Maxxie: I'm keeping my eye on himMature

If an all out war between my family and Hadley's doesn't start, a war between me and my dad will. As I walk over to them all hand in hand with my husband, he sort of glares in our direction, but doesn't say anything. I just hope I don't need to pee for the rest of the day... the idea of being trapped in a restroom with him is not a comforting one.

Hadley tries to not notice my dad's glare, as do I, but I think we both fail epically. He huggles me, and I kiss the top of his head, wrapping my arms around him as we both practically glow happily. It's then when I notice Annie and Rosa running out of the venue. But I don't get a chance to say anything, Hadley's lips pressing against mine. I hum, kissing back. As much as I love Rosa, my father's seething is enough to deal with for now.

"Love you."

"Love you too," I smile. Now the vows and rings and stuff is all done, I'm feeling slightly better. He smiles back and lets go of me. I wonder why for a second until I'm spun around and smothered in a hug by my mum. She sort of sobs into my shoulder and I hug her back. I notice Hadley smiling more out of the corner of my eye and I hum a little as she rambles on about how proud she is. I don't need to follow Hadley's glance at my dad to know that he's glaring at me some more.

Mum finally lets go and brushes down my suit, fussing over me and complaining that she's creased it. I couldn't care less, but she treats it like a disaster until she's gotten rid of it. When I wander over to the Smiths, I glance over at granddad, who looks like he's having a stern word with dad. Yeah, good luck with that, granddad.

My gaze is pulled away from them as momma Smith smotherhuggles me, too, crying harder than my mum. She gives me a similar ramble, saying how she loves me, adding that I better treat Hadley right but she knows that I will. Ava, I think, is crying the hardest, holding her arms out for a hug too. When momma Smith lets go of me, I move over to her and hug her carefully, taking care not to knock the baby bump.

Eric is probably taking this the best out of all of us, patting Hadley on the head with a smile on his face. While I'm hugging Ava, momma Smith practically crushes Hadley, crying all over him too. Momma Smith and Hadley look over as granddad's voice rises a little. I look over too, seeing my dad looking really very unhappy and granddad pulling out his ‘I was in the war, don't fuck with me' face. Cay frowns a little, and we all watch as my dad fucks off outside.

"What was that about?" Cay asks.

"You really need to ask?" I laugh.

"I'm keeping my eye on him."

"Don't worry about it," I shrug a little, glancing over as Alex follows him out, "looks like he's being ‘asked' to leave anyways." Hadley lets out a baby sigh and I kiss him, wondering why they're all so bothered about it. I guess they didn't grow up with him though. Obviously, I'm not defending him coming today - he could've y'know, stayed in a hotel or something, and left us to it. But there's no need to make things worse.

He kisses back and we smile, but Cay's distracted. I reach over and prod him.


"We're over here, man," I pout a little. He chuckles.


I smile, "I believe we all have a reception to be going to."


The End

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