I lifted my head. I glared at him.

"I really dislike you right now"

He grinned, putting the camera away. I glared again.

"We're killing him later"

Maxxie giggled. "But then Caleb will kill you. And then I won't have a wife."

"How come I'm the wife?" I pouted.

"Because as awesome as I look in a dress, you're definitely the more girly one" he winked and I pouted more.

"Should've gotten him a bouquet" Alex said as Maxxie kissed me.

Caleb giggled. "That reminds me..."

Maxxie watched curiously as Caleb dug around in his pocket. I knew for a fact that whatever he had would be embarrassing. He grinned when he found it, handing it to me under the table. I felt my eyes widen at the sight of it. It was a fucking lacy garter.

"Caleb, you're an asshole" I said but the fucker just grinned at me.

I passed it slyly to Maxxie who giggled when he looked at it. I thwacked my head down against the table and Maxxie patted my head.

"Why's everyone so mean to me?"

"It's just our way of showing our love

"It's mean"

"Luff" he said with puppy eyes.

Mr F got up and walked off at that point. Okay, bye.

"Bro, your dad sucks balls" Caleb said and Maxxie shrugged.

"He's showing impressive restraint"

"He doesn't approve of you being mean to your husband" I said and he laughed slightly.

"I wish it was that"

“I can dream, can't I?" I chuckled and he nodded, smiling slightly.

I groped him super sneakily and he just about managed to hide his surprise. I giggled, squeezing a little and pulling an innocent face as his eyes widened a tiny bit.

He super sneakily groped me back and I palmed him a tiny bit. He kissed my cheek and whispered in my ear.

"Impatient, much?"

"I just want cutting the cake to be awkward for you" I whispered back.

"I take it back. You're totally not the wife" he said, still whispering.

I giggled. "What changed your mind?"

"The boner you just gave me"

I kissed his cheek, giving him a kind of evil look. He leant his head on my shoulder.

"You really pick your moments to make me go all submissive, don't you?"

"Mhmm" I turned my attention to everybody. "If you guys are all done, we're gonna cut the cake"

Maxxie glared at me a little and I tried not to smirk when it turned out everyone was finished eating. Maxxie tried to hide his boner but only succeeded in making Alex and Caleb notice it. Alex tried not to laugh whereas Caleb let out a proper laugh. Maxxie scowled at the both of them. I walked over to the cake and everyone sort of gathered around it. Maxxie was the last to get up and I put an arm round his waist once he was stood next to me.

"I've got handcuffs" I whispered kind of huskily.

"Asshole..." he paused. “I look forward to it"

I smirked, giving him a super sneaky mini grope. He gritted his teeth a little. Poor baby had been busy trying to make his boner go down. I glanced at Ava, seeing her eyes widen as she no doubt noticed Maxxie’s hard on. Maxxie was busy glaring at me and I gave him the innocent. He kept glaring and picked up the cake knife. I put my hands over his and together we cut the cake. I couldn’t help the smile that snuck onto my lips and Ryan was doing his best not to laugh at Maxxie’s ‘problem’.

"I hate you so much right now" Maxxie mumbled under his breath, trying not to blush.

"Find a way to sneak off and I'll blow you" I mumbled back and he sort of nodded.

I chuckled and excused myself, heading straight for the bathroom. Maxxie appeared a few minutes later and walked over to me where I leant against the wall.

I smirked and he chuckled a little.

“You’re evil, y’know that?”

“I know” I said, still smirking.

He hugged my waist and I hummed, kissing his neck. He tilted his head and I kissed him more. He pushed his hips into mine and I gave him a hickey, making him whine.

“What?” I asked innocently.

“You already gave me a hickey last night” he pouted.

I nodded. “And I thought you needed another one”

He pouted more like he totally wasn’t enjoying it. I kept up the innocent face and he flashed me the puppy eyes.

“So when do I get my blowjob?”

“Mmm, depends”


“On whether or not I feel like it” I smirked again.

He whined and I snaked my hand up to his hair.

“What do I get in return?” I asked.

“What do you want in return?”

“Surprise me”

He hummed and I played with his hair a little more. He was trying extremely hard to be patient and I chuckled, pulling him into one of the bathroom stalls. He undid my pants, groping me and I smirked.

“Thought I was s’posed to be blowing you”

“You said to surprise you”

I chuckled, trying not to moan as he palmed me. He palmed me a little harder but I still held back that moan. He pulled my pants and boxers down, kneeling in front of me. I bit my lip, trying not to grin. Maxxie set to work, alternating between sucking and jerking me off. I moaned, leaning my head against the stall wall. He kept going, finger fucking me as well. I moaned louder, pulling on his hair. He kept going and I pulled on his hair even more. He kept going and I glimpsed him looking up at me before I shut my eyes, my head still against the stall. He hummed and I let out a tiny moan.

“Fuck, Max” I moaned, pulling his hair even more.

He finger fucked me harder and I was practically pulling out his hair. He sucked harder.


The End

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