Rosa: GoodbyeMature

Oh Lilianna. You don't even recognise me do you?

What's the point? My friend hates me, the girl I used to call my daughter doesn't recognise me, even finds me scary.

I call the old flat, knowing that Annie will probably go and look back there. One voicemail comingup.

"It's ok. I'll leave you alone. Tell Lil...tell Aisling I love her. Goodbye Annie. You'll always have a place in my heart."

I just hope she gets it.

I drive back to the reception, not really paying attention. Luckily the streets are quiet.

Once inside I leap on Maxxie, with the pretence of being totally happy.

"Maxxie babe! You did it!! I can't believe you finally found someone who's willing to spend the rest of their life with your untidyness!"


"I know." I kiss him on the cheek and then turn to hug Hadley. "It's so nice to see you making an honest man of him. Have fun you two!"

Ranette pulled me away for a dance then and I put my head on her shoulder to allow me time to sort myself out. All this wedding stuff was making me think of when Annie almost married Jake, the dick that he was. I kissed Ranette's shoulder. At least she would always be there.

The End

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