May: We're not talkingMature

"No, I don't" I put Aisling on her feet and she runs to hide behind me peeking out occasionally.

"She's walking" Rosalita gasps.

"And talking" I tell her.  "She is about one and a half now"

"Wow" She whispers reaching out to her. I step back as does Aisling a tear coming to her eye.

"Lady swcary" Aisling whispers. That seems to hit Rosa hard and she steps back. "Chippy's!" Aisling tugs my sleeve.

"Yeah, honey" I say picking her up and racing past Rosa to the car. "I'm going back to Scotland tommorow. I knew this was a bad idea. Leave us alone, okay?"

I buckle Aisling in then get in myself driving off leaving Rosa behind. Why the hell did I come here? I head for our old apartment. I find it empty, cold and unused. Nothing has changed. I fall to my knees and begin to cry. Aisling toddles over and hugs me. I pull her into my arms and cradle her.

The End

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